From Holbox to Blighty, Mexican memories and fun fashion

I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but thanks for taking the time out to comment on the last blog –  I actually worked right up until we were almost ready to fly to Mexico! I normally have a day or two’s grace, but it was nice in a way and for once Colin and I packed our cases the day before!  That said, I still took far too many clothes, and I had been determined to scale it down this year! It felt as though the alarm went off minutes after we’d got into bed, but we headed to Gatwick Airport and treated ourselves to a fabulous brunch of Eggs Benedict in Jamie Oliver’s Diner. The flight to Mexico takes 11 hours – slightly less time at  9 1/2 hours on the return journey.   When I first started having holidays abroad, part of the fun was getting dressed up to travel, but I’ve learned over the years that comfort is key!  I’ve got a favourite Coco Bianco maxi dress that I wear with a hoodie, and it looks pretty cool with my flight socks :).

The flight was great – I watched two films and slept a little and before I realised, we’d landed in Cancun at 4:30 pm Mexican time. The temperature was 29° and the sun was shining – I could not have been happier.  Well, that’s not strictly true, because unfortunately our taxi didn’t turn up so we spent a good hour or so liaising with our hotel, before a local taxi firm agreed to take us to the port of Chequila. It was a bit of a bumpy two and a half hour journey along unlit roads, so we sadly missed the beautiful mangrove swamps and wildlife, but we were safely deposited at the ferry port, and took the 15-minute ferry ride to Holbox Island.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you may remember Colin and I made a day visit to this island last year when we were in Mexico. I fell completely in love with it.  There was something about the white sand, blue sea and tranquillity of the place that made my shoulders drop and allow me to leave the worries of the world behind me. For me it was the perfect choice when we were deciding on a special treat for my 60th birthday and we were not remotely disappointed. The hotel could not have been more accommodating and because we’d had to wait for transport, they upgraded us to a huge and beautiful bedroom with a walk-out veranda complete with hammocks! Whitewashed walls, muslin curtains and a stunning sea view awaited us when we awoke the following morning, along with the sunshine. 🙂

The island of Holbox is quite small – 26 miles long and just one mile wide.    There are no vehicles, just bicycles and golf carts that are hired out to tourists and used as taxis.   The town itself is tiny; just dirt roads and a village square.  Tourists tend to mingle with the local people, and although as you’d expect there are souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, it’s quiet and relaxed and spending time there is a wonderful way to appreciate Mexican culture . We had booked for just one week and decided on bed and breakfast, although the hotel offered food all day round, cooked to order.  The breakfast was delicious – fresh fruit, eggs anyway you like them, pancakes, bacon – even enchiladas and Mexican scrambled eggs with a dash of chilli.   From the hotel we crossed a pathway and the white sand, turquoise sea and azure blue skyline were exactly as I had remembered them. Paradise found!

There isn’t a lot to do on Holbox and that was why it appealed to us. Colin had been working on an incredibly heavy building project and for the previous four months was working seven days a week. We’d barely seen each other, and although it may suit some folk, we found it difficult.  It’s easy to become distanced from each other, so this holiday was perfectly timed.    On our first day there we walked 7km up and then back down the beach. We stopped at a beachside bar and had guacamole and a cold beer, and I felt the worries of the previous six months fade in to the background.  The perfect antidote to stress – I just wish it was available on prescription for everyone!  The white sand that is indicative to this island is created out of crushed coral that has been created over millions of years and is incredibly soft to walk on.  The water is ankle deep and barely tidal, so you can walk for miles in both directions along the coast.

The weather was hot – between 28 and 30°, and as my skin hadn’t seen the sunshine since last September I knew I was going to have to be careful. I decided to try for the first time Ultrasun’s SPF30 Body Tan Activator. I’ve been using the Face SPF 30 for a couple of years now, but I was mightily impressed with the speed my skin tanned. I had been using Gatineau’s Tan Accelerator as a body moisturiser for the previous month and that always helps, but this is me on day four – I didn’t burn at all!

Colin also used the Body Protection and his skin was a gentle ginger by day four. This little lizard was pretty impressed with the product too!  I also used the Tweak’d Dhatelo Restore Treatment Oil on my hair every day, and am delighted with the condition of it.

We walked every day, sometimes towards the town other times towards the point. Apart from this stretch of coast that has a small number of hotels, the rest of the island is mainly mangrove swamps and provides a home to all kinds of creatures – monkeys, iguanas, ring tailed lemurs and racoons.  On the coastline there are pelicans, herons, guillemots and flamingos, and in the water not just fish, but stingrays, turtles and the occasional shark!  A great deal of the coast is protected and kept safe for all the wildlife, and the Mexican government work hard at conservation.

