The 21 questions challenge and Devon pies!

What fun we had on a Facebook live on our page the other day, go here to see it, as the presenters are being asked to take part in the 21 Questions challenge. They include things like most memorable moments, most embarrassing moments, three things you would take to a desert island et cetera, really random and really fun! Look out for more in the weeks to come. Plus, this is a view from behind-the-scenes (kind of) in our little social media studio. Lots of other people are getting up to stuff too to amuse you, explore the stories from all the presenters on our website. Plus, look out for the nightly #Singalongadebbie on my Facebook page (see below!)

If you’re reading this on Friday 24th, an alert: ending today, the Dyson Pure Cool Me purifier fan – the last day to save an extra £50 is today! If you want a breeze of cool air that’s also really purified, it’s a great idea.
Plus, the big Devon pies brand making an appearance on QVC! Full info below.

Facebook funny
Well, Facebook clever, more like. Look at this picture of library books that some witty librarian has arranged whereby the title spell out a message! Read across from left to right, top to bottom, and you will see it!

#SingalongaDebbie update
Oh my goodness, we had such a fun week! Fiona Brackenbury from Decleor being the most game, dancing and singing along to Eurovision songs. Go here to see and enjoy it, we do it on my Facebook page every night! The night after, Ali Keenan also joined me for a spot of harmonies with a couple of big band songs including ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ and you can guess what the dancing consisted of! Also this week, we did country, Bond film themes, and a Cilla and Lulu night!

Book of the week
Another former guest has a new book! Congrats to Amy (Lamorna Ireland) who visited us in Devon to finish her novel ‘Unexpected Beginnings’ in February (when Cathy Bramley was here too.) It looks fab!
“Heartwarming, an easy read! I read this book in one sitting. It was so easy to read and I found myself engrossed in the lives of the characters. The predominant setting, in a cider farm in picturesque Cornwall, is the perfect escapism. A must-read for anyone who likes romantic, family orientated stories. It’s beautiful. I eagerly look forward to what Lamorna Ireland writes next! An excellent debut novel.”
Plus congrats to our own Jackie Kabler, whose next novel ‘The Perfect Couple’ went up to the Top 40 in the UK Kindle charts this week! Very proud of her.

The Take, Hustlers and Three Identical Strangers.
Well, needless to say I’ve had time to watch some nice telly, and a lot of the Netflix and Amazon Prime films are really good.
Hustlers – award nominations for Jenny from the Block, with a film based on a true tale of strippers who run a scam in New York. Really, it’s the story of the relationship between the main women. Heart-warming. 8/10. The Take – Idris Elba and Richard Madden… Need I say more? Set in Paris, a pickpocket has a run in with a CIA agent to partly hilarious and partly dramatic results. If you enjoyed the Bodyguard, you will love this. 8.5/10. Three Identical Strangers – three real life triplets, separated and adopted by different families when they were babies, reunite after a fluke. You think that’s the main story… but watch on, you will be gobsmacked as to why. 8/10. And I’m obsessed with The Marvellous Mrs Maisel at the moment, and of course Outlander is back on… I’m a happy bunny!
Next week – Quiz – Watch it and see if you think the same as me!

This week’s podcast is with the lovely Ali Young.

Evie loves Daisy
Look at this adorable photograph, lovely little Evie, my niece, new owner of Daisy dog (as Evie says ha ha.) Daisy is having a whale of a time, being properly treated and looked after by this cute little six-year-old. Makes me feel very happy for Daisy. Although I missed her this week when I popped back to Devon briefly to pick up some stuff from my home. A house is not a home without a dog 🙂

Tips for the garden
Here is my one, and it’s a practical one rather than a clever one. If you’ve lost the end of the hose, or the spout doesn’t turn down properly and it’s pounding your small seedlings, when you water, pop the end of the hose in a watering can first and then you can control where it goes more easily! Also thanks to two other people who gave me theirs, including putting a hollow yoghurt pot over a plant you want to spray weed killer on to protect those around it, and also adding Epsom salts to normal compost to make it ericaceous! These are for Michael Perry, who will be putting a compilation together. If you have any others let me know, preferably on my social media or put them in the comments below!

Meanwhile over in Lorna‘s corner lots more lovely lighting ideas if you go to our website and have a look – the set of 10 solar lights are particularly popular, worth a look on!

Charlie braved the at-home haircut!

Next seven days on QVC
Friday – Go here to see and buy the three-wick scented candle duo from Neom. Premium designer candles!
Saturday – it’s not me presenting it (I thought it was!) But look out for the Thompson and Morgan Gerbera patio collection, you get six of the 7cm pots and a really good price again! Plus, look out for the three hour show with Anne, kicking off the weekend’s Great Beauty event.
Sunday – including the Judith Williams Day to Night Retinol Resurfacing collection. This features some really powerful ingredients to help resurface and make your skin look fresher, including little capsules for an intensive course. Amazing value as usual from the lovely German beauty company.

