The gardening season has started

…Although, perhaps looking outside your door today, you may not feel that. However, the gardening season at QVC HAS started… we have a few more weeks to wait for the spring flowers in our gardens though. Unless you’ve seen some daffs and such already?? I’d love to see a picture.

How are you holding up? This winter period has been a little bit tough, and I’m living for the sunny days right now. They are slowly becoming more often though. I’ve been keeping busy with a few indoor gardening lockdown projects, including a very special opportunity to film the making of a Dragons paradise terrarium for Sky TV! Look out for pictures on my social media, around the film’s release, mid-month.

I also managed to have acquired five macrame planters, and the yellow one is made by the guest from Thompson & Morgan, Suzanne. I’m quite pleased with how they look on my old clothes rail in my bedroom!

I need to sow some sweet peas soon, that’s a reminder to me. They are always better when they started earlier and given nice deep planter at every stage. On QVC, we do offer ready-made plants, which make things that bit easier.

My garden is really coming on leaps and bounds, and I can see the soil is cracking, and bulbs are on the way up. I’ve put quite a bit of lighting up, including the gorgeous lanterns from QVC. My mum is getting into lighting too, she messaged me during the live show the other day asking for some of the white Kensington lamppost lights. However, she actually didn’t mean those ones, she meant the smaller table tops ones. But nevertheless, we now have both on the way! I shall be well lit!

Then, having planted all my garden, I realised that I wanted more primroses. I was kicking myself as I didn’t go for the double flowered Belarina last season. It was too late now, but I managed to find some online. HOWEVER, I’m not getting caught out next year, the Belarina are coming to QVC in February!

It hasn’t all been work on my garden… I have also loved getting out for country walks, yesterday I saw the most amazing moss-covered bridleway, it was so magical. I must admit, I sneaked a handful home, to dress up my mini daffodils on the lounge table!

It’s getting a little bit late to pick berries, but I’ve made two batches of rosehip syrup this season, and both have been divine!

I have to say I have really enjoyed being back in the QVC studios. Last year was great, but it was a time of great change and adjustment, so this year I feel like my shoes are much more comfortable! And I have been overwhelmed by the online interaction we’ve all shared, I realise that there is a number of people that watch the show every week, like it’s a regular gardening programme. For that reason, that’s why I like to include as many hints and tips as possible, alongside the usual sells.

Thank you all for your support, and for being such a loyal bunch of plant geeks!

Happy gardening,