A real lifesaver

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but before I say anything else, I really want to draw your attention to the Aeropilates Today’s Special Value launching at 9pm tonight and available all day on Saturday, or as long as stock lasts. The first anniversary of my ankle operation is fast approaching (it’s next Friday to be precise) and I genuinely do not know how I would have coped trying to rehabilitate my ankle when I was unable to see my physiotherapist due to Covid-19 restrictions if it hadn’t been for this amazing machine. I’ve had this particular machine, pictured above and slightly different from the Today’s Special Value, for over ten years and you can probably just about make out the cardioboard on the floor under the machine and the pull-up bars. I still use this incredible piece of fitness equipment two or three times a week, so if you work out the cost per use, it is excellent value for money.

And if you’re thinking, ‘well I don’t need it for rehab’, I’ve used it over the years to help me lose weight when combined with a sensible eating programme, to lengthen and strengthen my muscles, and as a stress buster. It particularly came in handy when I had a massive psoriasis flare-up a few years ago. My skin was so itchy, I felt as though I wanted to rip it off and I was often on the point of tears. Instead, I would go into my little home gym and work my body very hard, and my workout always included some Pilates.

There is a definite connection between physical and mental wellbeing, which you can hear Marjolein Brugman, the lady who first brought Aeropilates to QVC, talk about on this week’s QVC Wellbeing podcast. I’m very sad not to be on air this Today’s Special Value this weekend, but even if I wasn’t on annual leave, which I am, it would have been my weekend off. I just didn’t want to completely miss the opportunity to tell you about it though – and remember you have sixty days to try it out at home and see if you fall in love with it!

So, as I mentioned, I am actually on annual leave at the moment. Chris and I often take a holiday at this time of year, in fact, this time last year we were on a beach in Mexico to get my mind and body ready for my operation. Neither of us had a clue that it would be the last time we set foot on foreign soil because of the pandemic!

The reason we always used to try and get away in January is because it’s the anniversary of us starting to live together – forty-three years! Now that we’re married, I thought we would stop celebrating the 19th of January, but Chris had other ideas. He got me these lovely flowers and a card, just as he always has.

I thought I’d share the words inside the card too!

No beach, due to travel restrictions; no champagne because all four of us are doing dry January; no dinner out with all the restaurants closed during lockdown – Chris did cook dinner; no walk and then a nice lunch and not just because I have another book to write, but also because my ankle doesn’t love a long walk yet. I’m happy with just the flowers and a very kind and thoughtful partner!

He’s right about me being busy writing the next book. It’s one of the reasons I’ve taken annual leave, the other is that if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it. My next deadline is February 15th, but prior to that, of course, my new book is published on 27th January. To celebrate, I’m going to be hosting a Facebook Live ‘party’ on my JuliaRobertsTV page at 8pm – we’re planning on a couple of readings from the book, a quiz and a ‘Play Your Cards Right’ game to win a pack of cards with My Mother’s Secret on them… there will also be books to giveaway and maybe chocolates too.

Do drop in and say hello if you fancy it and I’ll also do an Instagram Live at some point during the day if you don’t do Facebook. Our lovely QVC guest, Lorna Ko, has read an advance copy of the book, and she says it’s less of an emotional rollercoaster, more of an emotional earthquake… I think she meant it in a good way.

While on the subject of giveaways, you only have a couple of days left (until midnight on the 24th January) to ‘Spin to Win’ using your order number when you make a purchase. There have been over eight hundred winners, but there are a thousand prizes so there are still plenty to be had. One order number gets you one spin, and a household can enter up to three times a day. And even if you don’t have an instant win, you’re automatically entered into the Prize Draw for £10,000, the winner of which will be announced on Wednesday 27th – good luck.

Just before I finish, I thought I’d share these two photos of the bird feeder in our garden containing the Grumpy Gardener fat balls, this month’s Garden Pick of the Month! Our birds absolutely LOVE them.

They demolished the first four I put out in under ten days, and I’ve since had to put a third lot out – it’s a good job there are so many in the Pick of the Month! My birds also get Richard Jackson bird seed, so they’re spoilt for choice.

Speaking of Richard, he has now started selling new season plants and it reminded me of the amazingly big and fragrant lilies of his that I grew last year – the only downside was that I was on holiday in Devon for most of the time they were in bloom!

I’m back on-air on the 28th, one of my first shows is Liz Earle and then the weekend of the 30th and 31st is Beauty Weekend. I’ll be presenting both of the early morning slots on those days if you’re an early riser.

