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We’ve been back from Mauritius for almost two weeks now, but it feels more like two months if I’m honest. Today will be my eighth day on air out of nine so I am really looking forward to my five days off before my next run of QVC appearances. I promised you more wedding pics this week and there are some later in the blog, but I think my favourite wedding photo has to be the one above, which was taken approximately two seconds before I hit the sand – the expressions on all of us are priceless! As I say, more wedding stuff later in the blog.

In fairness, I did have Tuesday off, but instead of relaxing I had a catch-up meeting with my editor at Bookouture regarding book three in the Rachel Hart series, from which I had to rush home to prepare dinner for seven. I had invited two friends over (we have been trying to organise a dinner with them since we moved to our current house almost six years ago… I kid you not) and Sophie and her boyfriend, Reece were also joining us. Unbeknown to me, our children were also planning to hand over our wedding present, which I’ll tell you more about later.

So, there has been plenty going on at QVC over the past week or so and lots to look forward to this weekend. If you’ve seen me on air the last couple of days, I have been wearing the Ruth Langsford TSV, which launches on air tonight at 9pm but is already on pre-order. I am not usually the biggest fan of animal print, but I LOVE everything about this tunic, not least the fact that it is in a 60% cotton and 40% viscose blend.

It’s light enough to wear right now, but perfect to layer when the winter kicks in. I’ve been wearing the Berry option (in size medium if you normally go for the same size as me), but it also comes in Blue, Grey, Khaki and Natural. I have a feeling it may go quite quickly so you may want to order early – actually I’m planning on getting another one once I can make my mind up between the Khaki and the Blue! Well done Ruth, absolutely fabulous, particularly with the zip detail at the back.

Sunday’s TSV is a 6 piece collection from Bareminerals, which again is already on pre-sell. I mentioned both of these on air yesterday as we were running a one-day £5 off promotion for purchases over £40 in one transaction. Watch out for these special flash promotions over the coming weeks as they could save you a few pounds; very handy once you start your Christmas shopping. And while we’re on the subject, do remember to redeem your voucher, if you earned one, before midnight this coming Sunday (22nd September) or you will lose it.

Two great TSVs over the weekend and a new award-winning jewellery designer, Sam Uhbi, debuts her collection designed especially for QVC on Tuesday with Katy Pullinger. It is unique and eye-catching jewellery, and if you are a glasses wearer (or buying for someone who is), this beaded glasses chain might appeal, so you never have to hear those words, ‘have you seen my glasses?’ again. There are four to choose from: cultured pearl, onyx, smoky quartz and my favourite, mixed agate. Check out our website to see some more of the pieces as they become available.

So…. what was Chris and my wedding present from our children? Sophie and Reece arrived for dinner on Tuesday carrying this picture.

It’s exactly my sort of thing… a jetty with a view out to the sea… and then I looked more closely. The two people deep in conversation sitting on the end of the jetty are Chris and I. Sophie had taken the photo without us knowing and loved it so much that she suggested to Dan that they should have it made into a print and framed. Honestly, I can’t think of a more thoughtful, personal or precious wedding present. It is already up on the wall in our lounge and we both absolutely LOVE it.

The wedding seems a long time ago now but I did promise you a few more pictures and a bit more about the day and our honeymoon, so here goes. You saw the boys about to drop me in the picture at the top, so it’s only fair to show you the girls, including my friends Teresa and Natalie, and Sophie’s stepdaughter, Amber.

And here also is a picture of our whole wedding party.

These photos were all taken by the official photographer who you can see slipped into an unofficial photo of Sophie with our wedding cake (it was a sponge marble cake – very tasty).

After we had finished having all the photos taken, we went up to the ‘posh’ restaurant at the Maritim resort, Chateau Mon Desir, for our wedding dinner. Excuse the quality of this photo, but I thought you would like a flavour of the evening, which started off with a toast of the champagne very thoughtfully gifted to us by Jill Franks and her fabulous husband who we all know and love almost as much as Jill does!

The food was delicious and I loved the way the main course arrived covered with silver domes which the waiters then removed ‘in sync’ to reveal our meals. The ‘best man’ speech, delivered off the cuff by our son Daniel, brought a lump to my throat – I hope he meant all the lovely things he said. I really am so incredibly proud of the people our babies have become.

The evening continued with music and dancing (me still in my wedding dress) until we finally retired, exhausted but so very, very happy.

The following day could have been such an anti-climax, but no… Daniel and I decided to go para-sailing, something I have always wanted to do. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous but it was so worth conquering my fears to float in the air a hundred metres above the boat – so peaceful, calm and other-worldly. Sophie really wanted to do it too, but Reece was not so keen – I think she persuaded him by pointing out that her sixty-three year old mother had done it! I’m not sure he enjoyed it exactly but it’s something to tick off the bucket list.

The day the others were coming home was also ‘my husband’s’ sixty-fifth birthday, so we all gathered for a birthday/farewell lunch before we headed off to our honeymoon hotel, the Zilwa Attitude.

It was quite a different vibe from the Maritim and initially I was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t last long. They had decorated our room, which was right on the beach, with rose petals on the sofa and bed – very thoughtful. I loved swimming in the pool and as you can see, the view from my sunbed was pretty awesome.

We had a lovely week with just the two of us, mostly just sitting around reading and relaxing and enjoying the different restaurants in the evenings – bliss! We did get chatting to a couple in their twenties, Steph and George, who were also on honeymoon. We were admiring each others wedding photos and I asked Steph how far in advance she had ordered her wedding dress – she replied, ‘a year, how about you?’ She almost choked on her drink when I said four weeks!!!

