One of my recent visitors…

It feels like absolutely ages since I’ve been in at QVC, but it’s actually only five weeks ago that we were celebrating QVC’s 28th birthday. Can I just say a huge thank you to all of you who left comments on my previous blog – I’ve read them all and have replied to some already and will get around to all of them eventually. My apologies for my tardiness, but it has been quite a month for me!

This time four weeks ago, I was in hospital recovering from surgery to remove a tumour on my pituitary gland, which, for those of you who don’t know, is located inside your brain. The tumour was discovered purely by accident and was as a result of having a brain scan during the investigations into the ongoing vision issues I have been experiencing since my cataract surgery in May. I’m not going to lie, I was very anxious at the thought of having surgery inside my brain but modern techniques are far less invasive than they used to be and I was in very good hands.

To cut a long story short, the operation was in large part successful. The tumour had been compressing the optic nerve causing the sight issue and that has now been resolved giving me very good vision in the eye in which I had the cataract surgery. Obviously, this was a huge relief as was the confirmation that the tumour was non-cancerous. I feel very fortunate that it was discovered, albeit by chance, before any long-term damage was caused to my sight or anything else for that matter.

As many of you who read my blogs regularly know, I’m always rushing around doing things, but I have been forced to do very little over the past four weeks. No housework, no gardening, in fact, no strenuous physical activities at all. I have been allowed to go for short walks and last week I tried some very gentle Pilates moves on my AeroPilates machine which felt amazing I must say. Even so, I have been bored so it has been a lovely distraction to have some furry friends come to visit.

First up it was Milo, my daughter’s ginger cat. She was going to the wedding of an old school friend in Gloucestershire and Chris volunteered to have Milo stay for a couple of nights while they were away. Even though I was only just home from hospital, it was lovely to have something to take my mind off things. As you can see from the photo, he was clearly missing his mummy… not!

Then the following weekend, we had Quin, my son’s Dachshund/Jack Russell cross visit for the day while he and his girlfriend went to watch an NFL game in London. It had been a long-standing arrangement which I didn’t want to break and anyway it gave me a reason to go for a walk. Chris was on pooper-scooper duty though as I haven’t been allowed to bend forwards.

Our final visitor was Wilfie who came for just over a week. It was lovely to have him sitting on me and feel his purrs vibrating through me while I stroked him. For him it was like a home from home stretching out in the sunshine in all his familiar places.

In this picture, you can just see one of my latest purchases, my monkey table, which I adore. Chris keeps asking me when I’m going back to work as, with precious little else to do, I have been filling my time watching TV and shopping online!!! It’s a shame I haven’t felt well enough to write as I would have had half a novel done by now!

Talking of watching TV and shopping, I’ve flicked on to QVC a few times to see what I’ve been missing… I may have bought a few things too and I may be buying a few more over the coming weeks!

This Sunday is Beauty Day always a good day to shop for Christmas gifts. As well as the fab TSV from Bareminerals, which is already available to pre-order on the website, there are whole hours of Molton Brown, Nails Inc, SBC and L’Occitane with loads more of your fave beauty brands featured in mixed hours throughout the day.

Then on Tuesday, it is A Taste of Christmas – fabulous food ideas for the big day in December as well as gift ideas. The TSV that day is from Hotel Chocolat and as you can see from this photo is a chocolate lover’s idea of heaven. The chocolates come in packets which you can pop into the gift boxes and gift bags as you see fit – there are two gift boxes and two gift bags. A perfect opportunity to tick off four gifts and keep some of your favourites for yourself… did someone mention ‘Salted Espresso Martini’? I think I deserve a treat, don’t you?

Then next weekend it is the Elemis Christmas TSV. I’m so sad to be missing it, but I have to listen to my body. At least I have received a sample to try out in the Lime and Ginger option. I used to love the lime and ginger salt scrub so I’m looking forward to trying the shower cream and velvet body butter in this fragrance along with the hand cream. The eight-piece collection also includes two cleansers (the balm and the marine wash), Apricot Toner, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, all presented in a beautiful velvety bag. There are two other fragrances available too so watch out early next week when it will be available to order early on our website.