Until next time.
Much love,
Julia x

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  1. So lovely to see your blog again .Glad you have written another book I have read all of your other ones and really enjoyed them. Hope you enjoy the days you have off work it is nice to to be able to do things at home. I am laid up at the moment with a really bad back I had a big fusion operation a while back after injuring myself working as a nurse and then went on to have a heart attack and now have a pacemaker fitted and having to shield from covid is not helping but still have to keep smiling. Well look after yourselve and look forward to your new book and next blog.Love Pauline.x

    1. Hi Pauline
      Apologies for the delay in replying – my usual shift pattern is all over the place with having to take my annual leave before the end of March!
      Wow – you’ve really been in the wars & yet you sound so update. I hope you’ve had your first jab now? At last a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
      I can hardly believe my latest book has been out for almost a month already – time flies!
      Look after yourself
      Julia x

  2. The fat balls are good, the birds love them….we have two holders that hold six each…..there are so many birds where we live they lasted two days!! Costs a fortune to feed the wildlife……take care..xx

    1. Hi Susan,
      I’ve just had to buy some more fat balls, but it’s worth it for the joy the birds bring us – good to hear you are feeding them on ‘your patch’
      Julia x

  3. Happy Anniversary, altho it’s been and gone now. Beautiful flowers and a card that made me smile. I missed your blog last week but then read that they will now be fortnightly. Hope they may be longer blogs, maybe. Take care. X

    1. Hi Karen
      It isn’t my decision to write them fortnightly- I would happily continue to write them weekly 😕 Last weeks was a little longer than usual, but I don’t think that will be allowed going forward – I’ll try to keep them interesting though and really pleased to hear you enjoy them
      Julia x

  4. I have also had my Pilates machine for many years – also from QVC. I’m desperate to buy the large stand. I’ve tried everywhere – even emailed Stamina in US who worked out it would cost over £600 to get one to UK. Please can QVC get some in again. They used to be available – and I know there would be other people who would buy one as well as me.

    1. Hi Helen
      I will ask the question of the buyers about the stand. You’re not the only one who has asked me about it, but it might have been a business decision if the demand wasn’t there. I will ask for you though & glad to hear your machine has lasted such a long time too
      Julia x

  5. Hi julia, I cannot believe you are celebrating your first ‘wedding anniversary’ and lovely of Chris to surprise you with flowers and a card, shame you’re not on a beach celebrating, something to look forward to in the future, when its safe and we’re allowed to travel again.
    The Aeropilates machine, what can I say, I’ve had mine for 10yrs now, same machine and stand as yours and bought on your very kind recommendation following my ankle surgery, who’d have thought you’d be using it for the very same, you’ve done extremely well. It was a pleasure speaking to both you and Marjolein back then on air, even though I was very nervous in doing so, you both put me at ease, so thank you…it has and will continue to be a life saver or should I say ankle saver haha!
    Things are still very much up in the air with me and wherever I end up my machine will be with me too, no doubt about that. This world has been turned upside down by this awful pandemic, thoughts with everyone out there, I certainly wasn’t expecting my relationship breakup after 25yrs, family and friends have kept me going throughout the last 6 months, especially when at my lowest and I mean really low!! It’s time like this that you miss no longer having your Mum and Dad to turn to as you did all those years ago, hopefully they’re looking down on me…we could all do with a big hug! The person left behind is the one that suffers the most, no thought for their mental health and well-being, whilst the other person carries on as normal without a thought to the devastation left behind.
    Now I am looking forward to a fresh start, leaving the old baggage behind and hopefully, fingers crossed, moving into my new home soon with new adventures ahead…eek!!!
    Thank you for your kind words over the years, stay safe and ‘Happy Anniversary’ to you both
    love Annette x

    1. Hi Annette
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – crazy times and a lack of routine with all the annual leave I’m having to take meant I accidentally missed this whole week of comments.
      It wasn’t our first wedding anniversary, that was back in August, it was our 43rd anniversary of living together – I wasn’t sure if we were still going to celebrate it, but clearly Chris wants to so I’ll have remember for next year.
      I wonder if you’ve moved into your new home yet? I know this has been a ghastly time for you but one of the plaques on the wall of my downstairs loo has it about right:
      ‘Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations’ … I hope that is the case for you.
      My Aeropilates machine has been my saviour during lockdown – not just physically, but for my mental health too.
      Everything crossed for a smoother rid3 for you over the coming months
      Julia x

  6. Hi Julia
    Have been watching you and qvc since your first broadcast.
    Just to wish you an early happy birthday for 10 June..65..🍷🎂
    Hope you have a great day and able to celebrate this year.

    I share your birthdate but 10 years older….
    Geminis are a special breed.

    Best wishes

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