Like riding a bike…

Don’t worry, I’m not planning on riding a bike any time soon in light of my recent history of falling off things and breaking bones! I was borrowing the phrase from a lovely viewer who reassured me that being back at QVC after an absence of eleven weeks would be just like riding a bike – once the skill is learnt, it’s never forgotten. I’m pleased to say she was absolutely right and after just fifteen minutes of my first show back, I felt completely at home. It was nice to have Andrew Bagley as my guest, as he has been with QVC for twenty-six years so he feels like an old friend, although he would probably say, ‘less of the old!’ Actually, when I told my mum that I was on with him for my first show back, she called him ‘a lovely young man’, so that kind of balances things out.

Another of our long-standing beauty brands is of course Elemis and they have a brilliant Today’s Special Value on Sunday, which has already been hugely popular on the pre-sell on our website and is available in five Easy Pay interest-free instalments.

Not only do we have the iconic Pro-Collagen Marine Cream in a choice of Original or Ultra-Rich, there is also the Neroli version of the Cleansing Balm, Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower milk, the Oil-Rich Body Cream in the same fragrance, plus a brand new eye product, Pro Collagen Eye Revive Mask. It is a gel texture specifically developed for fine lines and tired-looking eyes. There are different ways of using it: you can apply a thin layer at night and leave it on overnight as a mask, use it before applying concealer in the morning and also reapply during the day over make-up.

I haven’t tried it yet as I only picked up my sample from work yesterday and of course I need to patch test (as should you with any new beauty product) but I’ll report back next week. Also remember that you can have it sent to a different address from your own, so if you know anyone who you think deserves a pampering treat this might be a nice idea.

Talking of Today’s Special Values, my first Fashion on Friday is a Skechers show featuring the Today’s Special Value sandals if we still have stock available. I’m normally a flip-flops girl in the summer, but my ankle will be needing more support than that so the Today’s Special Value will be ideal. It’s also adjustable over the ankle so I should be able to wear them over my ankle brace. I think they’ll make great ‘summer slippers’, particularly if you have hard floors at home and then you can wear them out into the garden.

By the way, the lily growing challenge is still on, we are just awaiting the bulbs, which should be arriving this week. I’m also on at 4 p.m. today with an hour of Cuddl Duds, and everything on-air live on our main channel throughout the day is on four Easy Pay interest-free instalments, with a SHOP4Z code for some purchases on the website.

The photo of Wilfie at the top of my blog is because I know lots of you enjoy pictures of him lolling around in the sunshine. He is a very fastidious cat, always cleaning himself, which at this time of year can result in fur balls! Some of you may remember the pet-grooming gloves I bought him for Christmas?

I won’t say he loves them but he will tolerate them and this is what I removed after stroking him for a couple of minutes. Better on the gloves than in his tummy. I’m back to cleaning his teeth again now that my wrist is almost recovered – he is a bit pampered!

Someone else who was pampered last Saturday was my son’s girlfriend, Katie. She is living with us at the moment, and they celebrated their ‘sixmonthiversary’ with a date night movie and a coffee and walnut cake that Dan baked. I kid you not, it was deeeeeelish – better than I make.

Katie is also a good baker and has promised us Caramel Chocolate Brownies this weekend. I say this weekend, but that will be Saturday, because on Sunday we are dining a la Fawlty Towers… let me explain.

We are all Fawlty Towers fans so I bought Dan tickets for a Fawlty Towers dining experience as his Christmas present, then two additional tickets for myself and Chris. It should have been this Sunday but has obviously been cancelled, so we decided we are going to try and recreate it at home. Those of you who are familiar with the series starring John Cleese will recognise elements of the menu… Waldorf salad to start, trifle for dessert and we are going to have courgette and chargrilled pepper risotto as our main course. I think we will dress up a bit too, which we will also be doing, on Katie’s suggestion, for Easter. It’s nice to make a bit of an effort I think, otherwise the days will all roll into one.

We did the online pub quiz again last night and I’m pleased to report that our score increased by ten – either the questions were easier or the categories more suited to our knowledge pool. There are quite a few fun things springing up to do from home while we’re not able to go out and socialise. Dan listens to a podcast called Quickly Kevin and put together this funny little video of his ‘Isolation Eleven’ football team from the 1990’s using household items to represent the players’ names – I thought it was very funny!

Speaking of podcasts, do check out our QVC podcast, this week featuring our fabulous Kathy Taylor – I’m pretty sure you will discover things you never knew about her.

Almost time to head into work, but before I finish, do remember that the next book in my Liberty Sands trilogy, If He Really Loved Me…, will be free to download from tomorrow for your Kindle for five days.