When I’m not watching TV and/or shopping, I’ve really been enjoying watching the birds on the feeders in our garden. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I can’t rate the Grumpy Gardener deluxe fatballs highly enough! My birds absolutely love them, and we have such a variety visiting us now. Along with the blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, starlings, robins, magpies, thrushes and wood pigeons, we also have nuthatches and this rather striking black and white bird which I’ve now discovered is a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I need to have a word with Joe, he’s costing me a small fortune!!!

I do love my garden though and we have been blessed with some lovely sunny days this autumn. Mind you, it did catch us out a bit on Monday. I had to go into London for my 60th (yes, I did say 60th) medical appointment this year. It was such a lovely day that we put the washing out on the line before we left… all I’m saying is that it might have been a mistake!

So it will be another couple of weeks or so before I’m back on QVC but I do hope to do a Permission to Pry either next week or the week after so do check out my Instagram @juliagroberts if you like to find out more about our QVC guests (and occasionally presenters).

Much love

Julia xx

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  1. Julia, so pleased to see you are progressing well and doing JUST what the doctor ordered. Having animals around is so therapeutic. I love being around my eldest sons dog and two rescue cats. I have to say what a beautiful picture of the Great Spotted Woodpecker. Someone is a talented photographer? Look forward to seeing you back on QVC soon.

    1. Hi Maureen,
      I agree, having animals around is therapeutic & even better when you hand them back for someone else to look after… I am of course joking! I’m not the talented photographer 😜 Hoping to be back in a couple of weeks
      Julia x

  2. Julia it is soo nice to read your blog. I am sorry to hear you have been poorly I really have missed you. I always ❤ love Fashion on Friday either your pick I am glad all went well. You take care and don’t over stress your body. Look forward to your return on QVC. Also I look your books I think I have them all now. God bless and stay safe

    1. Hi Carol
      Thanks for the lovely comment. I’m not a very good patient because I usually get bored when I’m not busy, but this time around I’ve had to listen to my body! I haven’t even felt like writing which is most unusual for me which means there may be a bit of a wait for my next book… sorry, but glad you enjoy them.
      Julia x

  3. Sorry to hear you have been poorly and glad you are on the road to recovery.
    Hope to see you back soon, but not before your body tells you to.
    This is the first time I have ever left a comment, but I would also say can you remember when QVC sent Christmas cards out from the presenters (many years ago). My first one was from you, I think I still have it somewhere. Oh happy memories.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Susan
      Thanks very much for leaving me your first ever comment – I can’t tell you how much the kindness from QVC viewers has helped me through this difficult time. A bit of a road ahead, but hoping to be back next week if my appointments this coming week go well.
      I used to love sending (and receiving) Christmas cards – I suppose things have ‘moved on’.
      Julia x

  4. So good to hear from you, Julia – I do miss you on QVC. You’ve had such a tough time this year – I hope this is the end of it and full recovery will be moving closer. Rest and take it easy while you have the time – take care of yourself and hope to see you back on our screens before too long. Lots of love xxx

    1. Hi Cherry
      I’m not going to lie, it has been a couple times of tough years health wise & more lies ahead, but many have had it tougher so I just have to keep ploughing on.
      Hoping to be back on QVC next week if my appointments go well this week.
      Julia x

  5. You are in my thoughts Julia. I wish you a speedy recovery. Fab shot of the bird! 60 appointments! Crikey! You definitely deserve some retail therapy and lots of treats xxx

    1. Hi Jo

      Up to 66 appointments now but it does feel like we got to the bottom of the eye issue at least. I may have been indulging in too much retail therapy – him indoors is very ‘keen’ for me to go back to work 😉
      Julia x

  6. Hi Julia I’ve been wondering where you were and missing your smiley face and professionalism. Sorry to hear you have been through the mill with your health, but as you always have a very positive outlook I know you will be over this latest worrying time and be over it all and back at work as soon as you can. Be kind to yourself Julia . Sending you my love and best wishes Jill T xx

    1. Hi Jill

      What lovely things to say – it’s nice to be missed! Fingers crossed, if this week’s appointments go well I should be back on QVC next week 🤞 I have been taking it very easy and actually enjoying doing nothing if I’m honest.
      Julia x

  7. Hello Julie. Thank you for your latest update. We miss you on QVC! So glad that the surgery was successful (I would have been super anxious about brain surgery too!) and your recovery is going well. X
    PS what a beautiful photo of Wilfie on your yellow sofa!!