We ate enchiladas, quesadilla, guacamole nachos and beautiful grilled local fish, but we avoided the crazily hot chilli dips! Margaritas became my favourite cocktail, although I’ve never drunk tequila before, and after eating out in town we would walk along the beach back to our hotel.   It really was idyllic and we had the best of times.  I think both of us realised how lucky we were as the weather remained sunny from morning until night, and when we left Holbox to head down the Mayan Riviera towards Tulum for our second week, the temperature was even warmer. We returned to the same resort and hotel that we stayed in before, and were not disappointed.   Last year we spent the end of March and beginning of April in Mexico and the weather was sublime. In February though, there was a stiff breeze blowing most afternoons that kept the stillness of the heat off. The water was clear and warm but the coastline was very different  – rocky and pretty deep water with a strong tide, but the sand was still white and soft.   We saw lots of fish in the water, these hermit crabs, plenty of iguanas, but sadly no raccoons this time. Colin had booked ahead of our visit so we had a dinner reserved in the Thai, Mexican, Brazilian and French restaurants that are set up within the hotel complex. We were also booked in for a fabulous gala night where they served us with the most delicious lobster!

I was pretty certain the saxophonist had spoken to Colin before we arrived as every tune he played that night was a favourite of mine, and his finale was the Erroll Garner classic Misty – the song played when Colin proposed to me on Valentine’s Day – it was magical. I have to admit though to a rather funny wardrobe malfunction that night. When we left the restaurant we went to the bar and met a lovely group of Canadians. We sat chatting for quite some time and then decided to move to the beach where live music was being played. As I stood up I realised that Beryl my breast prosthesis had slipped from her pinned position and now looked like a small growth on my stomach! I made a joke of it but our newly found friends were more than a little shocked, so having realised I had lost the safety pin I had to stuff Beryl in my bag and we cut the evening short. It didn’t spoil it for me at all, although a couple of years or so back I think I would’ve felt differently.

Sadly, all good things come to end and we were back in the UK by the weekend feeling more than a little concerned that Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis may have wreaked their revenge on our rather old house.  We had kept up with the news from home and had been horrified to hear of the devastation this dreadful weather had caused.  Luckily apart from a missing BBQ cover, a few lost roof tiles and a small leak in the roof, all was well.  I had though forgotten to water my Peace Lily, but just 24 hours after a thorough dousing with Richard Jackson’s Flower Power it had completely recovered!

Lucy and Honey came to stay on Friday and we had a lovely time at Dorney Lake where Honey showed me that she can now pedal her own little bicycle!  Clever girl 🙂

You may well have seen me back at the Q this last weekend – I ordered the Plants2Gardens TSV as it was too good not to, and then had great fun with Jacquie Joseph and our Nina Leonard Fashion hour on Sunday.  This week’s Diamonique show has a cracking line up of luxury jewellery designs, and then in celebration of the additional day in February, Vonda Barnes and I will be leaping into Saturday with a Skechers TSV – a lightweight, mesh, lace-up trainer for a really great price!

I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to some more of the QVC Podcasts – last week’s was my lovely colleague Glen Campbell, and next week Will Gowing is putting together a special podcast to celebrate our Inspirational Women Event.  He has included a segment from my podcast episode which I feel enormously humbled by.  I hope you enjoy this blog and the photos, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment.

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Dear Ali, That was sublime & thank you for those blue skies. Another thank you for your book publishing advice, I’ll get everything tidied up & take you up on your offer. My only other news is that my sister & I went to see Swan Lake last week, she’s a ballet super fan & a Friend of Birmingham Royal Ballet, I was stunned by the 32 fouettes & the Dance of the cygnets was beyond perfect. Love from Jo x

    1. Hello there Jo, so glad you enjoyed the blog, and have decided to go ahead with the publishing. Just let me know how I can help. My sister was with me yesterday and I told her that you’d seen Swan Lake last week. She too enjoys ballet, but it does sound as the your performance was a stunner. I hope all else is well in your world. Love Ali xx

