A bit of Welsh heaven! And sneaky peeks of Big Deals 

What a fabulous time I had in Wales. Three nights with my daughter Lauren and family, and her two and a half-year-old, Phoebe. And we had the most amazing weather! We went to a National Trust property on one of the days, where Phoebe checked out the ducks and did an Easter egg hunt and we had a little outdoor lunch. Lots and lots of walking!

She is fascinated by make-up, and we had fun most mornings when she came in my room in the little shepherd’s hut. She helped me get ready and attempted to put eyeshadow on me. I had a little joke with her when I went boo! (Flashbacks of Mally that time, regulars will remember ha ha!) It was amazing to spend some me time with my little granddaughter in Wales, and equally lovely to spend time with my girl, Lolly. We had some smashing chats and a fabulous catch up. Can’t wait to go again. Hoping to see them around my birthday time 🙂 – not long ’til 10th!


Chicken around…

One of the chickens let me pick her up! As soon as I put her down, she pecked at my toes in my flip-flops! Ha ha. Lovely fresh eggs every morning though, reminded me of when I was young as my dad had about 30 chickens in our back garden. Fresh eggs every morning! I had my fair share in Wales.

Harvest moon

Check out this picture of the amazing, massive moon one morning over Banstead in Surrey. Lots of lovely comments about it on NextDoor (a new local neighbourhood, app which is like community groups in Facebook, for locals.)


For three sunny, balmy days, they put the new cocoon chair, on sale now here, in our garden set, but because some work was being done, it was tucked away to the side. “Hang on”, they said. Then as soon as the work was finished and the chair was put back out, we went to take some pictures, but guess what the weather had done? What you can’t see in this one is that the rain was pouring down, ha ha. Just my luck. However, I am very interested in this chair, Today’s Special Value on Saturday – don’t miss it. 🙂

Watch – Line of Duty

There you go, I have succumbed and started from the very beginning. I really hope that nobody lets out any spoilers before I get to the current series, which is in all the newspapers! In a short space of time I was gripped, and I’m already binge watching my way through! Watch this space.


Okay, I just couldn’t help it!


As you may have seen, our lovely pal Kathy Tayler is retiring next week. Just in case you missed it, here is her super podcast with Will.  When I was working for a very embryonic cable TV station in the mid-80s, called ‘Screen Sport’, one of the commentators, an ex-Olympian, was given a job working on one of the little golf tournaments… it was Kathy! That’s where I first saw her on telly and kind of followed her career ever since, through all the holiday programs, et cetera. I was away from QVC when she joined, but it was lovely to see her when I returned in 2009, and to work with Kathy over the years. We wish her all the best and will miss her very much. 🙂


As usual on a Thursday evening, I did my weekly Facebook live, even while in the shepherd’s hut in Wales! #thursdayBantz. You can watch it here.


Just started reading ‘The Stranger’ by CL Taylor, and it’s very timely as she has a new one out called ‘Her Last Holiday’.

“Two years ago, Fran’s sister Jenna disappeared on a wellness retreat in Gozo that went terribly wrong. Determined to find out the truth, Fran books onto an upcoming retreat and finds herself face to face with the man who might hold the key to her sister’s disappearance. The only question is, will she escape the retreat alive? Or does someone out there want Jenna’s secrets to stay hidden?

Sounds fab, another hit from the master of thrillers!

QVC top deals for next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the humungous four-piece SBC Propolis set for hair and body. Superb value!

Saturday – the Innovators collapsible double cocoon chair, going on sale early, click here to get it! And see my pic above.

Sunday – also on sale early is the amazing Ultrasun Sun Protection three-piece Supersize collection, stock up now for the summer while it’s really affordable. Go here to see and buy it!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Cozee Paws Fluffie Odorology pet bed
Kipling Hadiza medium satchel shoulder bag
Dune Lyss Leather sandals
Kim & Co linen-look sleeveless tunic and elbow-length sleeve top two-piece set
Elemis three-piece Pro-Definition Lift & Firm collection
Prai 24K Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair three-piece collection
Homeworx by Harry Slatkin four-piece “Best of” collection
Set of two varifocal sunglasses

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 3rd at midnight:

Nina Leonard 3/4 sleeve hi-low hemline V-neckline cardigan with coconut button
Perricone three-piece Calming Collection
Bell & Howell set of four Alien Tape Double Sided Mounting Tape
SIXPAD Footpad EMS Training Device

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – a wonderful set of This Works sprays to help you sleep, plus a sanitising hand wash and matching hand cream. Super value as usual!

Tuesday – really looking forward to seeing this, because I need some more boxes to store our bedding in Devon. Periea bring us the set of three small, medium and large linen-look storage boxes.

WednesdayTili time!! With a five-in-one multi-function hair removal kit!

ThursdayNorthern Nights bring us a set of two pillows with gussets and PUR technology,  and don’t forget we do wonderful beds as well!

FridayWomen with Control are back with tummy control, prime stretch, denim cropped trousers. If they’re anything like the other ones that sold out recently, they will fly! And join me at 10pm on Friday for an hour of Aeropilates home studio as well!

Friday 9pm – gardening time with Richard Jackson’s 1.5 kg Root Booster and 1.5 kg Flower Power, I’m going to get the Auto Delivery!

And look out for the Australian Bodycare Supersize Skinwash four-piece collection, going live mid week for Sunday, I launch it at 9pm Saturday!

Next week – at home with Harry Slatkin, which means some lovely new candles! Have a nice week, even if it’s raining where you are! At least the gardens will love it… and those ducks!!

Best wishes


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  1. I really enjoy your weekly blog, it is particulary helpful to see what is coming up in the following week,
    It is interesting to discover your love of Hastings as both my husband and myself grew up and went to school and college there.
    We thought you might find a book writen by my husband recently his ‘lockdown’ book’ published, which may be of interest to you. It is called ‘Hitch America: Anno Domini 1978’. He is originally from Hastings and writes interestingly about growing up there in the sixties and seventies, which you may well find of interest given your love of the town.
    As the title suggests it then goes on to talk about his seven months hitching round North America in a quite a humorous way. He would be happy to mail you a complimentary copy (if you can supply a postal address) or you can obtain a copy from the usual on-line book supplier

  2. Hi Debbie
    Look forward to reading your blog each Friday and the heads up for what’s coming up in the TSVs as well as the recommendations for TV, books, etc. A few weeks ago you said you were watching This Is Us. I had watched it a couple of years ago and loved it too at the time. I decided before watching Series 5 I would flick through from the beginning to remind myself and found so much I didn’t remember that I am currently binge watching the whole thing again and loving it all over again. Thanks for the reminder of such a great series.
    Keep up the great work.
    PS Any chance of QVC selling robot vacuums? I remember there was one on a Big Deal a couple of years ago but I was on holiday at the time and didn’t get it. Still regretting it now.

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