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Is it really four weeks since I wrote my last blog? The time has flown by and has been absolutely filled with wonderful things – too many to mention all in one blog so I hope you will bear with me and allow me to split the wedding stuff into this week and next. Can I just say a massive thank you to all of you who left comments on my last blog wishing Chris and I well – I will try and get round to answering them all this coming week now I’ve come back down to earth!

I’ve had a lovely response to the pictures I’ve shared so far on social media and I’ll be sharing a few of my beauty secrets in the run up to the wedding later on in this blog – funnily enough, Elemis and Philip Kingsley both feature and both have TSVs coming up in the next few days.

It was a really busy time for me just prior to flying off to Mauritius, not just with all the wedding stuff but also my next book, What He Did. Don’t laugh, but I was actually finishing the copy edit at 4pm on Monday 19th and our flight was just after 9pm – talk about down to the wire.

So, after a twelve hour flight, we arrived in Mauritius and it was… raining. In fact it rained all the way from the airport until just before we arrived at the Maritim Resort and Spa, where the sun was out and the skies were blue – phew. Our whole wedding party was impressed with the hotel and the location. On the first night we tried out the buffet restaurant, and in particular blue macarons – I think they used a lot of food colouring, which we all found very amusing.

After a lovely day on the beach, the second evening was made extra special for me when Sophie got up to sing with the band, with her dad playing the drums. She sang her ‘party piece’, Valerie, first and then she got up again and sang ‘Still the One’ by Shania Twain. Unknown to me, Chris had asked her to learn it to sing at the wedding, unaccompanied, but the band knew the song – needless to say I was a blubbering wreck by the end of it, which continued as Chris stepped out from behind the drums to sing, ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.’ The band were so generous allowing the Maxwell family takeover!

It wasn’t wall to wall sunshine, in fact there were a few days when it was warmer here in the UK than it was in Mauritius but honestly I have no complaints, even the day the heavens opened and we all rushed to take cover in the bar with a hot drink to warm us up as we played the card game, Chase the Ace. My hot drink of choice was Russian coffee – like Irish coffee but with vodka instead of whisky.

We were hoping the weather would stay dry on our wedding day and thankfully it did. After spending the morning on the beach (vaguely surreal), me with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on my hair, we all met up for lunch in the beach restaurant where I opened all our lovely cards – thank you so much if you sent one, all those that arrived before we left travelled with us. There was also a special card from my mum who wasn’t able to be with us. We were getting married on what would have been Mum and Dad’s platinum wedding anniversary and she had organised for Sophie to bring a bottle of Moet & Chandon to Mauritius as that was the champagne they had toasted their marriage with seventy years previously – no mean feat when you consider they were married in 1949 and everything was in such short supply after the war. It was a wonderfully kind and thoughtful thing to do and had me blubbing all over again… honestly, I was an emotional wreck by the time I eventually said, ‘I do’.

The wedding was at 4.15 and once again I had a lump in my throat as our son, Daniel, took the place of my dad to walk me down the ‘aisle’ and give me away, to the sound of ‘A Thousand Miles’.

Just as an aside, the four songs from our playlist for the actual ceremony were only decided upon at 4.05pm – thanks to Sophie’s boyfriend, Reece for doing the honours with his mobile phone. Daniel was also our best man and Sophie was our bridesmaid – this made the day so special for Chris and I.

There were so many lovely little touches, like Dan carrying the rings to us on a flower, but I won’t go into any more detail for fear of boring you. What I can say is that although it wouldn’t be the right thing for everyone, this was exactly what Chris and I wanted – an intimate ceremony in a gorgeous location with family and friends. I’ll share more pictures of the whole group next week and also tell you more about the evening celebrations, the rest of the holiday at the Maritim and the move to a different hotel for our honeymoon.

What I did promise is a list of the products I used in the countdown to the wedding.

Sun care was paramount, and I used my usual Ultrasun Tan Accelerator 30 for the face and body. Chris actually used the same on his face but opted for the Ultrasun Sport 30 for his body – neither of us burnt at all and we both came home phenomenally tanned. As I mentioned, I had Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my hair for the whole of my wedding morning but I had also used it a couple of times prior to the event and on our honeymoon too. Sophie did my curls on the day – I think she did an amazing job seeing as we hadn’t had a practice run at all. My hair slide was Butler & Wilson and I also wore a B&W Panja bracelet as my something ‘borrowed’. Blue was the sapphire the lovely Alison O’Reilly had generously set inside my beautiful wedding band, old was the feather necklace my friends who were at the wedding, Nat and Teresa, had bought me for my 60th birthday and new was a pair of silver feather earrings my mum treated me to.

