My review of the year, and what a year it’s been

Since this is going out on Christmas Day, I can’t include any of the festivities that haven’t yet happened at time of writing, and will do so next week. So, for a change, this December, I am including the annual “review of the year” blog this week, instead of next.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been unlike any other year in recent memory. Apart from the obvious restrictions affecting us all, my holidays were cancelled, including some of the Las Vegas and cruise trips. QVC work continued throughout, and they looked after us and made things right to keep us safe.

Above all, I changed the way I live when I’m doing my QVC shifts at weekends in London. I moved into my new flat, next to Mum in Banstead in Surrey, after three years of staying in my brother’s spare room. My place in Devon had no writing retreats, so became a holiday let. Now, I just go down once a month (or will do when it’s settled down again) to run my little getaways for authors, which means that basically my life has completely changed compared to last year! It’s no bad thing, and I’m much more settled and happier than I’ve ever been.

Family highlight

I did manage to get down to Wales to see Lauren, and as Phoebe and Blake grew a little older, we had some lovely family times. Like this one, where the natural rainbow got in the shot and provided the most perfect large canvas for a wall in my new place. They are the light of my life and I am loving being a grandma. Or as they call me, Nan Nan.

Daisy’s new home

My Daisy dog got a new home as well, and new companions – my six-year-old niece Evie, my brother’s family, and a puppy called Beau to keep her company. It makes me very happy that she is so settled now and loves it there. I miss her obviously, but I know she is better off there. It also allowed me to change my life, so a big thanks to my lovely brother Derek and sister-in-law Amanda for making my Daisy Labrador feel so welcome.

Historical highlight

I love my history. I have an archaeology A-level as some may know, but one of my highlights in this arena during 2020 involved my ancestry records, DNA tests, and solving a 120-year-old riddle. We found out the mystery father missing from the birth certificate of my mum’s grandad, James Edward Cullip, and via DNA testing, discovered that the family would have been called Lunn, not Cullip, if we are correct. It won’t change much, but it was an achievement, I can tell you! Thank you to Graham, my second cousin Frances’ husband for the help.

Another highlight for me was, peculiarly, enrolling onto a regular testing program for my skin condition, EPP. It’s extremely rare, and they test your liver and blood every year to check things are okay. It took me into a whole new realm of appointments and discovery. While my poorly eye (repeated infections that are now finally being dealt with by a specialist) is being addressed, there is a chance I might be able to take part in a drugs trial next year, and finally go out in the sun for an extended period of time. Fingers crossed!

Best photo I took

Apart from all the others you’ve seen, this was my favourite shot. The lovely ship down on the seashore in Hastings. We managed to get some day trips to our old childhood haunt, where we had many happy family caravan holidays as kids. With a light touch, or special effects, I managed to create a shot worthy of a wall. I also really enjoyed being back in Hastings. Bracing seaside walks, seafood, and caravan accommodation, just like when I was a kid. 🙂

Best book

Usually, I would choose a novel, but without scarring my records, I must say that one of the most enjoyable non-fiction/dramatised audiobooks I’ve ever listened to was the story of the Warner Brothers movie industry in Hollywood, scanning the late 1800s through ’til the mid 1900s, featuring some of the massive characters like James Cagney. It’s called “Bullets and Blood”, and it was a recommendation during lockdown from one of the people on my #Thursdaybantz. It’s always a good sign when I want to re-read something, and I would do so with this – quite rare for me with a book. So this is my book of the year! An unusual one for an unusual year.

Singalongadebbie – lockdown live, 100 nights of live vlogs on my Facebook page

Specially to help keep people company through one of the most unusual events of my life – I’m sure lots of you feel the same. From VE Day to musicals, from Donny and David Cassidy to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, we had a nightly karaoke session and a little chat. Click here for a little taste!  Of course, once it all ended in July, that became the weekly Thursday session and I have not missed one since! Join each week on my Facebook page for a nice catch up and a cuppa! Check out last week’s Christmas karaoke live for a sampler!

Best watch

It’s difficult to choose. Finding more time on my hands, I ended up watching more television this year than I think I have done in the last four years put together! Haven’t there been some incredibly good shows?!

