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Well, technically it’s the next book, as it’s publication day for Why She Died today, but more on that later, plus a little video my husband Chris made featuring Dan’s girlfriend, Katie, as the runner in the woods! Today also marks exactly four months since I had my corrective ankle surgery and as I have been unable to see my surgeon since March, we organised to have a zoom consultation this week to check up on how things are going. He is pleased with the progress I’ve made, working on the exercises my physiotherapist gave me in early April, but I need to move on to the next chapter of my recovery so he has recommended a new physiotherapist who will be able to visit my home wearing all the necessary protective gear. This is a huge relief for me as I had begun to worry that my progress was slower than it should be because of not being able to attend my physio sessions. I’d also been approved for hydrotherapy, but of course this was shelved due to the virus. The good news is that I can now try to leave the ankle brace off when I’m on air… the bad news is I have to wear a knee-length compression stocking instead – I might be sticking to trousers and maxi dresses for a while! I’m also now permitted to walk on my treadmill without the brace, which is a huge step forward, pun intended!

I’ve had a very busy few days at QVC with only Tuesday off this week. Instead of relaxing, we had a clear out of one of the garden storage containers as it was broken and discovered a box of baby clothes, birthday cards and a couple of toys including…. Packet. Some of you may well have heard me mention on air that my daughter, Sophie, had a doll when she was very small who she weirdly named Packet. None of us, Sophie included, have any idea why she called it that, but I kept the doll because of the name and thought you might like to see her.

I’d also forgotten just how creative I was when it came to knitting and crocheting for my two when they were small. These are just a few of the outfits I kept – I wonder if I will be passing them on?

In fact, it has inspired me to write a short story for next Friday’s read on my @JuliaRobertsTV Facebook page (if I can find the time).

Tonight at 8 p.m. is my publication day ‘virtual’ party on there and you’re all invited if you’d like to join in. I’ll be talking about my inspiration for some of the characters in the new book, there’ll be signed books to giveaway, we’ll be chatting shots of the alcoholic variety (all will become clear if you read the book) and there will be a short quiz about Reading, where DCI Rachel Hart is based. It also happens to be where Katie is from, so it was quite appropriate that she should feature as the girl running in this little video.

Talking about quizzing, I’ve had some more lovely feedback on the iQVC quiz I’m hosting on my Facebook page on Monday evenings at 8 p.m. I’m not going to lie, it is quite a lot of work, in fact this was a photo of me that Chris took inputting the questions into the Powerpoint presentation, having just got home from working at QVC. Don’t laugh, but I’ve made step by step notes on how to do it, because I’m such a technophobe. Dan has been instructing me – this week he is going to show me how to do the split picture thingy… I hope!

Monday will also be the start of our June Beauty Month. Debs Flint has the two-hour grand opening show from 10 p.m. until midnight. But we are kind of pre-empting that with the fabulous Liz Earle Today’s Special Value launching on air at 9 p.m. tomorrow and then all day Sunday as long as stocks last. I say that, because it has been on pre-sell online this week and over half the stock has already sold. Our buyers are working hard to try and secure advance orders, but you might want to order early, particularly if you would like to set up the Auto Delivery option.

It is a lovely four-piece collection featuring a supersize of the brand new Cleanse & Polish with Neroli, the new Brightening Eye Cream, my Liz Earle favourite Instant Boost Skin Tonic and your choice of Superskin Moisturiser in either Original or Natural Neroli. Not only that, but it’s on four Easy Pay interest-free instalments so you could have it home to try for £11.49 plus P&P.

When I opened my sample at home to try the new products, I left the room for a few moments and when I got back, look who had squeezed himself into the box it comes in… you’re too big, Wilfie, you don’t fit!

I still haven’t been able to film him playing football, but maybe he will be inspired with the Premier League season set to resume in a couple of weeks’ time. Am I the only one who’s not even sure where their team is in the league?

This week I haven’t had time for any baking but I hope those of you who tried my scone recipe and coconut tartlets recipe enjoyed them. Thank goodness I have a good supply of Lock & Locks to store the baking in so that we’re not tempted to eat them all at once! If you don’t, watch out for the Today’s Special Value this coming Wednesday.

Just before I finish, our charity appeal for the National Emergencies Trust ends this weekend, so if you’ve been meaning to donate but other things keep getting in the way, it needs to be before midnight on Sunday. Remember, QVC will double any donation you make to help those who are experiencing extreme difficulty at this time. It’s easy to do, I did mine this morning, and together we really can make a difference to so many people’s lives… no pressure of course, only if you feel you can.

That’s all from me for this week – apologies, I’m a bit behind with my replies but I’ll try and get back to you this afternoon.

Have a good weekend and stay safe,
Julia xx

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  1. Hi Julia, thank you for your lovely blog. I have just ordered my Liz Earle set. Its the first time I am going to try this. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Love your books and love the garden furniture. Have a great weekend. Antoinette

    1. Hi Antoinette,
      I hope you’re enjoying using your Liz Earle TSV – you did well to get it as it sold out really early. Thanks for your comment about my books – if you ever feel like leaving reviews I’d be most grateful.
      Julia x

  2. How did you find time to knit all those baby clothes .Hope you have a great few days of , not over doing the exercises take care x

    1. Hi Heather,
      I have no idea… I was teaching between 12 and 20 fitness classes a week until a couple of weeks before both of my children were born and returned to work (small acting roles, etc) six weeks after they were born … I like to keep busy 😉 Exercise is going well
      Julia x

  3. Wilfie in his box, so sweet, our dearly departed Jack Russell was also a big fan of something he couldn’t fit into.
    As for making clothes for your daughters doll, my mum did that for me. We were loved but money spent on us was a lot different to the way we rightly or wrongly indulge our kids today. I woke up one morning to find my mum had created outfits (like The Elves and the Shoemaker story) for my cindy type doll, I was beyond delighted, a fond memory that I dearly hold onto today.