Anyway, back to beauty… if you haven’t tried Philip Kingsley, we have a TSV coming up on Tuesday, with the gorgeous Rose and Lychee fragrance. And Rose also features in the Elemis TSV, this coming Sunday, which is already on pre-order.

The rose facial oil is new, but the rest of the collection are favourites, with the emphasis very much on hydration; Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich, Oxygenating Night Cream and Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment. I am so looking forward to seeing Keeley on Sunday at 11am. In Mauritius I was using my Elemis Pro-Definition Facial Oil and Overnight Matrix to help my skin recover overnight, along with a pre-evening meal treat of Decleor Aromessence Solaire topped with L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream. I also was lucky enough to have a few foot massages with L’Occitane Foot Cream, courtesy of the groom, and a couple of back massages with Decleor Svelte Oil – my back needed to look good in my dress.

On my fingernails, I wore OPI Bubble Bath Nail Envy and on my toenails I had the Nails Inc bluey/gold colour from the recent TSV because Chris said he liked it!

My husband and I returned from Mauritius last Saturday and I must admit it has been difficult to settle in to any kind of routine after so long away. How nice then to have the prospect of the Butler and Wilson 50th Anniversary party to look forward to on Tuesday evening.

Because we are limited to the number of photos we can have in our blogs I can only post this one of Simon and myself from the sparkliest party I have ever attended but do check out some of the other presenter blogs as I’m sure they will have posted more. Debs, Jill, Ali K, Ali Young, Will, Dale and Clare were all there on the night along with lots of our fab QVC guests and models. I was very honoured to be featured in the video running all night in the QVC section of the fifty years of Butler & Wilson – if I can get hold of a copy I’ll try and put it on next week’s blog. Simon also kindly called Chris and I forward during his speech to congratulate us on our marriage. Just as another aside, I wore the ‘bride to be’ veil Simon made me wear in our show on the 18th, on the night before our wedding in Mauritius, so he was there in spirit.

Well, I’d better finish there as I need to head into QVC for Fashion Day, including my first Fashion on Friday double-header for a while. My dressing room won’t look like this picture today, but how thoughtful of Katy Pullinger, my dressing room roomie, to decorate with bunting and balloons, not to mention the bubbly!

Hopefully I haven’t gone on about the wedding too much, but if you’ve had enough of it maybe skip next week’s blog with the second instalment.

Much love,

Julia (aka Mrs Maxwell) xx

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    1. I wasn’t around to see this untill now. Reason for viewing today? I’m watching Molton Brown on QVC as been in bed with flu…. don’t usually switch on this time.
      Of course I saw Sophie and knew immediately who her mum was!! She is your double.
      I then looked her up to check and read your blogs you are a wonderful example great inspiration.
      Also to read about your wedding Julia you look really well and absolutely stunning. Will look out for you again. Congratulations to you both. X
      Jill Freeman.

  1. What a lovely blog Julia. I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to it. What a beautiful wedding and, as expected, you looked beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It must have been a very emotional day for you all but one to truly remember. That is one beautiful photo of the four of you, gorgeous. Must admit to a tear or two on reading that your lovely mum couldn’t be there and her special, meaningful gift to you all (the Champs). You post as much as you like about your wedding, I won’t get fed up reading about it that’s for sure. That goes for photos too.

    Simon’s party sounded like a real good do, I’m very keen on him. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye, I can sense that, but I find him very interesting especially with that twinkle in his eye. He’s very fond of you, that comes across very clear. Nice man whose biography, if there is one, I would like to read.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment. I’m so, so happy for you both, things could have been so different. Wishing you both many, many, many more years together and thank you for sharing your special day 😘😘

    Gail xxx

    1. Hi Gail
      Apologies for the delay in responding but I’ve been somewhat snowed under since we got back from honeymoon.
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed hearing all about our wedding and liked the photos.
      You are spot on in your assessment of Simon Wilson – he is so much more than just a Qvc guest to me.
      Hope you liked ‘part 2’ of the wedding blog too
      Julia x

  2. So lovely to hear all about your wedding julia you are one of my favourite presenters and I always read your blogs .What a wonderful day you all enjoyed and such a lovely family too can not wait to here more from you next week.Love

    1. Hi Pauline
      Thanks for your kind comments and glad you enjoyed reading about our wedding – hope you enjoyed part two as well
      Julia x

  3. Congratulations to you both ur wedding photos were beautiful and you have a lovely family to be so proud of loved the family photo x

    1. Hi Jacqueline
      Anyone who knows me knows I am hugely proud of my family – we are very close. Intending to put the photo of the four of us on the wall in the family room
      Julia x

  4. Congratulations Julia and can I say that the wedding pictures are so lovely, you both look very happy. I wish you and Chris all happiness and a very happy healthy life together.

