It’s here but blink and you’ll miss it! Plus sneaky peeks!

It has to be the headline this week, the biggest Centigrade Today’s Special Value we have ever done! We have all loved wearing it, (catch Stine the stylist’s blog here) and lots of us presenters have been posting it on social media. Why do I love it? The inside “fooler” placket means it fits much better if I’m wearing a big jumper, or need more room. And it has an inside pocket, which is invaluable – why don’t all women’s coats have these?! Zip-up outer pockets that are comfy-lined, super water-resistant, and a removable faux fur hood that is not too big. I’m in the Large, which is a perfect fit for me at a 14/16 high street. I’ve worn it to death on all the dog walks and trips out and about this week, so I know I will be wearing it lots more! I may even get a second one 🙂 it’s very, very, very warm!

Go here to see and buy yours (you’ll see it appear on this page at 9pm!) and get in soon, because the last time we did something like this from Centigrade, it was the faux leather jacket, and it sold out super early! Don’t miss out. 🙂

Plus, of course, it’s the massive big Black Friday weekend featuring tech, beauty, jewellery and more!

Gatineau six-piece Age Benefit set

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Sunday’s TSV is another unbelievable price, given how much is in this wonderful complete skincare set from one of my top problem-solving brands, Gatineau. Watch this video as I talk you through each of the pieces and don’t miss it launching on Saturday at 9pm and on through the day on Sunday. Cleanser, serum, eye product, moisturiser, body product, and specialist Gommage to exfoliate and make everything else work better! So many amazing deals.

See below for the rest of the weekend’s offers and next week’s sneaky peaks!


Blake’s top dogs

She is so cute. My little granddaughter was out at the supermarket this week, and as usual, she likes to put pennies in the guide dogs collection dogs! She makes me scream sometimes. The last time we were together and I was trying to get her a nice warm T-shirt to put underneath her mermaid outfit with no sleeves, and I picked up one of her sleep shirts. “No, silly Nan Nan”, she says, “that’s not for daytime, that’s for night time!” Then she says “for God’s sake!” She is three-years-old in January! Hilarious.

Christmas tree competition

For the next couple of weeks, in lieu of a Christmas socks competition or something (remember that year?!!), I am posting pictures of my favourite Christmas trees. 🙂 This is Becky’s, my niece who is very arty and currently doing make-up on a film in Italy! Very creative isn’t it! What colour is yours?


A little snippet of a behind-the-scenes piece of news for you… I was told by one of the presenters that four of them had been filming a Christmas special – a mock zoom call as a bit of comedy for Christmastime on QVC! Wonder if you can guess which four presenters it is! Shhhh! Anyway, more news when I know I can talk about it!!

Ancestry update

Remember I told you that John Edward Cullip, my mum‘s grandad, was born out of wedlock and his real father was apparently called John Lunn (not Alfred Cullip) who lived half a mile away in Streatham in around 1899/1900? Look what turned up on my ancestry search recently. A discharge form from the Dragoon guards! I love these old pieces of history, don’t you?! And as you will see, there is a bit of a vintage/old school/retro theme going on in this week’s blog. 🙂


So many boxsets still to see! But this week onwards, it’s time to start watching Christmas movies! We were discussing Holiday Inn and White Christmas when I was on the Kim & Co two-hour show with lovely Carla Laszlo the other day. It made me yearn for a bit of vintage, so I went off and watched it online! First Holiday Inn, then straight afterwards, White Christmas. Holiday Inn is just a gem of a vintage movie, very dated, made during the war (but set long beforehand), featuring the first incarnation of the famous song White Christmas. Fred Astaire plays opposite Bing Crosby, it’s black and white, full of quips and Strictly-style dance routines and very, very old school!

Just 12 years later in 1954, they remade it, tweaked the storyline, and changed a louche Fred Astaire for the stellar Danny Kaye. Paramount’s “first film in the Vistavision!” launched the song to new heights. Rosemary Clooney (George’s aunt) and Vera Ellen (with the impossibly tiny waist) played Betty and Judy – the “sisters, sisters…! (remember that song?!) Anyway, there I was sat watching it and my eyes started leaking… LOL. Not at an obvious point either – during the scene above. Bonus points if you can guess what song it is they were singing in this scene. Gets me every time! Let alone the ending!!

