British botanicals are back…

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I’m a big fan of British beauty brand Elemis, so imagine how disappointed I am that I’m not on-air with their fabulous Today’s Special Value this weekend. To say it could have been put together with me in mind is an understatement! My all-time favourite night cream, out of all of the ranges QVC sell, is the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, which is normally £94 for the 30ml size that is in this Today’s Special Value collection… as the whole collection is £69.96, you will have it to try for less than its usual price, and get five other full-size items as a bonus!!! Forgive the exclamation marks, but this really is an amazing offer.

The Overnight Matrix targets the effects that stress and lifestyle have on the skin, and let’s face it, 2020 has been a pretty stressful year so far. Personally, I use it on top of the Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil, which works brilliantly for me, but the Super Serum Elixir is in this collection, which you could slot in instead as it can be used in your routine both morning and night. So not only is my ‘favourite’ Elemis product in this Today’s Special Value, the one I use to quick cleanse my face every morning, Micellar Water, is also included. This is a thorough cleanser which can also be used to take off make-up at night-time and contains distilled rose water obtained from the production process of the Elemis Rose Facial Oil and the Rose Facial Cleansing Balm.

You can probably get the sense of how excited I am about this Today’s Special Value and that is before I even mention that Elemis have brought back British Botanical for the body products in this collection, which was originally only meant to be for their twenty-fifth anniversary five years ago. I LOVE this aroma; it’s a beautiful herby/floral blend including geranium, chamomile and lavender, with citrus notes in the Bath & Shower Milk, and is definitely unisex. How can I claim this with such certainty? I used the Bath & Shower Milk in my bath last night, followed by the Body Cream before going downstairs for dinner. ‘What is that gorgeous smell?’ asks my husband, Chris. I told him, followed by the words, ‘You are not allowed to use it.’ The smile playing at the corners of his mouth told me I would need to go back upstairs and hide it. What is the saying? What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own. Call me selfish, but this is one QVC bathing product I’m not sharing!

The sixth element of the Today’s Special Value is the British Botanical Hand & Nail Butter which, while being sumptuous, is not too thick to rub in easily. All in all, this is a Today’s Special Value not to be missed – £225 of value for under £70 – it’s already been selling phenomenally well on pre-sell on the website so may not last very far into Sunday.

I’m keeping my blog quite short today as you may remember me mentioning last week that I’ve taken some annual leave to get some writing done. I’m three days into that leave and have already managed 7000 words, so I’m ahead of my 2000 words a day target before the end of July when the first draft of my next novel needs to be submitted to my publisher.

While on the subject of my books for Bookouture, my first one, Little Girl Missing, reached a lovely milestone of 300 customer ratings yesterday, with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. Thanks so much if you’ve read and reviewed – it really is appreciated.

Tonight at 8 p.m. I’ll be finishing off the live reading of Carol’s Singing on my JuliaRobertsTV Facebook page and also on IGTV – you can find me at juliagroberts. I hadn’t realised that there was a one-hour time limit on IGTV so it cut out halfway through a chapter last week – sorry! I will start tonight’s reading from just before where it cut off and hope we can get through to the end without mishap.

Although I’ve not been at work since Monday, I’ve had a couple of QVC deliveries this week. My WULI:LUU by Gok Wan ‘Not All Angels Have Wings’ T-shirts arrived in both colour options – I love this message and I’m so glad I ordered both.

I also ordered myself a selfie stick (which has arrived early as it was supposed to be on advanced orders) but that is still in the box as I’ve been so busy writing. I’m hoping I might be able to do those walkie-talkie vlogs that Debs Flint does so well now that my leg is so much stronger.

Just a couple of things to finish with; if you need a new bed (or mattress), check out our brilliant Sealy Today’s Special Value offer, launching on-air tonight at 9 p.m. I bought our Sealy bed when it was a Today’s Special Value two years ago and it was worth every penny. I bought a mattress for Dan’s bed at the same time and he agrees – brilliant delivery service too – check out the details on our website.

And finally, there will be a new voucher code offer from Monday for two weeks to get two Easy Pay interest-free instalments on all sale or clearance items… SALE2Z.

I hope to see you on Facebook or Instagram tonight at 8, but if not, I’ll see you on-air at QVC next Thursday. Enjoy your weekend.

Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. Hi Julia love your blog every week and really really enjoyed Little Girl Missing so much I then bought What He Did and now can’t wait to read Why She Died on my Amazon Fire 10 tablet a gift to myself froml QVC last year so I will eagerly await your next book

    1. Hi Barbara,
      What lovely feedback for my books, thanks so much for sharing. Funnily enough, you get to a point with a manuscript where you just think it’s totally rubbish, so this was perfect timing! I hope you enjoy Why She Died
      Julia x

  2. Enjoyed reading this I’ve ordered the Elemis TSV can’t wait for it to arrive looking forward to your new book I’ve got all your other books loved them all you seem to be very well with your writing love and hugs x

    1. Hi Irene
      I hope you’re enjoying using the Elemis TSV – I’m already a quarter of the way through the bath milk!
      I didn’t quite make my deadline, but fortunately I have a very understanding editor army publisher’s- still on course for January release though
      Julia x

  3. Hi julia hope you dan chris sophie are well iam not bad not looking forward to going back to work after 4months monday 10th august not looking forward tot he new set up and wearing masks.

  4. Hi after reading your rave reviews about the elemis botanical set I ordered this for myself. I can honestly say what a beautiful set it is and am so pleased I ordered this. I also am a Hugh fan of the rose balm cleanser too and sure it has some sort of healing magic in this as after use at night, the next morning, my skin is calm and ready to face the day. I am using lots of the products and can see the benefits. By the way, we too have a jet black cat who is exactly like yours! She was a rescue cat who had been badly abused and extremely timid and scared when we first had her. She is so much loved – it has taken me so many years to get her to where she is now. She gives us such joy and comfort – lots of patience has been needed. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rob
      I’m so pleased you felt my ‘rave’ reviews were justified. I’m a big Elemis fan because it suits my sensitive skin.
      Technically, Wilfie is my son, Dan’s cat – I’m not sure how I’ll cope when he eventually moves out & takes him 😕 I simply can’t comprehend how anyone could hurt animals – well done you for the love & care you’ve given your ‘girl’
      Julia x

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