    1. Thank you Jilly – I can truly say it was one of the happiest days of my life. And thanks for your kind compliments
      Julia x

  5. Really loved looking at your wedding pictures. Your dress was beautiful. You all looked gorgeous! Looking forward to next weeks installment! X😏

  6. Julia,
    Welcome back your Wedding pic’s are Stunning I would like you say you all looked Amazing, your dress is out of this work and so is your ring, welcome back Mrs Maxwell !!!
    you look amazing with your tan doing your Friday show.
    Much Love to you All xxx

  7. Julia you and your family look wonderful and I hope you had a wonderful time, it certainly sounds as if you did!
    Congratulations on your marriage! Or as they say in Wales – Llangyfarchiadau!


  8. You certainly are not boring me Julia ,I need to see more photo’s. What a wonderful wedding and you look gorgeous and very happy. I wish you and your husband many more years of happiness.

    With love,

  9. Oh wow what a beautiful bride you all looked so nice.your one of my favourite presenters. And now one of the prettiest brides I’ve seen well done to you all. Well worth all the years it’s taken you lol.cheers to you all. Have a blessed wonderful future together x

  10. Hi Julia you look beautiful on your wedding day with Chris your now husband and with your children Dan and Sophie a lovely day with special people to marked and celebrate your amazing wedding congratulations to you both best wishes Lyn and Pip the cat 🐱 xxxxx

  11. So lovely reading this Mrs M… Having watching QVC on and off for 20 years.. With my mum who had dementia to begin with and it helped calm her… You seem like an old friend… 😊

  12. Hi Julia, Great blog. Lovely pics. I loved your dress, it really suited you, i especially loved the detailing on the back. Your hair with the clip looked really lovely. What a lovely touch to have your Daniel walk you down the aisle, you must have felt so proud to have your son do the honours. Chris looked great in his shirt, very fitting for a lovely beach setting and of course Sophie looked fab too. Congratulations to you both Mr and Mrs Maxwell xx

  13. What lovely pics! Julia, you looked absolutely gorgeous. So glad everything went exactly as you wanted – such special memories to hold forever. Congratulations to you both xxx

  14. Hello My Beautiful friend with a beautiful family!! You told me, years back now when I was in Naples Florida, you and Chris would do it one day and you did! So lovely! Will look forward to next weeks pictures!!
    As always still enjoy watching QVC when I have five minutes off here at the farm. Just ordered the Pilates Pro Chair to add to my five chorded reformer per your recommendations to replace my very old one before my big trip back to the UK awhile ago now. Think I will enjoy the Pro Chair in our Family room.
    Thank you for all you do for too many! LUV A U TO BITS!! Ginny USA In North Wales

  15. Many congratulations Julie to you and your husband. Everything looked lovely, beautiful memories to treasure. Wishing you good health and happiness ahead.

  16. Hi Julia, have been waiting to read your new blog and see your wedding pictures. So pleased you all had the most perfect and memorable day! You looked truly stunning
    and Chris most handsome! It must be very hard for you both to come back down to
    earth again after such a wonderful time!
    Good to see you back at QVC again.
    Many congratulations to you both.
    Much love, Lorraine Gray. XX

  17. Ahh Mrs Maxwell, that was my maiden name!!! Lovely photos and sounds like you had a perfect day, can’t ask for more than that 💕

  18. Hi Julia What a lovely wedding and photos like you said it’s hard to get back to normality very precious memories though not much else to say just perfect congratulations to you both xx🎉🍸

  19. I have loved reading about the fabulous time you and your family have had, and the fact you married a little later in life, I am 55 and would like to marry my partner, but felt a bit silly, thinking I am too old to be a bride. You look truly amazing in your photo’s. You and Paul , were the first presenters I tuned into on QVC all those years ago, and still watch regularly now. I wish a continued happy life together. Love Dee x

  20. Congratulations on your wedding looks lovely (not before time you married this lovely lady)hope you have a long and happy wedding so happy for yous both morag

  21. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Maxwell!
    You look beautiful in your lovely dress and what a stunning location.
    Wishing you many more years of health and happiness together, as husband and wife.
    Lynne x

  22. I can’t wait to see and hear more, I never knew you weren’t married until during one jewellery show you said you had never been a wife. I used to like the rings you wore on your left hand, am dying to see the new ones on together, Congratulations to you both you all looked so very happy long may it con tin.