    1. Hi Sandie

      Thanks for reassuring me that a wasn’t being a ‘softie’ 😉 Things are progressing & hoping to be back next week – it’s nice to be missed.
      I think Wilfie’s jet black coat created a great contrast to the yellow velvet – he’s always beautiful in my eyes though
      Julia x

  8. shocked to hear about your recent op but glad you are slowly on the mend. Take small steps in your recovery. You have certainly been through it. Love reading your blogs and insta posts. Look forward seeing you back on QVC. Take care . Tracy xxx😘

    1. Hi Tracy

      It hasn’t been the best couple of years health-wise if I’m honest, but I keep trying to do the best things to aid my recovery- rest has been essential this time! I’m so pleased you enjoy my blogs & my ramblings on Instagram – it has helped me feel connected for sure. Hope to be back next week
      Julia x

  9. Hi Julia,
    Well at least you discovered why your eye operation wasn’t as it should have been. Maybe a blessing in disguise! Now all you have to do is follow doctors orders and relax, albeit it may be boring now and again! Sounds as if your other half is taking very good care of you.
    Can I be cheeky or downright rude and ask you about the multicoloured chair in one of your photos, and ask the maker. From what I have seen it’s “absolutely fabulous” to quote Patsy! I would like to replace one of my soafas, and it looks great.
    I hope you’re back at work shortly.
    Get well soon
    Christine xx

    1. Hi Christine

      It definitely was a blessing in disguise – the tumour was already pressing on the optic nerve & other things so could have caused permanent damage if it hadn’t been spotted – very lucky girl! I have been very good at following doctor’s orders.
      Re the multi-coloured chair – I bought it online in June – I think maybe I just put patchwork chair into Google & it was one of the options – not expensive either xx
      Julia x

  10. Hi Julia.
    I am glad everything is going well for you and I do hope that you will soon be back to good health. We have shopped with QVC since 1996 and you have always been our favourite presenter. Just take it easy and stay safe. xx

    1. Hi Ian
      Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Fantastic that you have been shopping with us for 25 years – thank you. I’ve got the green light from my consultant to return to work albeit slowly at first. I’m back on the 26th November

  11. Oh my goodness hope you are getting better! You have been missed. Hope prognosis is good. It’s amazing what they can do these days isn’t it?

    1. Hi Anne
      I’m certainly a lot better than I was & returning to QVC this week (26th). It truly is amazing what can be done far less invasively these days.
      Julia x

  12. As I’ve already commented Julia, you’re an inspiration to anyone facing illness. Take good care of yourself xx

    1. Hi Linda
      Thanks for your kind words- I think we all just have to face up to these things when they crop up – I have a moment and then just get on with it. I’m back on Friday – taking things gradually
      Julia x

  13. Dear Julia,
    I hope you get better and feel better really soon. I’m som glad that they found the tumour and it is now out! It must have been quite frightening. I’m having my 6th op for cancer in 2 weeks time but it will only be my 7th appointment this year so we just get on with it!
    Wishing you lots of love and hope you get well enough to enjoy Christmas.

