Feline fun and luscious L’Occitane

Hello everyone! Happy May to you!

I hope you’re doing well and savouring the joys of spring. I always enjoy seeing nature burst into life again after enduring the cold, stark landscape of winter. Sunny days, birdsong and flowers are all brimming with hope for the future warmer days on the horizon.

Please forgive the slight hiatus in my blogging. Life has been, as ever, pretty hectic, but I’m back to thank you for your patience and kindness.

I thought it was about time I gave you an update on my lovely fur babies. Popsiecat is her sweet, gentle, darling self. She is a British Shorthair Silver Tabby. She and her late sister, Pixie, have always lived life at a rather a slow pace. I’m watching her sleep on the sofa opposite me as I type. I just spoke to her and she rewarded me with her heart-melting slow blink ‘smile’. I say smile because when cats offer a slow blink it’s similar to when humans smile at each other. It’s a way of expressing their contentment. I always feel a little happier when I’ve received a slow blink from Popsie.

As for the boys… complete and utter mischief every day, ha ha! They’re adorable, though. They all have their own little characters. I now have child locks on all my kitchen cabinets as the boys get into everything. Even with the locks they can squeeze their mischievous paws through the small gap and wreak havoc! This morning I awoke to find they had somehow managed to open a carton of yeast flakes and spread its contents everywhere. A new surprise awaits me every morning. I think I need to build a cat wall to help keep them stimulated whilst I’m at work or in bed. They’re not naughty, they’re just cats being cats. Very inquisitive and intelligent cats, no less!

Ziggy is the funniest little guy. I lovingly call him my dog. He chases the hosepipe in the garden and plays fetch and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Bowie is the heaviest of the three at 7.5kg! He is hilarious, too. He gets a bit jealous if my attention isn’t all on him. If I’m doing some work he plods across my keyboard and if I still don’t give him enough notice he starts knocking things onto the floor next to me. My phone and dairy have taken many a tumble thanks to BoBo and his need to be at the centre of my universe. They’re all little sweethearts which makes all the cat hairs, poop, mess and mischief worthwhile. Nature made them cute enough to grant them forgiveness for anything and everything.

Now onto L’Occitane. We have a great Today’s Special Value on the way at the weekend. It will launch live on air at 9pm this Saturday and will continue to feature for the rest of the weekend if stocks allow.

Beautiful beginnings – the hills of Haute-Provence in southern France offered a great source of inspiration to the founders of L’Occitane and still provide a plentiful selection of natural produce and extracts to enrich its pampering range of beauty products.

L’Occitane’s range of luxurious beauty products are made in traditional ways using the finest natural ingredients and active botanicals, primarily from Provence, in southern France. L’Occitane seeks to create a harmony that balances sensory pleasure with inner well-being, luxurious textures with beautiful scents, which capture the famous art de vivre of this region.

Make space on your bathroom shelf, because these L’Occitane treats in our special offer are simply irresistible! Featuring a choice of new Shea Vanilla or Shea Rose fragrances (both currently only available at QVC), this sumptuous collection offers gentle Liquid Soap with a handy Eco Refill, indulgent Shower Oil and hydrating Hand Cream to give your daily routine a pampering boost.

Exception to the rule – L’Occitane has a Provence-only rule, but when it comes to special ingredients like shea butter, it makes an exception. The women of Burkina Faso have been using shea butter for centuries to pamper their hair and skin so L’Occitane have teamed up with them to create a fair trade supply chain that delivers supreme quality shea butter to your beauty regime.

I’ll be on air with lovely Alexis Murdoch, our expert guest specialist, at 11am on Sunday with our Today’s Special Value offer and plenty of other treats for your delectation.

This Saturday I’ll be on at noon with an hour of goodies to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces. At 2pm we hope to help you sleep more soundly with the help of Silentnight and then, at 3pm, Richard Jackson and De Jager will have some great ways for you to make the most of your gardens.

On Sunday, after my L’Occitane show at 11am, I’m looking forward to some more outdoor living ideas at 1pm. It would be great to have your company.

Until then, feel free to follow me on my socials and have a listen to my first ever appearance on the QVC Podcast with wonderful Will Gowing. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me.

Wishing you all a lovely May full of reasons to smile.

Love Catherine xx

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