Shortlist for best one of the year, it has to be “This is Us”. Compelling, compulsive viewing as we follow the four different family set-ups and find out how their lives intertwine. Funny, emotional, heart-wrenching and original. I have loved, loved it. Enjoying season five now.

But the year could not go by without mentioning how good season four of “The Crown” is. A show gets top marks from me when I find myself reliving it and re-running it in my head for days afterwards. So, the girl who played Princess Diana was incredible, and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher was a revelation, she needs a spin-off! Yes, I know some of it was fictionalised. But I can’t wait for the next one. Highly recommended.

Top product

How do I gauge this? I use so much! Could it be the Ninja nine-in-one? The first time I’ve properly used a pressure cooker and it took just minutes to cook potatoes and Brussels sprouts! Could it be my new crush in skincare, Neom, with the hand wash in the fragrance called “Happy”? Or my wonderful new Centigrade coat that I now cannot do without, with its clever inside pocket that makes never losing my phone easy! There are so many more to mention, but one I love using and rely on constantly is… my Apple AirPods.

They’ve completely transformed the way I listen to things, and have made the walks in the woods at my new place wonderfully entertaining as I catch up on podcasts and listen to my books. So easy to set up, easy to use and crystal clear, especially in Zoom meetings. I would not like to do without them now. You can get yours here. Plus, it makes walking for longer easier, and I’ve been toning up and getting more trim once more as a result.

Plus, of course, I spent a lot of lockdown using recipe boxes and have developed a come on in confidence that I never had before. Seriously, I was a good compiler, but not a great chef – using recipes anyway. Without all the changes this year, I never would have done so many different dishes. Debbie does dinner has been a feature throughout the year. 🙂

Highlight of my outside life

Apart from the children and family stuff, obviously, a highlight was being voted into an officer role in our local political association in Devon. I have enjoyed being deputy chair, fundraising and membership so far, although most of it has been on Zoom. Hopefully next year will allow us to do some actual events!

QVC obviously had a complete change on screen, with lots of Zoom and Skype appearances etc, with guests coming down the line to join in from their own living rooms. I think much of that element will stay, because it’s so much more green. Off screen, here is one of the Zoom meetings we did recently for the Algenist range, it is going to be a beauty Product of the Month in January. Look out for it.

Best podcast

Easy! Not my favourite political ones, like Iain Dale’s “For the Many”, or “Newscast”, or “Coffee House Shots”, but our own Will Gowing’s “Inside QVC” – obviously! Have loved Will’s informal chats, finding out more about the life and times of some of our QVC faces. And I always learn something new. A year’s worth now, and counting. Well done Mr Gowing! Here’s my one, which features some of the highlights thus far, and if you are new to it, it’s a good place to begin!

Best blooper

‘Faux fur’ was spelt wrong, and was so naughty we couldn’t even use it! But Claire Edmonson, the guest, was on with me and after we’d both composed ourselves, she put it on her Instagram in November! Otherwise, I’ve had lots of fun, including with Carla Laszlo, this year. Check back through my blogs, there is a funny nearly every week! Here is one of the best.

And finally, realising what is truly important in life in one of the strangest years we can all remember. I hope 2021 will soon feel a bit more normal, don’t you?

Have a lovely Christmas, I will join you again on the 28th, and don’t miss New Year.

So here’s a question for you. What was your highlight of 2020? What was your favourite bit of QVC, and what are you truly grateful for? If you put your answer in a comment below, I will read it out on New Year’s Eve as I am doing the 11pm and the midnight shows. Why not join me?!

By the way, if you find yourself alone now on Christmas day and you’re reading this in time, come join me on my Facebook, going live from about midday Christmas day, for a little bit of banter and chat. Then, there will information of how you can continue the chat with people you’ve liked talking to afterwards to keep you company. It’s been a weird year, hopefully this will help. Search ‘Debbie Flint QVC Facebook page’, hopefully you’ll find it there. Sending you all best wishes this unusual festive season! Oh, and don’t miss the fabulous new Marc Fisher knee-high boots on Boxing Day!

See below for the upcoming deals. See you on the 28th and happy Christmas!