Big Deals old and new
This week, ending Sunday at midnight
Prai two-piece Ageless Throat and Decolletage supersize collection
Kami indoor smart dome security camera
Hollywood Browzer four-piece dermaplaning kit plus travel case
Gatineau five-piece Age Benefit Regenerating collection
Homedics Zen Meditation pillow
Huggable Hangers set of 40 slim hangers
Sun Joe portable spray washer
Go here to see and shop them all
And from Sunday at midnight…
Huggable Hangers set of 40 slim hangers
Sun Joe portable spray washer
Elemis Pro-Collagen Definition three-piece collection

Monday – it is Spring Food Fair day and Chunk of Devon bring us their 12-piece Traditional Steak Pasties set, but we are not expecting it to last the day, so get in fast. Proud of this Devon company appearing on QVC!

Tuesday – more fab offers with LAB, the Pro White teeth whitening system with whitening pen! Great when you have such a long Money Back Guarantee to trial it!
Look out also for the return of Butler & Wilson at 6pm Tuesday and 10pm Wednesday!
Wednesday – Dr Max is back with his four month’s supply of Prime Fifty Fighting Fatigue supplements, I must admit I do like these, and they are very good value for four months.
Thursday – look out earlier in the week when the Escape by Melissa Odabash jewellery Today’s Special Value goes on offer. It is a droplet necklace in sterling silver and very reasonably priced. Especially for Diamonique day.

Friday – ditto the Ultrasun three-piece supersize kit, this too will go on sale early. Cannot believe the super-sized products for the amazingly low price!

9pm Friday – I am very happy that Amazon returns with the lovely Lee Hohbein, bringing us the Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display with Blink security camera system, I really don’t know how we do these prices! Don’t miss it!

Next week – catching up with Ziggy the dog, star of socials and videos! And a look ahead to a big food day on Monday 4th!

Best wishes,
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8 Responses

  1. Thank you Debbie fir your singalong nights since we all went on lockdown, it gives those of us who are on our own at this time something that is very uplifting and enjoyable to end our evenings with as we sing along (well I do) to the songs you sing. You are a ray of hope and I thank you for doing it, hope you and your family stay safe and well, take care, best wishes Theresa x

  2. Lucky you if you havent finished the Marvellous Mrs Maisel series yet. I cant wait until they continue it! The trouble with Outlander is Ive read ALL the books and the tv is way behind. They also seem to miss bits out and i cant quite follow where we are.
    Dont think ill watch the Devon pies broadcast. I just took delivery of 12 Wilfred pies and some Porky Puffs plus the chick peas sweets!! Its a good job Weight Watchers is on line so i can cheat about my weight!
    Im used to being at home but i really would like to get my own shopping. Im 83 and my daughter (who is very bossy) insists i must not go outside the garden. That means i do indulge myself online where she cant see what im eating!

  3. Dear Debbie
    I have been buying from qvc since Kirks Follys remember them? Can you please let me know what is the dress you are wearing today I love it. ps I have bought so much nail inc all you fault so good at sales. Thank you Jennifer

  4. Hello Debbie,how are you. ? x
    This is the first time I’ve emailed you,as your a great presenter and very wise with product’s. May I ask you I have dry skin and have noticed wrinkles around my eyes and around my lips, unfortunately from smoking of which I have stopped. At present I have ordered Alpa h,eye complex dueo, haven’t tried it yet but I’m using Liz Earl cleanse and polish,spray toner,Liz Earl eye cream and super skin. It was a gift from my mum. I also have Gatineau Age benefit moisturizer and Gatineau (pink skin perfecter and serum). I haven’t been looking after my skin as I have been feeling low. I’m 45 & really would appreciate if you could help me with what I should be using as I have allways looked after my skin and now it’s time to as it really lift’s your spirits up. I have allways used Liz Earl and Gatineau. Also Debbie I have declor self tan (not used it as yet)it was a duo last year the yellow bottle) would you recommend using this on my face ,or would you prefer using James read night time self Tanner or would you recommend a different self tan. I like fresh glowing skin as I don’t use make-up, only for a special occasion Debbie,as I have mally. I’m fair skinned. Please can you help me as I really appreciate your help. Thank you Debbie and stay safe. Love allways Amanda XX 🌼

  5. Martin, Theresa, and Margaret, always a pleasure to hear from you! So glad you are enjoying it.

    Jennifer – was it during the Nails Inc show? I’ve been wearing a lot of Nina Leonard dresses so I’m guessing it was one of those! If you look up the word trapeze on our website you will see what we have available, there are usually lots of choices! Thank you for asking X


  6. Amanda – your contact does not come up and there are a lot of questions for me there, so to do it justice would you mind emailing me at my public email which is on my website please? (info@ my name then .com) If you just copy all the questions I will go through them one at a time and tell you what I would do, if that would help? Much love and thank you so much for writing! Look forward to hearing from you – don’t forget! X

  7. Debbie, love your shows, real fun and you don’t talk over guests like some other presenters!

    What has happened to Join clothes and Yong Kim, so disappointed not to be able to buy these great ranges. Please bring them back. These clothes are SO DIFFERENT and desirable and worth every penny.

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