    1. Dear Alison
      I’m so sorry for the delay in replying. I hope your surgery went okay and that you are recovering well.
      Yes, it was fortunate they discovered the tumour – it was more about permanent damage it could have caused rather than being imminently life-threatening, but a huge relief to have it removed with minimal invasion.
      I hope you will be feeling well enough to enjoy Christmas
      Julia x

  14. Hi Julia so sorry to you have been poorly glad to see your feeling a bit better ,its scary isn’t it when they mention the word tumour ,hope to see you on QVC soon sending positive thoughts and love xx

    1. Hi Susan
      Yes, I think we all imagine the worst when they use the word tumour – such a relief to have it confirmed as benign. I’m back on QVC this Friday (26th). I’m looking forward to a bit of ‘normality’ to be honest
      Julia x

  15. Hello Julia
    Well you have had an horrendous time, but all is well and you have a lot to be thankful for, Friday on Fashion is not the same without you, it’s not that the other presenters are bad, I know everybody is amazing, But 5 pm Friday belongs to you, when you retire it may have to change it’s format, but I am sure that’s a way off yet.
    Your little friends that came to visit are lovely, you can’t beat the love pets bring, I miss my little Gizzi so much and it is now 3 yrs since we said goodbye to each other.
    Anyway Julia take care and think every passing day brings you nearer to QVC I look forward to the day.
    Bye Julia

    1. Hi Sandra
      What a lovely comment and you are so right…. I have a lot to be thankful for not least of which is the specialist who did my cataract surgery & left no stone unturned to get to the bottom of my vision issues when all the other experts assumed it was the type of lens. I’m very grateful to him.
      So, I’m back on QVC this Friday (26th) and my first show is Fashion on Friday 😊
      We are still thinking about getting a kitten – 2022 I think.

  16. am so pleased you are recovering from your little op, and pleased that it wasnt anything sinister, like you i love cats,we got my little Bella just before the pandemic started and i am so glad i did because she as been such a joy for me, a dog , for me anyway, would have been too much, so a cat fit the bill , hope to see you back on QVC soon

    1. Hi Sue
      Having had the two puppies (my son’s and my daughter’s) for odd days at a time and realising how much looking after they need, I think we will stick to cats. Glad to hear Bella is bringing you so much joy. I’m back on QVC this Friday (26th)
      Julia x

  17. Gosh Julia, what a lot you have been through. Hope you are recovering well and taking all the time you need. I am sure your lovely family are looking after you. Missing you on QVC as love your presenting style. I really value your honest delivery and advice. Take care and hope it is not too long before you are back on screen.

    1. Hi Amanda
      My family, particularly Chris have been immense and I’ve had lovely support from friends too.
      Thanks for your kind words about my presentations on QVC – I’m back on Friday (26th) for Fashion on Friday and really looking forward to it.
      Julia x

  18. You are in my thoughts Julia. Wishing you a speedy recovery and some well deserved retail therapy after having to go through all those visits xxx

    1. Hi Jo
      Still a few more medical appointments & hospital visits to come but feeling so much better than I was. I’m still enjoying my ‘retail therapy’ 😉
      Julia x

  19. Dear Julia,
    I have just read your latest blog, to see how you were keeping. I was very surprised to hear you are recovering from Pituitary surgery I was in the same situation 3 years ago, I had a MRI for a neck problem and they found the lump in my Pituitary.I had surgery to remove the growth. The surgery is very complex today as they go into the Brain through the nose to remove the growth. I hope you are keeping well I didn’t drive for some time as you have to have a special eye test to prove that your sight is o.k
    I don’t know anybody else that has had the surgery . So it was a surprise to hear your news.I have watched you on QVC for years

    Take care Julia.
    Best wishes Pauline.

    1. Hi Pauline
      You are the only other person I know of that has had this surgery – I know it is a much less invasive operation than going in through the skull but they are still breaking bones to get inside the brain – the thought of it really freaked me out particularly being so close to the carotid artery. Have you had to have regular brain scans to check on it since your surgery? My first post-op is in January which is when I find out how much of the tumour the neurosurgeon couldn’t safely get – hopefully only a tiny amount 🤞I hope you are well now
      Julia x

      1. Hi Julia
        Thank you for your reply. Just to let you know the tests I have are visits to my Consultants in the Endocrinology
        Dept with blood tests and a Brain MRI scan with contrast. These tests are each year and should stop after 5 years.
        Looking forward to seeing you back on QVC Julia.
        Also I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

