That’s a wrap!! Or should it be “unwrap”?

Well hello world and how are you all?

It’s starting to get a lot more Christmassy recently and I’m beginning to spin big time and we’re not even in December yet. There’s always so much to do but I love it!! This year, due to some of the family being out of the country for Christmas, we are going to have an early Christmas dinner in mid-December!! (Table for 14 please? 😃).

I’ll be hosting which is great and I cannot wait to have everyone together. It does however mean that I do need to be organised this year (not really sure that I’m quite on track yet with my prior publicised deadline from a previous blog!!). Some of the family can wait to do the usual Christmas Day gifting but for others, it will be the only opportunity… so skates on Dawson and get with the programme!!

Given the title of this blog and the reference to “unwrapping”, we have a QVC Unwrapped event this Saturday (November 20th). What’s that all about I hear you say? Well, watch the video below and our lovely Will shall reveal all 😊.

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I’m more than a smidgen excited as I have two hours of Hotel Chocolate that day!! A brilliant Podster Coffee Machine Today’s Special Value (TSV) no less that’s first to launch with QVC, compatible with Nespresso coffee pods and already on pre-sell!

On the day, there will also be a chance to indulge in their unadulterated deliciousness in making the most incredible chocolate. I am so proud of myself. I ordered their last chocolate selection TSV… and haven’t eaten them all yet (or even any at all for that matter!!). Such restraint. Such willpower. Such optimism (watch this space 🤣).

So how have you been enjoying our great offers of late? I have made a bit of a dent on my Christmas list (but nowhere near a big enough dent!!). I honestly don’t know what I’d do without QVC for Christmas shopping. I don’t buy absolutely everything from here but in all honesty, I’d say it’s a good 75% at least!! I have to be careful what I share here as I could give the game away early but suffice to say a good number of Elemis TSV’s were ordered along with Liz Earle and what about this Sunday’s Full of Festivities corker from L’Occitane?

Is that really the price? (You can check it out now if you like, you don’t even have to wait until then!!). An amazing offer in a choice of three flavours (okay… options, please don’t eat them!), it’s a fabulous six-piece collection in a beautiful pom pom bag. What’s not to love? I’ve ordered mine (well sadly it’s not for me 😔)… although there’s still time to add to the order 😊. Join me at 2pm on Sunday for a full hour of this stunning range!

Now, would you like to hear about my latest obsession? Hillwalking or trekking or just getting your shoes muddy (whatever you want to call it). I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and easily clocking up about 20 miles a week… and I LOVE IT!!

Talk about a great way to get some exercise and blow off the cobwebs!! I’m amazed at some of the beautiful sights you get to see right on your doorstep when you take time to just stop and look… and you’ll see I’ve made a friend or two as well!! 😀 It’s great thinking time too if you catch my drift.

Talking of thinking. One final thought, but the whole business of wrapping (or unwrapping) reminds me of a friend of mine Leslie (a HUGE QVC fan). A couple of years ago she missed out on one of our gift-wrapping bag sets, so last year she asked me to tell her when we had these back in stock. I duly complied! She than asked me to order her a couple of sets as she was at work. I duly did not comply!! I totally forgot. Well I’m on the ball this year and have even ordered a couple of sets for myself!! It just makes life so much easier!

Beginning to feel a tad smug now!! Best beware of that false sense of security!!

Now where did I put those skates?? 😉😉

Catch you at the weekend folks,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Entertaining blog as always! Love your new friends found on hillwalking! Do you go with a group out of interest? I’m interested but is it not very full on fitness wise?
    Good luck with your early Christmas. How did you end up cooking even after your shingles?! Hope you enjoy your day x

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