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Hello, and thanks for stopping to read my blog. With summer well on the way and the weather generally being good, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden. Not necessarily gardening, I must say, but playing with Beau and trying to do yoga – more on that later.

June has felt like a very busy month, and I think a lot of that is the fact that Beau – who, for those who don’t know me, is my little boy – has just turned nine-months-old and has found his feet! Well almost… its more his hands and knees, but boy can he move at a pace! The other big news for him is that he has nearly four new teeth. I never knew that milk teeth caused so much pain for the poor wee soles. There have been quite a few sleepless nights, but I think we are through this round… just about. We can really see his personality coming through too, and at this stage his sense of determination is very clear. He definitely gets that from me, and he gives us endless joy with his constant cheeky smiles, big belly laughs and fits of giggles.

I also wanted to share some of my new fashion inspirations and finds, plus introduce you to our fabulous new stylist to the presenters, Stine Wintlev. You may have already seen the recent fashion shoot with our Katy and Alex on the QVC website. Its great to have Stine on board, as she comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge – not to mention she is great fun! To find out more, take a look at her recent post to see the fashion shoot photos.

I don’t know many people who don’t like a good deal, and this month QVC have pulled out all the stops with vouchers, interest-free instalments and sales across fashion and beauty. Click on this link for the Elemis and Ultrasun Easy Pay links and information. Remember Easy Pay is always interest-free! These ones will run until June 30th, so don’t miss out on some of your favourites. One of mine is this one. I used the Plumping Pillow Night Cream through my pregnancy and loved how my skin felt.

For those of you love fashion and sales, then you can take part in our Summer Sale and use the code SALE2Z from the 20th – 26th June – please check the web for T&Cs.

I’d love to share with you a few of my current favourite finds. The first was the recent WynneLayers Today’s Special Value – the crepe dolman shirt dress, which comes in five wonderful shades (some are on waitlist!)

It is an over-sized look and has been designed to flow rather than hug the figure. To show more of your silhouette, you could wear leggings or cropped slim trousers and a WynneLayers vest. I think it’d work with a long petticoat underneath too. I’ve styled mine with bare legs helped by Isle of Paradise self tan and Vionic high tops.

The next one is a Kim & Co TSV on 25th June. This two-piece sleeveless tunic and elbow-length sleeve top (look out for item number 183874) comes in Bright Pink, Oyster, Melon, Navy, Lemon Lime and Yellow. This is going to be an absolute go-to everyday piece. And with all Kim’s pieces, you know it’ll wear and wash well, those fresh summer colours won’t fade. They will be available from 9pm next Wednesday.

My final outfit felt right for a week that needed a bit of energy and zest. I am a firm believer that wearing colour can help lift your spirits. So I went all out and wore yellow with leopard print. How can that not put a smile on your face? I know wearing trainers with skirts is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like the look and it is really practical.

T-shirt: Isaac Mizrahi Live

Skirt: Helene Berman, item number: 181770 there are lots of this style on the web.

Trainers: Skechers, item number: 186068

On one final note, I mentioned yoga at at the beginning of my blog. I have tried to do this with Beau, but I think “doing yoga” is a term I should use very lightly! We did about four mins before I had to retrieve him from clambering on the printer we have in the living room. I’ll keep trying…

Until next time, take the very best care of yourselves.



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  1. You look fabulous in these outfits, I was gonna say it’s the yoga but on second thoughts doesn’t sound like your managing to do much as little Beau has other ideas for fun!! Just wait til he starts walking, you’ll develop skills a heptathlon octopus would be proud of, don’t touch that, put that down, give it to mummy, leave the phone, don’t lick the cat etc etc! All worth it though. Xx

    1. Ah Wendy your message has made me giggle.Especially “don’t lick the cat” haha He keeps me in my toes all right. I don’t think I sit down in a whole day! Thanks for your message and great to hear from you.
      Take care.
      Eilidh xx

  2. Lovely photos of Beau, especially the last one, so joyful. You will be able to pass on tips on babies to Katherine Goldsmith no doubt. Nice to see you back on QVC

    1. Thank you so much Anne.Ah it’ll be so lovely to chat babies with Kathryn . I hope you’re keeping well and cool in this heat!
      Take care and thanks again for messaging.
      Eilidh xx

  3. Hi Eilidh

    Beau is so beautiful I live in Whitburn West Lothian Scotland I had asked last month where your open ring was from when I went into your blog today I was the only one you hadn’t replied to can you let me know where it is from or is it one of your own?

    1. May, i am so sorry! The evening i was responding to my blog i had a poorly little Beau beside me and i remember i had to put down my iPad to nurse him and had to stop working.I haven’t had a chance to get back to these messages. Please accept my apologies. So, the ring is actually from my best friend Ruby. She made it for me when Beau was born and i often wear it.
      How is bonny Scotland at the moment? Its been a good while since I’ve been back now. Id love to visit family when we can. I hope you’re keeping well.
      Take care and all my best.

      1. Hi Eilidh

        So sorry Beau was under the weather been a long time since I experienced that issue. Your friend could make a fortune if she ever made that ring for sale please let me know if she ever does. Scotland as usual 4 seasons in one day but I would never live anywhere else if your back in this neck of the woods again feel free to come and visit me in West Lothian. I am missing my two favourite eateries in the whole world C S in Linlithgow and C R Edinburgh can you name them? Take care for you and your family and many thanks for replying to me May x

  4. Hi May, now you’ve got me thinking about those eateries…? i love a nice eatery please share you tips 🙂 Feel free also to have a look at my Insta page where i have info on fashion and the looks i like to wear and the jewellery too. If you like that style have a look at Kelly Hoppen or Pilgrim at QVC.
    Thank you for your lovely invite too, its so kind of you.
    Take good care.

    1. Hi Eilidh

      I was referring to Champneys in Linlithgow and Café Royal Edinburgh if you haven’t been to either of them they are definitely worth a visit.

      Take care May x

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