        Best wishes


  20. Please get well soon Julia you are missed! Sorry you have had such a poorly time, you are so brave. Keep strong.
    Love Carole x

    1. Hi Carole
      It’s nice to be missed, but the good news is I’m back this Friday (26th) for Fashion on Friday. I’m looking forward to a bit of normality in my life tbh
      Julia x

  21. Hi Julia very nice to hear from you and things progressing its best not to rush however frustrating for you.lovely photos of all your guests who all seen very content and at home. My very best wishes love and hugs to you hope to see you back soon xxxx

    1. Hi Susan
      Thanks for your lovely message. I’ve been given the green light by the neurosurgeon to return to work so I’m back on Friday. Quin is visiting again tomorrow and on Saturday – we must be good puppysitters 😂

    1. Hi Heather
      I think we all get ‘those’ years health wise from time to time, particularly as we get older. Hopefully 2022 might be a bit kinder. I’m back this Friday (26th)
      Julia x

  22. Poor Julia, you have been in the wars but once again you are bouncing back ! Keep doing as you are told and I look forward to seeing you on your return. Enjoy spending lots of money. xx

    1. Hi Edwina
      I’ve been very well-behaved and now have the green light from my neurosurgeon to return to work- I’m feeling ready for my return 😊
      Julia x

  23. Hi Julia, so very sorry to hear about your op, what an awful time for you, I wondered why you had disappeared from QVC! Do hope you recover ASAP & look forward to seeing back on QVC soon.
    Take care xx

    1. Hi June
      Thanks for your kind words. It has been a difficult time, but hopefully over the worst of it now and back on QVC this coming Friday (26th November).
      Julia x

    2. Hello Julia, I was wondering why we hadn’t seen you for a lttle while. You have been very brave and your attitude has helped with your recovery. I am so pleased that your husband has been so good and your children also. It was very hard for you to take it all in but hopefully you are over the worst and you can look forward to life becoming better for you. Take care of yourself and get as much rest as you need. I really enjoy your presenting as you are always truthful about the products and l like that. Stay safe lots of love

  24. Hi Julia, So very sorry to hear your news. Hope you will soon feel better and be back on QVC. You have had a rough few months, take care of yourself and rest up..lots of love Karen x

    1. Hi Karen
      I’m feeling much better than I was and will be back on QVC this Friday (26th). It’s been a rough couple of years health wise tbh, so I’m hoping 2022 will be kinder.
      Julia x

  25. Respect to you Jools. You’ve been through numerous health issues and you deal with them with a strength and determination I’d struggle hard to find. Your concerns have never been reflected in your presenting skills. You always come across as though you don’t have a care in the world!
    I was shocked to read the diagnosis of your brain tumour but relieved to hear that everything is working out well for you now.
    Shame you weren’t well enough to write another novel though- your others have been a great read.
    Take care. Looking forward to seeing you back on QVC again soon.

    1. Hi Virginia
      Thanks so much for your kind words re my presenting skills. QVC is ‘home’ for me and a great escape when things in my world are not quite as they could be. My neurosurgeon has given me the green light to return to work, so I shall be back for Fashion on Friday this week.
      It has been so frustrating to have all this spare time and not be able to write- hopefully that will change soon. So pleased you enjoy my books 😊
      Julia x

  26. Hi Julia, sorry to hear you were unwell. You can now look forward to a restful recuperation, you will be back into your usual hectic routines before you know it. Take care

    1. Hi Karen
      If this health scare has taught me anything it’s probably that I need to slow down a bit! I enjoy being busy, but at 65 maybe I shouldn’t still behave like a 30 year old! Back to QVC this Friday!
      Julia x

  27. Hello Julia
    Sorry to hear you’ve not been so well recently but glad ur through ur surgery and doing well. Miss seeing you on QVC. I always enjoy ur shows and find u really honest and helpful about items. Take care, go carefully, and look forward to seeing u again very soon. Catherine xx😍😍🌈🌈