Well, it’s back to real life now and although I have a few days off there won’t be much time for R&R as I have another book to get written. Oh, and we’re also off to the theatre on Wednesday to see BIG The Musical, which was my birthday present from the family – I’ll tell you all about it on here next week.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!
Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. hope you had a lovely wedding day with your family some great photos of your wedding julia iam now on a 2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing from working at mcdonalds in aberdeen in 2020 next year it will be my 25th year working for mcdonalds .
    all the best.

    1. Hi Martin
      Our wedding day was fabulous thanks. Next Tuesday is QVC’s 26th Birthday – where does the time go?
      Congratulations on your forthcoming 25 years at McDonalds. Enjoy your time off
      Julia x

    1. Thanks for your kind compliments Hilary. The photo was from Sophie, Reece and our son, Dan – it will always have a special place in our hearts and home.
      Julia x

  2. Hi Julia, what lovely photos, you all look so very happy. Your dress is gorgeous & you made a stunning bride. So glad everything went well. Reading your blog this week brought back so many memories for us, as we chose the maritim as the place to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary a few years back, with a meal in chateau mon desir on our special night. Wishing you many more happy years ahead x

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for all the lovely compliments.
      Great minds think alike – I really like the Maritim… gorgeous location, stunning beach and friendly staff. I’m sure we’ll go back for an anniversary at some point in the future
      Julia x

    1. Hi Christine,
      I must agree, my dress was beautiful – I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The dressmaker did a great job on the alterations I asked for to make it bespoke.
      Julia x

  3. What an interesting blog loved all the photographs so glad your wedding was a wonderful one you looked beautiful and your husband looked handsome don’t work to hard don’t forget to smell the roses Lovly to see you back on QVC

    1. Hi Irene
      Glad you found my blog interesting and thanks for the lovely comments re the photos and QVC
      I’m a bit of a workaholic- currently really enjoying writing the third book in my crime/thriller series.
      Julia x

  4. Only just found your blog Julia What a beautiful wedding you both had Your dress was gorgeous Loving having you back on QVC love Christine x

    1. Hi Christine,
      I’m glad you’ve found my blog- I’ll try and keep it interesting.
      It’s good to be back at QVC – 26th anniversary next week – time flies!
      Julia x

  5. Have loved reading this blog Julia. As a more mature couple getting married you have certainly given the young uns a run for their money! The first photo of you and the one taken by your children are amazing:) Once again, BIG CONGRATS:):)

  6. Hi Jo,
    So pleased you enjoyed my blog. I think Chris and I sometimes forget we are in our 60’s…. I love the photo of them about to drop me too! And that’s after I’d dropped five kilos in the run up to the wedding 😂
    Julia x

  7. Hi Julia thank you for letting us see more photo’s of your special day you all look fabulous. Love your picture you got from Dan & Sophie so special the fact that it’s you & Chris. It’s great to have you back in full swing at Qvc my sister and I always miss you when your not there. Take care 😍😍 xxx

    1. Hi Sharon
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures – it was a really special day.
      It’s nice to be missed

  8. Hiya Julia, congratulations on your wedding, loved your dress what a stunning bride you were and Chris handsome as well. Photos are really lovely. So glad you enjoyed it all it goes in too quickly. Your wedding present was so special what a lovely idea from your children. Lovely blog as always. Wishing you both health & happiness always.
    💑 🍾 🥂
    Much love
    Elizabeth ❤️

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      Apologies for the delay in replying, it has been absolutely manic since we got back from honeymoon, which now seems months ago, although actually only one month!
      Thanks for your lovely comments – it did go quickly but will live in the memory for ever.
      Julia x

  9. Hi Julia, Your wedding photos looked lovely and your dress was beautiful. Your wedding present photo is gorgeous and a great reminder of a very special day in a special place. x

    1. Hi Sue,
      Apologies for the delayed response – crazy busy!
      Thanks for your compliments. The photo has pride of place in our lounge and makes me smile each time I look at it
      Julia x

    1. Hi Wendy
      It really was a day filled with happy smiling faces 😊
      I agree about the photo on the jetty, even if it hadn’t been us
      Julia x

    1. Hi Valerie
      Thanks for sticking with QVC – 26 years now, hardly seems possible! Glad you still enjoy it and that you liked the photos
      Julia x

  10. Julia you look beautiful and so happy, what a beautiful location
    for your wedding day , wishing you both many more happy, healthy
    years together, simply stunning!!

  11. Hi Julia.. I have thoroughly enjoyed your wedding fotos and may I say you looked absolutely stunning as did your ” other half” now husband… Always enjoy your blogs especially your fotos of your lovely family… Congratulations to you both and may you always be as happy as the past 41years and as you looked on special day.. The present of the foto is amazing.. Especiaas you didn’t know it was being taken.. Love to you all.. Am about to start reading your last book so will probably not go to bed tonight.. Once started can never put them down.. Xx

  12. Hi Sandra,
    So pleased you enjoyed the wedding photos – it really was a very happy smiley day for everyone involved.
    I LOVE the picture – so special.
    I wonder how you are getting on with Little Girl Missing? A review on Amazon would be much appreciated if you enjoyed it. Hard to believe the next one in the series is out in less than two weeks 😱 – time flies.
    Julia x

  13. Hi Julia wanted to say congratulations to you and hubby. I wanted to tell you that we stayed in the same hotel three years ago. It was a very special visit for us , as a little girl I lived in Mauritius as my dad was stationed there in the navy. I had never been since a small girl my dad desperately wanted me to go with him something I never did. Sadly my dad was given the news he had terminal cancer, happily before my dad passed I was able to tell him I was going back to see where we lived. Dad died in the June we went in the August. I was so emotional the whole trip but Mauritius will hold a special place in my heart. Funny we both chose the same hotel. We too enjoyed a meal in the exclusive restaurant. Did you see the huge turtles and other animals in the grounds.

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