    1. Hi Ellen
      Those clothes were for my children not Sophie’s dolls, although I did knit both their teddies jumpers 😂 – something very special about home crafted clothes whether for dolls or people
      Julia x

  4. Hi Julia,
    Wilfie is so funny. One of my cats when I was growing up used to try and get into paper bags if they were left on the floor. Mitzi was a strange cat who would only come on your lap once in a blue moon. She used to love eating crisps and the lametta off the Christmas tree! Perhaps one of the reasons she kept her distance was that I cut her whiskers off!! I was quite young at the time and had a fixation with scissors. I used to cut all my dolls hair and my fringe. I looked like someone had put a basin on my head. It was strange then that I chose nursing as a career and not hairdressing when I left school. Although I do cut hubby’s hair and used the clippers on my own hair out of necessity. I also had a Siamese cat called Sheba.I used to walk her on a lead. She won 1st prize in my Junior school’s pet show. (We also had a rabbit that my father used to take for a walk on a lead but that’s another story.) As you may gather I was brought up in a strange household. LOL.
    The doll looked very similar to one I had as a little girl. She didn’t have any hair to cut thank goodness. Her hands were moveable and used to come off. My favourite doll though was” Teenie Tiny Tears”. You can still find them on certain Web sites.
    Well the weather has been absolutely glorious this past week or so. Let’s hope it continues as apparently the Covid 19 virus does not like warm weather.
    Take care and stay safe, best wishes Tina S. xx

    1. Hi Tina
      I’ve just replied to your comment on my next blog – so sorry I missed this, I was answering the comments at work on Friday afternoon and must have skipped ahead by accident.
      My grandma used to have a dog called Mitzi when I was a little girl – I didn’t trim her whiskers! And funnily enough, my daughter, Sophie used to walk her cat, Milo on a lead.
      Sadly the weather has turned a bit (usually does in the run up to my birthday) but I’m sure the sunshine will be back soon.
      Julia x

  5. Hi Julia,

    Great blog as always. Glad you ankle is well on the mend.

    What beautiful baby clothes you made for your children.

    I wonder is Sophie named her doll Packet because it used to fill its nappy up and I remember people saying “the baby has done a packet”! Just a thought.

    1. Hi Teresa
      Interesting theory on the doll’s name 🤣 so pleased you enjoyed my blog
      Julia x

  6. Its nice to hear that your ankle surgery is progressing nicely Julia, you’re so talented with crafts baby clothes are so nice think you can be excused for being a “tecnophobe” think its just a female thing!!

    1. Hi Anne
      It will be good to get some physiotherapy for my ankle when they are allowed to see patients again, but it is definitely getting stronger with all I am doing.
      I loved making my children clothes, particularly when I created patterns so they really were one-offs.
      Julia x

  7. Hi Julia, I’ve been using the Bero recipe book for the past 47 years, mainly for the scones and the Family fruit cake. I’ve tweaked both recipes too. For the scones I mostly use raisins, sometimes sultanas but never currants. The book was my mother’s so probably from the late 1950’s so maybe not your photo. (21st edition).. I will try them with the addition of the baking powder next time. I can really recommend the Family Cake which I bake in a small loaf tin. Again I use raisins and sultanas – no currants or peel, just an extra ounce of raisins/sultanas and 1 teaspoon of mixed spice or to taste. It’s delicious. This week I tried the rock buns which were very good. Best Wishes and take care.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Even I’m not old enough to be on the Bero book from the late 50s 🤣 I was on the cover of the one that came out in 1966.
      The addition of the baking powder just helps the scones to rise a bit better. Thanks for the tip about the fruit…. I’ll have to try the family cake too.
      Julia x

  8. Hi julia. Just made your coconut tartlets! I added flaked almonds to mine. Family loved them!

    1. Hi Eileen
      So pleased you liked the coconut tartlets – flaked almonds sound like a great addition
      Julia x

  9. such a beautiful talented lady you are, i love QVC the only thing is i order loads of clothes but i cannot help it, i put it down to the coronavirus i have to blame someone, i would love to read a book the only problem is i cannot remember what i have read i have always been the same, i love it when you and Glenn are presenting the show you both always make me laugh so i hope your ankle gets better soon and i cannot wait till i see you both on QVC, QVC rocka Clare Sutton always makes me smile to so thanks for reading my comments.

    1. Hi Dorothy
      I’m missing working with Glen, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re back together again. No worries about the books, not everyone enjoys reading.
      I have days when I’m really disappointed not to be further along with my ankle, but then I remind myself that these things take time
      Julia x

  10. Hi.
    Wanted to wishing you an early “happy birthday” 🎂.
    I am also sharing 10 June birthday with you but 10 years older,,,
    Normally I would be away with family but coved 19 won’t allow as you know.
    Have been watching qvc from the beginning.
    Bought christmas lights as my first purchase.they also play jingle bells etc.
    Gave them to family last year.they have children who will enjoy them.
    Cheers and have a great day.
    Best wishes.
    Sarah McLaughlin.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes and the same to you for Wednesday 😘
      We’re planning on having a socially distanced small gathering with Sophie & her family in our garden if the weather picks up
      Julia x

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