  2. Hi Alison glad your holiday was nice sounds like you both needed it can’t imagine not seeing Les much because we always have perhaps one of you should give up work . The photos are lovely looks like paradise reminds me of st Lucia when we went .There’s not a lot of news here everyone is well as have been doing a lot of babysitting which is nice ,just waiting for better weather we were lucky no damage but some poor people are still flooded now nearby. Nice to see you back at qvc although I bet you wish you were back in Mexico if only. Best wishes to you all love Loraine xxxxx

    1. Dear Loraine, Wow! St Lucia! I’ve never been, but maybe that’s somewhere Colin and I could put on our bucket list. I’m glad you’ve had a chance to babysit and spend time with the family, but am sorry to know about the bad weather. Fingers crossed the rain will stop soon, and those who’ve struggled with flooding can try and get their lives back on track. To be fair, Colin and I have been very lucky in the past with work, and we’ve not really been apart that much. This was a huge project and mercifully is almost done, so hopefully we can go back to life as it was before. I don’t think I’m ready to retire just yet 🙂 Love to you, Ali xx

  3. Hi Ali,
    What a beautiful blog and a wonderful holiday. You write to nicely that we can imagine being there despite having never been there! You really should put your book image on your twitter header. And you are an inspiration completely. I’m glad the prosthesis mishap didn’t upset you too much. You look stunning in your stripes dress. Where is it from? Gorgeous. What an amazing 60th year for you and im glad you and Colin have finally had time together. Our lives are sadly far too busy to just keep heads above water. Gorgeous tans by the way but I just have to say I’m pretty sure that while the tan activator etc helps it really comes down to your natural skin tone and also how much sun or sun holidays you’ve had. Many of us have a week once a year if we’re lucky so will never go as brown! Your hair looks great too. Hope the house is ok. The storms were dreadful. Thanks for your great blog! It’ll have helped heal your wounds from your loss too x

    1. Dear Susan, lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your kind and sensitive comments. You’re right of course, there’s been a lot going on over the last six months, and the holiday was very much a healer for all of it. I never forget how lucky I am though to be able to get away somewhere like Mexico and for the length of time I do. I think my tan comes from years of being able to be in the sun – an absolute joy to me 🙂 My striped dress was from a charity shop in Marlowe – my friend Jo found it for me – and it cost £8! Bargain! I think I may well put my book image onto my Twitter account – corking idea! I do hope all is well in your world, and that you weren’t affected by the storms. Keep in touch, love Ali xx

      1. Hi Ali,
        Yes I think the sun is a healer too. If only the dr could provide that for us all! There is such a divide in the uk and I hope it doesn’t go more and more like other countries, the haves and have nots. Anyway I digress. Glad you feel a bit better. What a find your dress was! Love charity shops! And lastly yes the storms have been awful with the latest last night.take care for now x

  4. Hi Alison,
    Amazing photo on the beach of the tree against the deep blue ocean and white sand. Would make a fabulous picture for your wall. In fact all the photo’s are amazing. We are trying to decide on a destination for our 10th Wedding Anniversay in a couple of years time, having spoken to you after your last years trip to Mexico it is on our down to 3 places on our short list. The others being Barbados and Mauritius which we recently have returned from after a 2 week holiday. Mauritius was lovely a little showery but nothing major and plenty of hot sun too a couple of days at 30. The resort we stayed at was lovely, if i’m honest not a lot different to any Carribean island ive been too , but at least we have been to see what the island is like . Mexico is next for next year prob March April time , lots of advise given on hotels from friends and my sister in law too. So looking forward to that. We do like a bit of life in the evenings, even if it’s just a walk to another bar or restruant, makes a break from the hotel entertainment etc.. Stunning photo of the two of you, love your dress. In fact all the photo’s are stunning, i’m sure you will return to Mexico again very soon sounds wonderful. And i can’t wait to go next year.
    Kathy x

    1. Dear Kathy, so glad you’ve decided on Mexico for next year. I think in truth the weather was better in February than it was March/April when we went last year. Some areas of the Pacific coast are affected by seaweed, but not until April, so that may be a deciding factor for you. Holbox is quiet, but there are so many bars and restaurants there, you’ll always find something to do. Otherwise the hotel complexes are so large there’s plenty of nightlife if you choose to seek it out. Glad you enjoyed the photos – amazing what an Iphone can achieve! Thanks for writing to me, and do keep in touch, love Ali xx

  5. Hi Ali could you tell me what hotel in Holbox u stopped at, ps posted your birthday present today to the Q , great to have you back 🥰

    1. Hi Sarah, yes it was the Palapas del Sol. Very basic but beautiful and the food was fab! Bless you for posting my birthday present. Very kind of you. Hope all is well with you and yours. Love Ali xx