    Love Maggie

  23. You look absolutely beautiful Julia,and it’s lovely to read all about your wedding and I look forward to the next instalment. Congratulations to you both. You all look wonderful. Best wishes Karen x

  24. Hello julia, gone on too much about your wedding!? Not at all – l want to hear all the details. You looked beautiful, as did the Wedding Party. I wish you both a long and happy marriage, and l personally can’t wait for your next instalment. Oh, incidentally l think the clearly close bond you have with Simon Wilson is a delight to see, l am so glad you attended the 50th Anniversary party, boy that must have been some party, sparkly, and decadent!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  25. Hi Julia, many many congratulations to you and Chris on your wedding and may you both have many SPECIAL years together. the photos look amazing and you had beautiful and emotional music to celebrate with. I have been Roberts for 43 years as its my married name. Will you use your new name now.? I hope your health stays good for you, lots of love to you both. Penny xx

  26. Congratulations to the Happy Couple. Absolutely love hearing all about the wedding. Looks an amazing setting and you all look so happy & very relaxed. I’ve been watching QVC since the beginning & Feel like your family. Always tune in to watch Fashion on Friday & read your latest blog. So yes pleas plenty more wedding news is ok with me. Take care. Love Julie. (Timetable lady. Manage to get the TV guide now so can record your hours.) love your rings too. 💍Cheers 🍾🎩💍👰🏻

  27. Congratulations to you both, you looked beautiful Julia, what a lovely place to get married with your lovely close family beside you. Best wishes to you both for the future.

  28. Julia you looked so beautifull . congratulations to both of you on your marriage how lovely you all looked .welcome home to a new being . mr &mrs Maxwell .

  29. Many congratulations to you and Chris, Julia! An idyllic and beautiful, happy experience to treasure. You look utterly lovely in your gorgeous dress, too. Best wishes, Sunita

  30. What a perfect wedding! Surrounded by the people you love. The setting was beautiful, the dress was beautiful, and you looked stunning. I have been looking forward to seeing your wedding photos and they did not disappoint. You are my favourite presenter, and I am so pleased the wedding went so well, you deserved it.

  31. Beautiful photos and a really lovely blog to read. I so enjoyed reading it, and i am looking forward to your next instalment. Congratulations xxxxxxxx

  32. You looked gorgeous Julia. Many congratulations to you and your family. I have watched you since your first day on qvc . Best wishes Carole x

  33. What a wonderful blog Julia it was lovely reading all about your gorgeous wedding. Many many congratulations – looking forward to reading more next week. Marilyn x

  34. congratulations Mrs Maxwell to you and your lovely husband and family you looked beautiful this is only the second time I’ve commented on a presenters blog x

  35. Aww congratulations on your wedding reading your blog was bringing tears to my eyes ,so happy for you both what a lovely special place for a wedding . To have your son and daughter helping just makes it all the more special . Enjoy your married life xxxx

  36. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Maxwell. I really enjoyed reading about your wedding and seeing the pic tures. You looked stunning, Julia. So pleased it all went well and everyone had a brilliant time. X

  37. How wonderful to hear everything and so kind of you to share your private and personal moments with us. Almost felt as if we were there. Looks such a gloriously happy day and you haven’t stopped smiling. Can’t wait for next week. Xx

  38. You haven’t gone on at all. As a fellow “together for decades, never married ” I’ve been very touched watching your nerves come and go over the last few weeks (I know you’re a fab tv pro, but we KNOW you!). So glad it all went so well, and lovely that B&W items were included in your outfit, given that you two are such good friends. Overall, you’re not boring us at all…next instalment, please!

  39. Congratulations, and SO NICE to hear all your wedding news. Don’t worry for a moment that you are boring us at all with the wonderful stories and memories. You give us all such pleasure with your presenting on QVC, and it is so nice to hear of your ‘other life’!
    Best wishes to both of you for a very happy rest of your lives together.
    From a grateful customer of QVC

  40. Have checked more than once to see if you had posted anything since your wedding day and I loved seeing your photos and reading your blog. I wish you every happiness for the future. Lots of love Tina Dunning. X

  41. wow! you looked absolutely amazing.
    Congratulations to you both, you have a beautiful family,
    love health and happiness to you both. XXXX

  42. Huge congratulations Mr and Mrs Maxwell, you all looked amazing and it sounds like it was a moment well worth waiting for! Having worked, (in Liverpool) and shopped with QVC for many years, I feel as if a friend has just got married. I wish you all a long, healthy and happy future together.

