I’m back… fleetingly!

It was lovely to be back on QVC last Friday after eight weeks away. Crazy as it sounds, I was a little bit nervous for my first show back. Chris must have sensed it because I woke up to this beautiful bouquet of flowers on Friday morning. Maybe they settled my nerves, or perhaps it was being in the company of the wonderful Melissa Hardy for my Fashion on Friday show, but whichever, within a couple of minutes it felt as though I had never been away! And as a lovely bonus, I had some great compliments about my MarlaWynne outfit, not just on social media, but also from my mum, who rang to tell me how lovely she thought I looked – well, she is my mum! Mind you, my daughter, Sophie also remarked on how nice the top looked on me when we gathered for lunch last Saturday to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

How cute is this photo of our son, Dan, taken thirty-two years ago on his third birthday? He looks very excited about his chocolate birthday cake and although I didn’t make his birthday cake this year, I did make the most of having everyone together to make my Christmas cake.

We have a family tradition of a stir and a wish before the cake goes in the oven, which we weren’t able to do last year, so it made this year extra special. The cake has now gone to bed until Christmas Eve with half a bottle of brandy – not a bad plan, actually.

Talking of photos from the past, this picture of me bedecked in Butler & Wilson jewellery was taken in 2012, shortly before QVC moved to Chiswick from our studios in Battersea. It was so lovely to have a show with Simon on Sunday and we were both looking forward to our show together on Wednesday, his final show of 2021. Unfortunately, Simon was unable to make it due to personal reasons, but we had some lovely pieces, some of which may still be available if you check the brand shop on our website… nothing like a bit of sparkle and glamour at this time of year.

My show with Simon was last Sunday, but this Sunday we have a whole day of beauty lined up for you. The Today’s Special Value on the day is the Laura Geller’s ‘Very Merry Makeover’ 5-piece collection, comprising: Balance and Brighten Foundation, Baked Blush in Peach Crumble, French Toast Highlighter, Dark Brown Gel Eyeliner and a limited edition lip gloss called Perfect Peach Shimmer. I’m a massive fan of Laura’s lip glosses and blushers and it comes boxed, so a nice, easy gift to wrap.

Also on Sunday, I’m very pleased to be launching the fragrance brand L’Atelier Parfum in my 2pm show. It is a young brand, only founded in April of this year in Paris, but they have used four of the top ‘noses’ in the fragrance industry to create their blends, which are made in Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world. If you are vegan or particularly admire ethical brands, do have a quick look at their website prior to the show.

Fragrance is a lovely gift to give, as are fragranced shower gels and hand washes – things we all need. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear we have a Molton Brown Today’s Special Value coming up next Friday. There are two options and I’m really torn between them, although I’m veering towards the Warm option, as it has Rhubarb and Rose hand wash in it, my favourite of theirs.

That will be on my bathroom handbasin over the festive period, while the Festive Frankinscence & Allspice will have pride of place in the downstairs loo.

The collection is completed with two Bath & Shower Gels, Relaxing Ylang Ylang and Coco & Sandalwood. The Fresh collection is also beautiful, with Blue Maquis and Coastal Hand Washes, and Blissful Templetree and Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gels. I also find the Warming Eucalyptus useful at this time of year to breathe in deeply if you are feeling a bit bunged up. All are in the regular 300ml sizes and check our website early next week, as I believe it will be available on pre-sell and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Well, winter certainly arrived this week and I hope that those of you who have been without power have been managing to keep warm and will hopefully be reconnected soon if you’re not already. We only had a very light dusting of snow where I live, but it brought even more birds than usual to our garden to get their fill of the Grumpy Gardener fat balls that we put out every day.

Not only are we feeding the birds, we have also started our Reverse Advent Calendar to help those less fortunate who are struggling to put food on the table. Last year we did it in November, but it slipped my mind this year with all my medical appointments, so we are doing December instead. We will add a non-perishable food item to the box every day in the lead up to Christmas and drop it off at a local food bank.

In my sixty-five years on this planet, I’ve certainly learned that giving brings as much pleasure (if not more) than receiving. That said, it was lovely to get back to work and find these two cards waiting for me from QVC viewers Joanne and Helen.

Joanne was wishing me a speedy recovery, and Helen had heard me mention on a Permission to Pry that it’s always nice to receive post other than bills, so decided to send me a card. Little acts of kindness mean so much. Thank you to Joanne and Helen, and everyone who has left lovely comments on here, they are much appreciated. Permission to Pry will return in the New Year.

So, just to let you know that my return to QVC is short-lived. A space has become available for me to have the cataract surgery on my other eye. My last day on-air prior to Christmas will be next Friday, December 10th, but I’ll try to do a blog the following week… eyesight permitting.

Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. Lovely to see you back, hopefully your cataract op will go well. Please convey my best wishes to Simon and hope he will also be back and in good health soon

    1. Hi Anne,
      My second cataract op went really well and due to be back at QVC on January 13th.
      You may have seen from my latest blog that Simon was unable to do his final show of the year because his long time friend & ‘right-hand man’ Nikki lost her battle with cancer – devastating for him and her family.
      Julia x

  2. Lovely to see you back, Julia – however fleetingly. That’s a lovely pic of you wearing Butler and Wilson, love the tiara. Very best of luck with your cataract surgery and look forward to seeing you back at the Q before long. Lots of love x

    1. Thanks Cherry. Hopefully next year will see fewer absences for health reasons.
      The pic was one f the last ones from our led studios in Battersea – should have kept the crown 😜
      Julia x

  3. Hi Julia, lovely to hear from you and it was good to see you back on the tele. Hope you are feeling well and I hope your surgery goes well too. I love the tiles in your bathroom they look very art deco and the colours are beautiful. Take care and enjoy your time off recovering. Much love Karen xx

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you – it was good to be back albeit briefly – looking forward to getting back properly in January.
      Op went really well 😊
      Julia x

  4. Good luck with the cataract surgery. I had one removed 25 October and I was hhe 1 in a thousand to have the complication of a serious eye infection. After weeks of heavy steroids and antibiotics it is now clearing. Now waiting to see what remedial work needs doing.
    In no hurry to get second eye done.

  5. Hi Julia,
    Along time since ive commented on your blog. Nice to see you back and your eye is healing nicely, fingers crossed you don’t have any problems with the other eye.
    Lots happened, in September we lost one of our lovely Border Collies Lulu through Cancer after a C T Scan showed a lump on her liver. We were and still are devastated, she was such a gentle dog. She is now buried in her favourite place near the Wildlife garden and pond. So sad. We miss her terribly.
    We were really looking forward to our holiday we had booked for October/ Nov but…….. we had a lovely evening out watching the New James Bond Movie and a meal afterwards. I went to let Barney out into the garden when we got home, and i tripped over a box that shouldn’t have been there, landed on the cupboards in the utility room then hit the floor. Luckily Ian was near by as i passed out. We realised my upper arm was broken just below my shoulder an X Ray confirmed this. The pain was horrendous as you can imagine. We had to move our holiday to another date luckily we didn’t loose any money but we changed destination and month as well….. Well 6 weeks on now, a new X Ray has showed new bone growth all be it small, but as we are due to go away for the “Party Moon” in March/ April i am wondering will we still be going. ? Hopefully by March movement will be much improved. Anyway we enjoyed the James Bond movie, i do recommend it.
    We haven’t had any snow down here on the coast, very windy at times though. Today (Sat) is dry and sunny, my son is picking me up tonight with his young son to watch the Christmas lights turn on in our local town apparently there is a little fun fair so i will be very careful not to trip over anything. !
    I do a box for the animals every year, treats and toys etc for our local rescue center, all ways well received.
    Sorry for the long post but again hope all goes well for you with your other eye.
    Kathy x

  6. Dear Julia, wishing you all the best for your cataract operation. Hope you have a lovely Christmas with best wishes Alison x.

  7. Hi
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family.
    Kind regards
    Lesley x

  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery Julia – you have always been my favourite presenter (although they are all marvellous) – but you are always so positive and professional. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  9. Hi Julia
    I love your latest blog. I didn’t know you had trouble with your eyes. When I went to the optician about a year ago he told me that I have a cataract slightly in one eye and said I wouldn’t need surgery till I’m older. I’m now sixty-six nearly sixty-seven years in January! I hope you get your eyes sorted!
    I love the look of your Christmas cake. Will taste nice with the brandy! Save me a piece! Only kidding!
    I’ve just watched the L’Atelier perfume show with you on there. I love the sparkly black dress you were wearing on there. Where can I get one? Well I hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. Let’s hope that next year will bring us all we wish for! Bye for now.

    Love Debra xxxx

  10. Hi julia so lovely to see you back. Sorry to hear you have been poorly and trust you are returning to health.
    You always give lots of information about the products and a cheery delivery.
    Have a lovely Christmas. Stay healthy.

  11. Hi Julia , was the sparkly dress you wore for the OPI show yesterday a QVC dress , I’ve looked through the website but can’t find it ,

  12. Hope all goes well with the op . You’ve certainly been through it !
    Biggest hugs for a quick recovery , and a lovely Christmas … and a very healthy New year !!

  13. I hope some reassurance regarding your next cataract op. I had my second one done in February of this year and with both done my eyesight is practically perfect and I can drive without glasses and I am quite a bit older than you. Recovery was very swift . Hope all goes well with you.

  14. Hi Julia,so lovely to see you back as there have been many changes to QVC during the past months,good luck with next op.I had a serious one at Moorfields many years ago and it changes your life and sight it something we so take for granted! Best wishes Annie

  15. Good Luck for the 👁op…..hope himself indoors has a steady hand for the ‘5day *drops* sessions?! Had my R and Left done some years,ago….🎼’.All things bright and beautiful🎼’ for you over Christmas and the future…..my fav.presenter from day one QVC

  16. Dear Julia hope you got my comment on your look and outfit on frank usher. Show. You are looking so well. Norma X

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