NB – only another four blogs and it’ll be Christmas!!

Podcast –  you can go here to listen to the wonderful behind-the-scenes catch up with our very own Dale Franklin! Very funny and interesting. Next week all about Doris Dalton from Doll 10!

Vlog – it’s a Facebook link, but this time to the fun “game show” Facebook live I did on Monday on QVC‘s main page – looking at some of the best Black Friday deals on offer right now! Remember, they end soon. Charlie Stone, our talented assistant producer, dreamed up a fabulous gameshow style “spin the wheel and match the fab review to the top product”! Have a look here, it was really good fun!

As of course, catch up with all my social media with several blogs from outside and around about in the big coat! Don’t miss the big coat… 🙂

Book of the Week

Again with a retro feel, (I’m really loving the idea of the vintage this week, aren’t I?!), my latest choice is a wartime story, currently on my Audible player. Elaine Everest’s “Christmas with the Teashop Girls” continues on from earlier books where we follow the fortunes of some of the wonderful Lyons tearooms’ ‘nippies’, as they fight to keep both their teashops and their relationships going during World War II. Loving it and highly recommended!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Korres jumbo body set, featuring the premium pure Greek olive oil ingredients.

Saturday – guess what! It’s the coat! The faux-down coat with detachable faux fur trim at a really, really, really, really good price, did I mention it! LOL! Going on sale 9pm tonight (Friday 27th) and through the day on Saturday but only while stocks last!

Sunday – the fabulous Gatineau six-piece Age Benefits set featuring Age Benefit in both a moisturiser and eye treatment, it’s an incredibly high value set! Try it to revamp your skin for Christmas! A 60 day Money-Back guarantee too, don’t forget! 🙂

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

SBC four-piece collection
Cozee Paws fluffie odorology pet bed
Vagabond extra large 2.75 litre hot water bottle with safety handle
Emu Sharky Mini water-resistant sheepskin ankle boot
Tili metallic make-up organiser Home & Away vanity case
Rieker ankle boots with tassel trim
Prai Ageless Supersize Throat & Decolletage Night Creme with Retinol
Homedics Comfort Pro heated Transform Throw
Weaveright Quick Drying four-piece towel bale
Joules Marina set of two tops

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 29th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Cuddl Duds soft Sherpa edge to edge cardigan robe
Philosophy Grace fragrance and Grace gift collection
Homedics Comfort Pro heated Transform Throw
Australian Bodycare three-piece Tea Tree Skinwash Original and Fragrance one litre collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – a seven-piece reversible bed set from K by Kelly Hoppen.

TuesdayTili are back with a rotating makeup brush for an airbrushed look!

WednesdayBell & Howell are here with a set of two tac pens with tool keys in gift boxes, a good price if you have a lower budget for a guy in your family maybe?

ThursdayJulien Macdonald brings us the signature crystal circular wall mirror, what a considerable gift this would be! And it’s a Tova day on QVC, as well as the final food finale with Andi Peters and Dale at 5 pm.

Friday – Abi Cleeve is back with Skinsense, with a five-piece Anti-Age Treatment collection, featuring a new oil that’s been talked about a lot on social media. My sister’s spa is looking at taking on Skinsense, the word is spreading! So watch out for it.

Friday 9pm – launching a seven-piece alarm security system – yes, really – a seven-piece set from Ring! I can’t wait to see what it is, as it’s not extortionately expensive either!

And watch out earlier in the week for the pre-launch of the Doll 10 five-piece Flawless Face collection, another wonderful make up set from Doris and co, and she features on the new podcast as above!

Next week – back out of lockdown! Hallelujah! And a possible trip to Devon to pick up some more bits. Can’t wait ’til everything is back to normal, can you?

Best wishes,


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  1. Debbie i am the same watching the two white christmas scenes”we’ll follow the old man wherever he wants to go ” i am in bits tears rolling down cheek , gets me every time lol

  2. Lovely blog as always. We are not in lockdown in Wales not that it really affects me as a key worker. Still it puts me front in the queue for the vaccine. Name is already down!

  3. Hi Debs I love watching you on QVC you are so natural and down to earth. You also don’t mind saying what size you are in and that helps me as I’m a similar size. I’m quite short tho only 5ft. It was lovely seeing you with Carla on Kim and co you both seam to get on really well.

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