Best wishes,


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As promised, here is my tree, complete with mostly Alison Cork influences! It’s not the one I would have put up this year, but since the kids are now not coming, this does quite nicely, thank you! Hope yours is wonderful, whatever you are doing, and don’t forget to join me at midday Christmas Day, if you’re reading this in time, over on my Facebook live post. Plus, there’s a little group I’ve set up afterwards for people to talk to each other if they are on their own. Just search Debbie Flint QVC on Facebook and go to the page. Don’t forget, the top picture shows the MarlaWynne New Year’s TSV – so be sure to join me for my 11pm show, right through ’til 1am over New Year’s Eve.

Back to the normal format next week! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below telling me your favourite moment of 2020, or what you were really appreciative for so I can possibly read some out on the New Year’s Eve shift! Happy Christmas.

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  1. Many thanks for all your blogs over the year and heads up on all the offers. QVC has really been with us all year. I have worked throughout lockdown as a key worker. Sometimes it’s been frightening, all the patients who could not be seen because hospitals were too preoccupied with COVID was a real worry for us. Hopefully vaccines will get us out of this hole. Let’s all appreciate the pharmaceutical industry. They have there faults but have really risen to the challenge this year. Hope it has inspired people to do sciences at school! Love to all, Anne

  2. Love reading your page Debbie, lovely to get the heads up on the TSV’s for a 7 day period. Gives enough time to try and plan round the viewing! The magnetic exercise bike, could they tell us how heavy it is, and if it needs any home assembly

  3. Hi Debbie, love your weekly blog, hearing all your news and especially the upcoming special offers! Looking forward to the Frank Usher cape, looks lovely. Have also loved the pics of your new home, which looks beautiful. I hope you had the best Christmas possible. We both had the virus in mid-December and were ill for two weeks – it really is horrible. My daughter decided she wanted to do everything for Christmas (she is single and in a bubble with us and usually comes home every Christmas). She picked us up on Christmas Eve and we stayed for three days. It was just lovely, she worked so hard. Lots of zooming with the grandkids as, like everyone else, we were unable to get together. Sad, but this time will pass. Very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021 – for all of us xxx

  4. Hi Debbie hope you had a fantastic Christmas and the New Year brings better times for us all. I just want to say I absolutely love your blog. It’s always interesting and fun to read. It’s great to hear your stories and see the lovely photos. I look forward to your updates of different products and previews of the TSV’s. I can see what is coming ahead and worth keeping an eye on. Thank you so much. By the way you are a great model. You look fab. I love to watch you present as you come across as a kind, caring, genuine person. Never lose your sparkle…keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you soon on QVC. Have a great New Year.

  5. Hi Debbie, have really enjoyed QVC and all of the presenters keeping my spirits up during this unprecedented time. I so appreciate all my family, but mostly my brilliant husband Billy who has done everything for me following having a new hip in 4/2019, and then having 2 dislocations in March and June during this pandemic, he has so supported and kept me safe, I am really lucky. Take care and stay safe, happy new year to all of you lovely people xxx

  6. Hi Debbie

    Thank you for your lovely blogs,it’s brilliant to read all about you and tips on books, netflix programmes to watch and of course what’s coming for the week ahead on QVC.
    Please stay well and a Happy New Year.
    P.S You are my favourite xx

  7. Happy new year Debbie : )

    It is good to hear all the positive experiences you have had this year. Like you, I have had a few health issues but am trying to stay upbeat and am so grateful for the fabulous NHS staff who have helped me throughout the year and my recent hospital admission.

    I look forward to joining you & June for Frank Usher shortly. And I am sooooo excited to see we have a Marla Wynne TSV to look forward to 😁

    Big hugs Joanna xx

  8. Doing the last year the best product I have is the Bose bar, having heard in a shop previously the sound reproduction is incredible for the size of the unit.
    But the best thing of the year was you 100 night singalong, I could truly say it kept me and a lot other people sane during the first lockdown. Thank you.

    I wish you a Happy New Year, to you and your family and everyone at QVC too.


  9. i just wanted to say a belated thanks to all of you for your fab comments – i read them and dont always reply but really appreciate you all! hugs xx

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