Tropical treats and Easter bunnies

Hello everyone,

Hoping that you all had a wonderful Easter. 🐣 Did anyone overindulge on the chocolates or was that just me? (Only just climbed back up into that healthy saddle today!!).

We all had a great time and as you can see from the photo above, I had a visit from a couple of delightful Easter bunnies – Anna, my lovely daughter-in-law who some of you may recognise, and my niece’s little girl Sophie. I cannot believe she will be turning nine this year!!! How time flies indeed!!

Incidentally, well done to Jan, Cherry and Mandy who all got my fun Easter trivia questions correct! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ I actually got a pack of Easter trivia cards to have some fun with after the Easter roast this year. Goodness, this is indeed a highly competitive bunch chez Dawson (not mentioning anyone in particular… Mrs Anna Dawson!! 🀣).

Now, however, to Sunday and our Beauty Event Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Philip Kingsley. Very tropical with a fabulous offer of a Caraboa Mango & Hibscus theme which is absolutely divine. It’s all about fighting that dehydration (which incidentally isn’t just confined to skincare).

Included is the Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, and not only are you getting the positively iconic Elasticizer in the same gorgeous fragrance as well, but you’re also getting an Elasticizer Booster too!! This can be used in addition to your regular conditioner for that extra “boost” against dry and damaged hair… or you can use it “instead of” and leave on as an additional treatment. I’ll be up with it at 11am on Sunday.

The beauty event continues right the way through Monday too, so it’s the ideal time to stock up on all your favourites and perhaps try something new too!! There’s always that 60 day money back guarantee don’t forget… yes even on beauty!!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend.

Now where did I hide that chocolate egg? Oops I actually meant avocado!! (Nearly fell off that saddle already πŸ™„).

Take care everyone,

Anne xxx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Hope you’re well and certainly looks like you had a lovely Easter! Sophie is gorgeous! As is Anna. How is your grandson? Keep well x

  2. Anne

    What are the beige cropped trousers that you have been wearing a lot.?
    Hope you sorted out which Marla trousers and Jacket colour to go for after debating on air during the show.

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