  43. Aww hiya Mrs Maxwell.
    Congratulations on your marriage to Chris, you were a beautiful bride Julia, loved your dress it was gorgeous.
    So glad the weather was nice for you all. Not bored at all, we were all looking forward to all that happened on your wedding day. Wishing you both health & happiness always.
    Much love
    Elizabeth ❤️

  44. Lovely to hear about the wedding, very special touches, keep the photos coming, congratulations, always look forward to your blog.

  45. Congratulations Julia. You looked gorgeous. Happiness to you both always and many more special memories. Looking forward to reading your new book which I pre ordered.

  46. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Maxwell. I can see why you felt very emotional you even reduced me to tears. Your photos and story are lovely and I look forward to the second episode

  47. Lovely blog Julia, you all looked a lovely happy family. People will tell you being married doesn’t make any difference, but it does; its almost like there is a sigh of happiness from the spiritual world – you will I am sure know what I mean, even though I don’t express it very well.
    With very best wishes. Cindy x

  48. I would just like to say how beautiful you looked Julie got me blubbing 😪.
    Also your husband and family. You all looked so happy.
    I would like to wish Chris and yourself a very long and happy marriage

  49. Wow not known for commenting on all things QVC UK, but from what I see you have scored more than a hat trick, you lucky lucky lady.
    I love weddings, but always sceptical about finding someone when older, but your pictures show otherwise x
    Gorgeous tall new hubby, great dress brilliant choice, but you did make me laugh when only weeks before remained as cool as a cucumber, having still not found exactly the one you wanted.
    Have family who married a Mauritian so even though I was unable to go to their wedding ten years ago, know it is a beautiful place.
    Kind regards and wishes.

    Be Wilson, Leeds

  50. Such a joy to see a love that has lasted so many years, and the look between you says it all.
    Enjoy this wonderful time, and wishing you so many more.
    Looking forward to next week’s wedding updates on your blog.


  51. I am a big fan of qvc so much so my friends call me the qvc queen. Your dress looks beautiful
    and you and your hubby look so happy

  52. Hi Julia it sounds just perfect your dress is gorgeous loving the back detail Loved reading all about it , it all sounds amazing can’t wait to see more photos ❤️❤️

  53. Hi Julia like to watch you on QVC and you looked gorgeous as did your son and daughter …not forgetting your Hubby what a lovely couple and family yous make ….All the best ..

  54. Wish you all the happiness in the world you deserve it met you many years ago at your book opening at Simons shop sadly hubby died but we had 58 years together so not too bad,you make a beautiful couple xxxx

  55. Many congratulations to you both on your special day. You looked so happy and beautiful.

    Wishing you every happiness. Jane xx

  56. Best wishes to you both. You looked amazing Julia. I have been a QVC customer since the start and have followed your journey since keep up the good work. Xx

  57. Julia it’s been lovely reading about your special Day , everyone looked amazing and I can’t wait for episode 2 Tons of Love to You Both xx

  58. What a wonderful way to get married intimate ,meaning full ,family participation and love flowing freely amongst you all.A beautiful day and magical memories make for true happiness .Congratulations to you both xxx

  59. Julia thank you for sharing the details of your wedding day, and the photo of the four of you is absolutely stunning. Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Maxwell

  60. Oh Julia thank You for sharing your special day with us, you looked absolutely stunning, looking forward to the next blog ❤ Congratulations to you both, I wish you both health, wealth and happiness ❤

  61. I really really enjoyed reading this Julia. You looked amazing, the day seemed perfect in every way. Many congratulations to you both. Xx

  62. What a fantastic blog, so glad that you both had an amazing time. Sounds very romantic. Have I told you lately that I love you is one of my face ever songs and I dedicate it to God, my hubby and daughter all the time. Thanks for sharing your special day with us, the photos are fab x

  63. Thank you so mu ch for sharing, I would have loved a more intimate wedding, you look absolutely stunning as always and so brown. I need to get some of the tan accelerator.