Keep yourselves busy and stay safe.
Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. Oh Julia, I tuned in for the Cuddlduds show today Friday 3/4 and saw you. First of all I wondered if it was a recorded programme but then realised you were for real! It is so nice to see you on the air again and back to ‘normal’ well almost. If you were worried about being absent for so many weeks, don’t be as you were your usual professional, friendly, helpful and efficient self! I hope you continue to get back to being fully healed. Well done. You looked great and welcome back!

    1. Hi Hazel
      Thanks so much for your lovely welcome back – things are a bit ‘different’ at QVC at the moment (for obvious reasons) but it is so good to be back and helping the team.
      It will be quite a lengthy healing process, but getting better every day
      Julia x

  2. Hi Julia,
    I hope you get to experience the Fawlty Towers dinning experience, I had it as part of my retirement bash and it was awesome, so much laughter. Nice to see you back at work but take it easy.

    1. Hi Lynne
      We’ve rebooked for September when hopefully everything will have a more ‘normal’ feel to it – something to look forward too. We did our Fawlty Towers night at home and it was great fun
      Julia x

  3. Aah love the photo of Wilfie, they do love to bask in the sun, don’t they.Nice photo of your son and girlfriend too, they look very smitten with each other.Nice to see you back Julia, xxx

    1. Hi Sand
      I’ll keep the photos of Wilfie coming as I’m pretty ‘smitten’ with him! Strange times for young couples at the moment but it’s all going pretty well for Dan & Katie at the moment. It’s good to be back
      Julia x

  4. Hi, after watching you, and other long standing QVC presenters, for over 25 years.. And especially with my Mum during her decline into Alzheimers… I’m honoured and a little star struck that you chose to use my phrase as your title. Thank you.. I haven’t watched QVC for some time but perhaps with isolation on the cards for some time, I can get re acquainted.. Linda x

    1. Hi Linda
      I’m sorry to hear about your mum and Alzheimer’s- so tough on members of the family. I hope you’ll find us company during these strange times and maybe even continue to watch when things return to ‘normal’.
      Julia x

    1. Hi Jill
      Were you my competition winner? Hopefully you got all three books? And are enjoying them?
      Julia x

  5. Just a lovely pussy Cat love nice to hear that your back .Keep healthy and fit Julia so glad you were not on a bike haha Pamela xx

    1. Hi Pamela
      He is a lovely cat (but I could be biased) – working hard to regain my fitness alongside all my physio and definitely steering clear of anything I could potentially fall off
      Julia x

  6. Could we reserve items in this present climate.
    We are nervous of getting parcel deliveries due to possible cross infection,if we could reserve things until this lockdown is over it would be good for qvc and your customers.

    1. Hi Sheila
      I have emailed your comment to my superior.
      I can appreciate your concern but was listening to advice around online orders which suggested leaving parcels for a couple of days before opening to minimise risk. We are trying to help with the 60 day money back guarantee.
      Thanks for your suggestion
      Julia x

  7. Hi Julia lovely to have you back on screen ( cuddle duds ) hope you are feeling well you certainly look it /// the walnut cake looks delicious although I must say I am trying to distance myself atm after just getting to my target weight with a loss of 2 and half stone and being back to size twelve I know at my age (80 ) I get told why bother but I still like to look and feel good I love all the fashion on qvc but must admit im addicted to the gardening shows just love Micheal Perry and of course it wouldnt be the same without Richard Jackson /// qvc is keeping me sane atm just watching all the lovely presenters and also the great attitude that even though we may not be buying just tune in for the company thats lovely as we are all missing our families at this horrible time its nice to know that there are people out there who care /// now Julia im sounding like your mum dont overdo it //// stay safe and well love Pam xxxx

    1. Hi Pam
      Firstly congratulations on your weight loss – I think it’s great that you are looking after yourself so well.
      That said, the cake was delicious & I didn’t feel too bad having a couple of slices as I’m now more mobile again. Gardening has been particularly popular on QVC over this Easter weekend as we are able to deliver plants to customers who may normally shop at garden centres – it’s helping the growers too as otherwise the plants would be spoiled.
      I’ll try not to overdo things
      Julia x

  8. Julia you are my favourite qvc presenter,your so beautiful,elegant and polished at what you do.I am so sorry to hear you had such a terrible time sustaining such bad injuries and you where solely missed.I have been a member of qvc since the start and find you and the team like friends who keep me company.Your just great🤗

    1. Hi Susan
      Thank you for your kind compliments. It has been a bit of a tough time for me, but nothing compared to what we are all dealing with at the moment. Thanks for being so loyal to QVC and so pleased we are there when you need company
      Julia x

  9. Welcome back and good to see you healing and looking great. Your skin looks fantastic – hydrated and plumped . What are you using at present – please share your beauty regime

  10. Hiya Julia
    It’s great to see you back.
    Hope all good with your ankle.
    Take care
    Elizabeth ❤️

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