January jobs and welcoming in wildlife

Isn’t it amazing that I, the world’s most impatient person, is a gardener? We all know that you need some patience to wait for plants to grow and such, but I simply don’t have it! Every day, I’m staring at the soil outside, wishing my bulbs would break through the surface, and imagining what the garden will look like once the plants have all filled out! I don’t think I’ve ever been looking forward to spring as much as I am in 2021.

There is still a little bit of gardening to do at the moment though, I need to get going with my leaf clear up quick steps! I’m going to use my Q Garden Electric Blower Vacuum you get the job done! I’m also super lucky to also have a compost bin, so will be using the leaves there. Again, I must be patient, to wait for it to mature! Wish me luck with that ha, ha.

The best compost bin mixture is to have it layered, with roughly half and half wet and dry material, you’re looking to add carbon and nitrogen. So, if I add a selection of vegetable peelings, and then make sure I put some dry material like sticks and leaves on top… and so on. You could also consider shredding your Christmas tree, and either composting it, or using it as mulch. That really would be the circle of life now, wouldn’t it?!

If the soil isn’t too wet, you might want to give it a little fresh dig over, just to activate things. However, you might find it a little bit too cold outdoors. But of course, you could huddle in the shed and clean down your tools and pots and such, there is no rest for the wicked gardener you know!

So, I filled my garden with plants, but now I want the wildlife to come. I have my new multi-feeder, which I have set up with a blend of different foods, and fresh water. However, I don’t have much shrub cover at the moment, so the birds may not come until the spring, when everything will be more leafy. Anyway, I sit and hope! Somebody suggested today that running water also helps, so I might see if my dear friend Lorna can recommend any nice fountains! I do live in quite an urban area, but I know it’s possible to attract birds, because my neighbour is always telling me how busy her bird table is! They obviously don’t know how good my food is, don’t they know that it’s Richard Jackson’s new formula…!?

I’ve also got some winter veg growing, I actually planted up my Vegepod about a month ago, and using my winter cover, everything has germinated already. I have sown a lot of vegetables that I will use the leaves for in salads. Plus, some broad beans, so I can get a really early harvest! It’s my favourite vegetable!

Even though my garden was designed in a rather serious manner, I have left one border to be a “free for all”. So far, I have an apple tree, but I may look to add a few more fruit items to this little corner. I’ve got my eye on the new Plants2Gardens patio fruit tree collection, and January is the ideal time to plant fruit, whilst the plants are dormant, and as long as the soil in workable!

So, there you go, it’s all quite busy in my garden right now. Now, who said that winter wasn’t a time for growing!?

I’ve just appeared in my final show for 2020 on QVC, but will be back on 2nd of January, and most weekends thereon in. I can’t wait to get the new season going, and join you on your gardening journey, whether you’ve got a garden full of lovely plants, or simply starting off.

Michael x

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