  6. Dear Ali so glad you had a wonderful holiday.My eldest like you is a sun worshiper and went to Mexico last year and loved it there and is hoping to return this year.
    Ive been in hospital with pneumonia and it has knocked me sideways.Having spoken to you before as you know i have other chronic health conditions.Im just going to rest and focus on recovery now.All i seem to do is sleep.Keep well and lots of love xx

    1. Dear Vanessa I am so sorry to know that you’ve been in hospital with pneumonia. I’m sure that your other health issues have made it a slow process to heal, so I hope that you’re able to rest and that recovery will be soon. Sleep is definitely the best thing for you. I’m not surprised your son loved Mexico – I think it’s one of the best places we’ve so far found for winter sun. A long flight but so worth it. Take care and do let me know how you are, love Ali xx

  7. So glad you both enjoyed your holiday…….you look well from it………one thing that did surprise me Ali, obviously I know about your cancer treatment, but I was under the impression that you had reconstructive surgery….obviously not if there was a malfunction……….take care,stay healthy and keep up the good work…

    1. Hi there Susan, thanks for getting in touch. In answer to your query, yes I did have reconstructive surgery – a great deal of it – but because of the radiotherapy I never healed properly on the right side, and so last summer the final surgery was carried out to take the implant and remainder of skin away. I have to wear a prosthesis on the right hand side now. I’m used to it now, and it’s more comfortable but sometimes a little tricky to secure properly. I hope all is well with you and yours, Ali x

      1. Thanks for the reply….I understand now…you went to hell and back with your treatment….take care…xx

  8. What a fantastic holiday, Alison! So glad you had a restful and relaxing time – but it’s lovely to see you back at QVC x

    1. Dear Cherry, it really was a wonderful break, and thank you for your kind words. It’s always good to be back at the Q and to see my friends again 🙂 Love Ali xx

  9. Hi Ali,
    So glad you enjoyed your holiday. It did indeed look like paradise. You certainly picked the right time to be away with Storm Dennis raging.My husband (Dennis) had some ribbing as you can imagine. My brother-in-law (who is very droll) stated Storm Tina would be arriving next (LOL) !!
    Well the weather has continued to be shocking but in my area of S.Wales we have been very fortunate and escaped the flooding. It was very frightening listening to the howling wind though.
    We haven’t faired so well however with the rugby. Wales won our 1st game and lost the next 2. We’ve got a break this weekend and then play England at Twickenham!!! So it will be a tense game to say the very least.
    Well you looked well rested after your break. Lets hope the weather starts improving as we are coming into spring officially. The weather is so changeable. We went out for lunch today and one minute the sun was shining , next it was tipping down. Anyway , I shouldn’t moan. We’ve got off lightly so far.
    All the very best, Tina S. ( S.Wales) xx

    1. Hi Tina, I’m very relieved to know that you’ve been fortunate so far and escaped the flooding in S Wales. It looked and sounded horrendous while we were away, and as I wrote, we couldn’t believe our timing in escaping it all. Sorry the rugby hasn’t played out in your favour. I’m not sure when the decider is between England and Wales but I’m sure you’ll be glued to the screen! I very much hope the weather changes and soon. To be fair we did have sunshine yesterday which was beautiful, but it’s pouring again today and cold too. I do feel rested after my break and Colin is already talking about going back to Mexico 🙂 Thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  10. Glad you had a good holiday .Well done wee Honey! A little girl came up to me a few years ago to tell me she didn’t need her ‘stapilisers’ anymore. Aren’t kids funny. I was so sorry to see the weather devastation in these last weeks we’ve had very wet weather too I’m considering rust proofing instead of suncream as I’m sure lots of us lollipoppers are so to everyone reading this pse be safe and hopefully a wee bit drier.

    1. Hi Suzi, lovely to hear from you and the little girls comment reminded me of my Sam, who when he was little called them ‘stablenisers’! They did the trick though 🙂 I too have been really sorry to see the devastation from the weather. We lived for nearly seven years in Shropshire and I know that the Ironbridge Gorge has been evacuated now because of the flood water. Awful for all those who have their homes damaged. I hope it’s drier for you now too, Love Ali xx

  11. So happy that you had a lovely holiday, you both needed it after working so hard, loved the dress you are wearing in the photo with Colin

    1. Hi Maddie, yes it really was a lovely holiday, and much needed. Thanks for the compliment re the dress. As I mentioned in a previous comment I got it from a charity shop in Marlowe for £8! It is lovely, and very comfortable too. Hope all is well with you, love Ali xx

  12. Hi alios hope you had agood holiday i went back to work on tuesday gone after a2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing where i work at mcdonald in aberden .hope you and family are well iam not bad.