  64. Hi Julia, Congratulations. 🎊🥂🍾
    Wow it sounds as if the Wedding went well, what a beautiful place to get married. Beautiful photographs. You look stunning in your Wedding Dress and Sophie looks lovely as well.
    A shame your Mum could not be there, but I’m sure she will love all your photograps of the Wedding.
    Look forward to seeing some more photo’s.
    Love Jean xx

  65. Congratulations on your wedding, you were a stunning bride. You have not gone on too much about it because having watched you for many many years it was lovely to share the joy of both your family and your special day. Love and best wishes to you both xx

  66. I thought you looked stunningly beautiful Julia and I
    I am delighted for all your family. I could have read about it all day so I am certainly looking forward to next weeks. Big congratulations. Jo Parspns

  67. Thank you very much for your wedding blog Julia it’s so nice to get that insight. And appreciated. You looked radiant and your groom dapper. Congratulations and I wish you many many years of happiness together. Needless to say ive been my usual shopping addict and got all of your mentionables whilst you were away 🙂 #guiltypleasures. Lots of love Christina X

  68. Oh Julia, it all looks so beautiful and the very definition of a wedding in paradise. I was only reading the other week how Mauritius is one of the most popular places to get married due to it being so much more affordable than a wedding in the UK and the rest of Europe. I can see why you chose it and it’s admirable that the QVC ethos extends to the presenters’ personal lives. We got married in Seville and as beautiful as it was, had I seen your pics when we were planning it, I’d have been inspired. Maybe we’ll choose Mauritius to renew our vows on a significant anniversary. I’d like to wish you both continued happiness and good health.

  69. Congratulations to you both. It all looks very lovely and I wish you a long and happy life together. My anniversary falls on the same day and we have been married for 35 years .lots of love Jill T x

  70. You look beautiful happy and relaxed. I went with my 85 year old mum to my brothers wedding in Mauritius two years ago and your pics brought it all back. Congratulations to you both. From a palace fan xx

  71. Congratulations Julia and Chris. You both look so happy and your photos are beautiful! Thank you Julia for list of products you choice to take away with you. Extremely helpful to know especially when travelling to a hot climate and having naturally curly hair. Best wishes and long lasting happiness for the future.

  72. Hi Julia, many congratulations to you and Chris, you truly were a radiant bride, thank you for sharing your day with us.
    How could you not be full of joy and want to talk about such a happy day? I can’t wait for the next instalment!
    Lots of love 💕

  73. Oh Julia, you look absolutely beautiful. Your Wedding sounds absolutely magical. Can’t wait to hear more next week and see more pictures. It is lovely to have you back and can’t wait for your next book. XX

  74. Congratulations. Thx for sharing your beautiful day with us. Aw makes me feel so good seeing people happy together
    All the best

  75. Congratulations Julia and Chris.
    Wishing you good health and happiness. Your wedding was beautiful. You looked beautiful Julia and your husband very handsome. Your son and daughter are gorgeous too.

    Love you presenting Julia and I must be one of your best customers.

    All the best, Maria.

  76. Congratulations Mrs Maxwell what a beautiful bride you were. Chris look very smart to. It was lovely that Sophie and Dan were able to be there with you. Really loved your blog and hearing all about your special day looking forward to part two next week. It’s lovely having you back at Q as you were missed. Take care and congrats again xxx

  77. Congratulations 🎉🍾. Gorgeous wedding you all looked beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more pics and more about it next week.

  78. Congratulations to you both . You looked stunning Julia and lovely that your immediate family took part in the ceremony

  79. Congratulations Julia. You looked stunning. How did you cope with all the sad stray dogs on the island? Thought one might have been walking down the aisle with you!

  80. Congratulations to you both .You looked absolutely stunning .Your dress is beautiful .The pair of you radiate happiness .All the best for the future xxxx

  81. Hope you had alovely wedding julia with family lovely photos hope you had agood ay iam now on a2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing but being lazy fro m my work at mcdonalds in aberdeen next year 2020 25 years next september alife time but i enjoy what i do.

  82. Congratulations Julia + Chris

    Lovely to see you both looking so happy. Thank you for sharing your special day.

    With love, Joanna B

  83. Congratulations Julia and Chris – Mr & Mrs Maxwell !

    You both looked amazing and did your beautiful children.

    Loved reading all about it and looking forward to the next installment.

  84. Hi Julia
    I have been a customer of QVC for more years than I can remember.
    and My friends and I all missed you on QVC Just want to say the Blog was great and I look forward to the next one. Congratulations to you Julia and Chris.

  85. Congratulations Julia, you looked beautiful on your wedding day. All the best to you and Chris and thankyou for sharing your special day. xx

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