    1. Hi Catherine
      I’m so pleased you enjoy my shows and thank you for your kind words. It is nice to be missed on QVC but I’m really looking forward to being back this coming Friday (26th) – it’s actually only eight weeks since I was last on screen but feels much longer.
      Julia x

  28. gosh what a year you have had with various ailments hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy christmas you take care and dont be rushing back to work as much as we all enjoy your shows in fact i would stay in the warm with all them gorgeous fur babies and pets can make you feel better in yourself , x

    1. Hi Janice
      It’s more like two years tbh – my ankle operation was in January 2020 before Covid changed all our lives. I have the green light to return to work, although I do still have a few health ‘appointments’ to attend. Fingers crossed for a healthier 2022
      Julia x

  29. Hi Julia
    I just wanted to wish you well – it sounds as if you have been through quite an ordeal, but hopefully you are feeling better now and will continue to do so. Animals have an amazing ability to comfort us when we need it the most and it sounds like your adorable visitors have been doing just that. Take care
    Love Jules x

    1. Hi Jules
      It’s amazing how animals can be such a welcome distraction! We are getting used to puppy sitting but I think it has decided us that a cat (or two) suits our lifestyle better.
      I’m much improved and back to work on Friday.
      Julia x

  30. So glad your doing well Julia I miss c u on qvc ,I expect you’ll be glad to get back to normal.
    I bet you’ve enjoyed having your families pets to stay,I’ve got to lovely kittens Bella and Bob, they spend a lot of time snuggled up on my lap lovely ,take care xx sue

    1. Hi Sue,
      You are spot on, I will be very happy to get back to normal as you put it! I’m returning to QVC this Friday and am looking forward to it. You are lucky that your kittens like cuddles – not all cats do.
      Julia x

  31. Julia, I’m so sorry to know what happened and glad your surgery has helped. You’re very missed on QVC but your health is precious and must slways come first. Beautiful photos on your blog :-).
    Take care, keep resting and keep shopping :-).
    Best wishes,
    Kim X.

    1. Hi Kim
      I’m very lucky that the problem with my sight was discovered before any permanent damage was done. They’ll have keep monitoring with brain scans but all looking very promising so far. It’s nice to be missed, but I’m back this week to join in the festive shopping.
      Julia x

  32. Hi Julia

    So sorry to hear you have been in hospital . At least you now know what was causing your sight issues and you can recuperate at home. Missing you on QVC and permission to pry. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I am sure the pet therapy is helpjng.

    1. Hi Tracey
      It’s a weight off my mind to know that I wasn’t imagining the vision issues tbh. I’m back on QVC this Friday and hoping to restart P2P very soon after that. The pet therapy has definitely helped 😉
      Julia x

  33. Hi Julia, I am so sorry to hear about you health problems that I have just read. I do hope you will make a speedy recovery, and be back to your old self. How amazing was it that they found your
    tumour accidentally, thank goodness. I do hope you are feeling much better now, hope all your family are ok. Looking forward to seeing you after you recover and back to Q. Take care x

    1. Hi Lois
      I’m feeling much better now, thank you and very grateful that the tumour was discovered and that it was that causing me visual problems. My family have been amazing, particularly Chris who has had to put up with me being at home 😉I’m back on QVC on Friday
      Julia x

  34. Hiya Julia,
    So sorry to hear about your health problem and thank goodness it was spotted early for you.
    Take it easy Julia and wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.
    Missed you on QVC.
    Much love

  35. Missing you on QVC Julia and your Permission to Pry on Fridays. Glad to hear your surgery has gone well, which will be a great relief to you. Rest and take it easy. Looking forward to seeing you back on the Q when you are fully recovered.

    Much love


  36. So sorry to hear about your operation and the worries leading up to it. Have been missing you on QVC and wondered where you were.
    Glad you had four legged friends to keep you company.
    I have been a volunteer with Cats Protection for over twenty years, working in the local charity shop, also fostering cats in the past. I appreciate how important these friends can help.
    Am wishing you a speedy recovery, take care.
    Kind regards

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