    1. Hello Martin, good to hear from you, and I very much hope that you felt rested after your fortnight off work. It’s good just to be able to lay in on a morning, and not worry about work. I hope that you’ve not had too much rain in Aberdeen and that the snow holds off. Take care, Love Ali xx

  13. Hi Ali your holiday looks wonderful. Hubby had biopsy on his face so hope it’s ok. We are having a party for my big birthday soon in March. The daffodils are up hoping the weather picks up. There has been storm after storm. Never mind spring around the corner.

    Take Care xx

    1. Christine, I have everything crossed for your husband’s results, and I hope that the big party you’re planning to have will go well. We’ve got a ‘gathering’ planned for my 60th too! It’s a good job daffodils have such strong stems eh? The winds are still pretty constant in Berkshire! Lovely to know that spring is on the way though. Love Ali xx

  14. Hello Ali,
    Your blog and stunning holiday photos were just what I needed today. I have been poorly for a few weeks and a bit of a mystery to my GP regarding my health issues. However after three trips to the hospital this week alone they have decided that my meds were the problem. They have altered my sodium levels which is what is causing me to feel so poorly. Hopefully now and on the correct medication I should start to slowly feel much better. My previous news to you seems to have been missed (not complaining 😂) so now I feel I can start 2020 with a positive mind. I could do with some sunshine as a good pick me up. I hope you feel refreshed and relaxed after your time in the sunshine. It must have been very hard to return home to to the weather we have had. In WHitley Bay we have escaped the horrendous problems that the rest of the country have experienced. It does make you rethink that my problems are nothing to what others are going through and puts it all into prospective. I’ve prattled on too much so I will close for now. Nice to have you back on our screens. Take care and as always love and hugs to you. Judith xx

    1. Dear Judith, it was so good to hear from you, although I am very sorry to know that you’ve been so poorly. Glad though that the problem is now solved, and I hope you are on the mend now. It’s always wise to get checked out with your medicines, as things change over time, and often repeat prescriptions need altering. I’m sorry I missed your last message on the blog, but am very glad to know that you missed the worst of the storms last month. Good to know you’ll be with me for the shows, and thanks for keeping in touch. With love to you, Ali xx

  15. Hi Ali

    What a lovely refreshing blog in these grim February days.. The Good Book says to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn (paraphrase) and that is what we are doing with you right now.. Rejoicing in the joy you ve had on your birthday celebrations.

    You ve had such a lot to surface from, one tidal wave after another but we ve all been with you. Remember some years ago, I wrote to you and I had 3 eucalyptus trees in the garden. One was really down, the next was bending in the wind and the third one was standing tall and it reminded me of us as we cope with each trial.. like the hymn, though the billows roll, It is well, it is well with my soul!!!!!

    16 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called pseudomyxoma pertoneii, after a lot of radical surgery and hot chemo bath, I recovered.. not long after, like you, I lost my lovely mum. Someone said to me, ” they really from a generation such as we will never see again!!”. And it’s true.. but since all that, I ve been blessed with 4 beautiful and loving grandchildren who each know just the right thing to say at just the right time!!! Like my mum did!!!

    I m sure Honey does too!!

    Last Christmas day, I had a virus that attacked my heart so was taken into hospital for 3 weeks.. Thankfully, I made it through and as all the Christmas presents were still waiting for us all ( courtesy of QVC I may add!!!) We had Christmas in February with a huge shepherd’s pie supper and lots of laughter and hugs!!! Priceless!!

    My grandson said his best present was having me home…. No words to answer that.. xxx

    Sending the best love and hugs to you and yours Ali.. As my son always says, Carpe Diem mum, you’re strong you can do this.. the wind beneath our wings Ali, that s what love can do. And prayers always!!

