Running, resting, washing!


It’s been a few weeks since my last blog – I hope everyone is well and has been enjoying the recent good weather. I had a few days’ holiday in July, and for the first time since last October we had a few days away and went off to stay in a hotel in Berkshire. We had a lovely restful weekend, going for walks and eating and drinking a bit too much! We visited the beautiful Cliveden House where we thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the gardens (it’s set in 376 acres of National Trust grounds, which are really stunning) and generally just chilled out after a very busy few months. And yes, that’s my Frank Usher denim jacket I’m wearing in the photo above!

In contrast, I’ve also run another half marathon since I last blogged. I heard there were a few spaces left in an event called the Music Shuffle run in Surrey, so I entered last minute and really enjoyed it. The medal is amazing too – it features Queen (the band not the monarch!). I’m upping my running again now ahead of a big charity running event I’ve entered in October – more details on that nearer the time! I’m just trying not to overdo it and get injured before then…

Work is busy as always, and we’ve been delighted to welcome two lovely new presenters, Ophelia Dennis and Annaliese Dayes, to our happy band. Do check out their blogs and follow them on social media – they’re both so excited to be here, and we’re so happy to have them. They’ve been shopping already (no surprises there!) and getting excited about our Today’s Special Value offers, which brings me nicely to a good one which is coming up next week (Monday 9th). 

I’m a big Ecoegg fan and this is an amazing kit including their mineral pellet-filled egg, a stand, detox tablets for your washing machine and a stain remover. The egg is an alternative to using a chemical laundry detergent and will give you up to 1,152 washes – that’s up to five years of laundry, based on an average of four loads a week! It’s dermatologically tested and suitable for those with sensitive skin and has also won a Good Housekeeping magazine “Getting Greener” endorsement this year, which recognises the brand’s efforts towards sustainability and reducing plastic use. 


That’s it for now…happy August!

Love Jackie x


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  1. Hi Jackie,
    So nice to hear you and your husband have been away. I’m sure you’ve both been so busy and always conscious he is doing such important work with the nhs. We literally couldn’t live without them.
    I’ve been wondering how Catherine is and hoping she’s ok?
    Also congratulations on your latest run!
    Take care x

    1. Hi Susan, yes so lovely to have a break and yes hubby is always so busy, he definitely needed it! Catherine will be back very soon I hope – you can catch up with her on her social media, if you use it? And thank you very much!

  2. Lovely to hear from you again, you look well in your photo, amazing what a break away can do for us. I live about a 10minute drive away from Cliveden and have family members that have worked there, it’s an impressive place. With the latest lifting of restrictions are you able to go and visit your mum and family? I do hope so. Good luck with your running, I admire you, it’s not something that has ever appealed to me. It was lovely to have some sunny days last month but as I write this it’s pouring with rain,save me watering the garden 😂 Looking forward to the Ruth Langsford Tsv that was mentioned when I watched last week. I bought the new star t shirt in khaki, it arrived yesterday. It’s so much more than a t shirt, absolutely lovely 😊 Take care and will “see” you soon on the tv! Love Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, yes Cliveden was just wonderful! Such a sense of history. And yes I’m hoping to finally visit my mum and family in Ireland in September- it’s been two years, the longest period without seeing each other in our whole lives. I absolutely can’t wait! The Ruth star t-shirt is fabulous and I very much hope you’ll love the TSV too…I’ve had a sneaky peak and all I can say is, I want the khaki…! See you soon!

  3. Hi Jackie

    Good to see you looking well, and relaxed.
    Like you, we also like visiting gardens, but can’t remember when last we did that.

    I’ve just finished reading your book, the perfect couple. I read it in 2 days, and is was definitely a page turner, with a good twist at the end. Bravo! Looking forward to reading some more your work soon. Keep it up.

    Cheers for now, stay safe and keep the faith.

    1. Hi Nikki, yes it was so lovely to feel almost “normal” again and wander around. We had lunch in their conservatory cafe too and it was just a such a great break. And thank you for the very kind words…much appreciated. You stay safe too and thanks for getting in touch.

  4. Hi Jackie love reading what you have been doing when you are not presenting, Have missed Catherine Huntley and do hope she is okay just give her my love and hopefully she will be back soon. Just one more thing could you please ask Ruth if she will ever consider doing her tops in a petite length say about 23inch, I lve the motif ones but they are too long for me and too much to tuck in thank you , Take care and stay safe love Jean Smith

    1. Hi Jean,
      I will pass your best wishes on to Catherine and also your request to Ruth! Hope you’re enjoying your summer and thanks so much for getting in touch.
      Love Jx

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