Your questions answered!

Hello everyone!

I’m feeling pretty good this morning, having been awarded Social Media Influencer of the Year in the Garden Media Guild Awards! It was a glittering, virtual event and my pearl-encrusted vest went down a storm! I’m very honoured to have this accolade, and fought off some stiff competition, I’d say!

Though it’s been a mixed year, I have generally managed to stay positive. We had so many new gardeners join our world this year, and that makes me super happy. You may remember we helped out by offering lots of stock destined for garden centres back in the spring, which was a crazy, crazy time. Thankfully, now, garden centres are open and ready for browsing. But, of course, if you don’t fancy it, we are still here for you, and I’ll be on a Christmas Garden Gifts show on 13th December, so hope you’ll tune in!

For my final blog of the year, I thought I would hand the reins over to YOU! A few months ago, I asked you what you’d always wanted to know about QVC! You guys sent some super cool questions across, and I’ll be answering them right here!

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing you all soon, don’t forget to check out the Christmas plants range online, as well as the Winter wildlife selection. Now is the time that our feathered friends need most help!

Much love!


Elaine Patterson Egginton: How did you end up working there?

Well, as you may remember, I was working for Thompson & Morgan, introducing all their new plants. They could see that I had a great knowledge, and so I might be a good ambassador for the plants on the show. However, I was really reluctant at first, as I was very shy in those days. However, I was gradually encouraged, and things just built from there. Once I had left Thompson & Morgan, QVC offered me my own show, and I haven’t looked back!

Dawn Kirkwood: Who is your favourite co-presenter?

This is a question that is always difficult to answer, because everybody has such different qualities. And your dynamic will be different with each different character. I do enjoy working with Craig, because he is very calm and informative, I also like the high energy of Katy, and we bounce off each other very well too. Simon is a brilliant anchor, and it’s always an honour to work with him. It’s also fun when you get to work with presenters that you don’t very often, for example working with Anne last weekend. I would love to work with her more.

Vicky Wilkinson: What do you do in between shows, especially where there is say a five-hour gap and you don’t live nearby?

Being freelance, and having a range of projects, means there’s always something for me to do. However, if it’s a gap between two or three hour shows, you often feel a little tired and fuzzy, so just chilling on the presenter lounge sofas will do!

Paul Hogden: What’s a typical day in the life as a presenter on QVC?

They often start early, we are in the studio at 7am for a 9am show. I will have worked on the show and prepared information about the products in the days beforehand. On the day, I head to the studio, and check everything is in place, and that the backstage team has found all the samples. We also meet with producers and directors, so we can discuss how the show will look, and things to focus on. This is done in partnership with the presenter too. I also need to iron my shirt, get some make-up on, and possibly have a bit of breakfast. Last stop is, of course, to collect my microphone and earpiece, then we make our way to set, and are ready for the cameras to roll!

Anne-Marie Mason: How far is it from the studio to the loo? People must get caught short sometimes.

Ah, it’s not too far at all, and that can often be done when there is an ad break, for example. However, it’s best if you go beforehand and avoid it. Too much jeopardy! And, you can often hold on longer than you think you can!

Lindsay Kaine-Walley: Have you ever broken something before a show?

Occasionally, that might happen, but we either have a second one, or we are able to do a quick fix!

Sarah Jennings: Why’s the green room not green??

Interesting question, I looked this up, and traditionally those rooms were painted green for some reason. And the name has just stuck! Although modern green rooms are not necessarily green!

Bev Picksley: How do the presenters apply and then are chosen? Just curious, I like them all. Have favourites mind you. Lol.

In terms of guest presenters, they are often nominated by the brand, and selected in partnership with the guest presenter team in-house at QVC.

Sonia Parker: I ordered a Wisteria from QVC because you recommended it, when it came it was beautiful. I had to have another to go the other side of the arch, QVC were sold out, so I went to another company. My question is … the QVC one is probably six times the size of the other and the other one cost more! how can I help the other one take just like the QVC one? … hope that makes sense.

Oooh, this is great to hear, and a great advert for QVC! However, plants are living things, and don’t always perform the same as one another. Just keep it happy, and water well during dry spells, and hopefully the other one will catch up. Plus, you’ll know to come to QVC next time you need a new plant…!

Elaine Anderson: Why do they talk so much?

Yes, we all do. We need to talk continuously, because if we were silent, it wouldn’t be a very entertaining show. There’s also tonnes of information we want to tell you, in order to help you make the right decision!

Barry Street: There’s never much on there for men!

If truth be told, female customers are the larger majority, so that makes sense. However, they do sell items for men, and you will find men’s clothes and other ranges on the website. In terms of plants, I think they’re fairly easy unisex!

Wendy Heyes: What do you do when you are on set but not in the picture?

Especially in social distancing times, it isn’t always practical to have three people on set at one time. However, I am still within earshot, and staying alert, in case I get thrown to, or included in the conversation. I don’t want to get caught with my pants down!

Graham Cooper: If you had to go on around the world cruise with one presenter, who would you pick?

Not sure, I think Craig would be too over excited all hours of the day, bless him. Perhaps someone who is a keen singer would be good, then they can entertain themselves doing karaoke on board, while I sunbathe on deck!