    Christine xxxxx

    Ps Ali, can you have a word with Lulu to bring her Time fragrance back please!! Miss it I do. Time in a bottle it’s so gorgeous.. thanks so much

  16. Hi Alison, I dont know where the time has gone, seems a while since i wrote and we are in March!! Your holiday looked idyllic, thank you for sharing the beautiful photos..and Honey riding her bike brought back memories of my two on their little bikes..seems so long ago. Well i suppose it was, they are 22 and 20!!
    It was a very cold and soggy half term so not much accomplished but got wet lots of times walking the dog then once the rain passed the wind blew me dry🤣.
    I made a 40th birthday cake for my friend Lisa and sent a photo to Saturday kitchen as a cooking triumph..and they showed it in their photo segment..I was out but had recorded the show just in case.. very proud moment!
    We took mum out for lunch too, she is well at the moment so we are taking advantage of the the good days. We also had a quiz on Saturday which my twin and I attended and along with mum, another resident and her daughter, managed to mum was so proud of her giant chocolate gold medal..we all got one but i have given up chocolate, bread, cakes and biscuits for lent so it’s in my chest of drawers ready for Easter Sunday..not going to lie I am finding it tough and my cup of coffee isn’t the same at night without a proper digestive!! Its only been a week..role on Easter!!
    Happy first day of metereological Spring. Mary xx

    1. Dear Mary, so sorry I’ve not got back to you before now, but I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos, as I did the one you sent of the mighty cake you made for your friend Lisa. If you’re not on The Great British Bake Off one of these years it will be a travesty! I’m glad your mum has been well enough for you to take her out, although of course all that will change now, and I know it will be very difficult for you not to visit her… I hope you’re still managing to go without for Lent, although in these trying times it’s nice to have a treat if you’re able. I very much hope that you are being careful too as with your health history you are surely vulnerable. I’m on day 4 with this virus, and it’s not pleasant 🙁 Take care of each other and keep in touch, love Ali xx

  17. Dear Christine, what a lovely uplifting and positive message to find here on the blog! Considering all that you have been through over these last 16 years, it is testament to your strength and your faith that you still very much see all the blessings that are in your life. Four grandchildren, and such dear thoughtful souls from the sound of it too. Yes, you’re right about their little personalities and the things they say… Honey is such a treasure to me. Your son is correct – Carpe Diem – and each morning I set out to seize whatever the day may bring. I too count my blessings, and thank the Lord for all that I have. Strangely I saw Lulu just the other day as she was leaving the building, but I will make certain I mention her Time fragrance next time I see her. I remember buying it for a friend of mine Julie, and I know she enjoyed wearing it too. You take care, and thank you for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

    1. Dear Ali

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my blog.X x. We need each other to lift and encourage and you have certainly blessed me no end with your kind and heartfelt words.. In it together eh??

      Hope Lulu can bring us Time in a bottle.. Me and Julie will be two very happy girlies!!!!?

      Lots of love and hugs and prayers always!! Stay blessed…Xxxx

      Christine xxxxxxx

      1. Christine, lovely of you to get back to me. Stay well, and I’ll be in touch on the next blog.
        Love Ali xx

  18. Hi Ali, as always I thoroughly enjoyed your blog, the photo’s are absolutely beautiful and it looks so peaceful, I can see what you mean by being a stress free location. Lovely to see Honey bless her riding her bike. Take care. Merchex

    1. Hello there Merche, so glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos. It’s hard to believe I was ever there, and the world is changing so quickly at the moment it’s difficult to keep up. I very much hope that you stay well and positive. Love Ali xx

  19. Hi Alison glad you and Colin had a fabulous holiday . Hope you have a brilliant 60th birthday when the day arrives. Sending love to you.🎂💐🥂 xx

    1. Dear Kay, thanks for writing to me, and I’m glad you enjoyed the photographs – some lovely memories 🙂 Sadly I’ve had to put my birthday on hold as I contracted the coronavirus at the weekend and am now obviously in self-isolation for 14 days. I do hope you will stay well, and I’ll be posting a new blog hopefully next week.
      Love Ali xx

  20. Hi Ali, great blog as ever. Wow you look fantastic on the beach. Glad you and Colin had a lovely time. Sending you much love and a big hug for your birthday on Monday. Happy 60th – you certainly dont look it! Have a lovely day xx

    1. Dear Karen,
      So glad you enjoyed the blog and the photographs – it all seems a lifetime away now, but we did have a wonderful time, and are so thankful we booked to go when we did! I’ve had to put my birthday on hold but once things have settled we’ll re think. Do take care of yourself, and thanks for keeping in touch. Love Ali xx

  21. Sorry to hear you arent well. Hope you soon feel well again. Have a Happy Birthday and enjoy your celebrations when you are well.
    Love Karen xx

  22. That’s very kind of you Karen, and yes, that’s the plan. I do hope you and your family are staying safe and well, and do keep in touch here. Love Ali xx

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