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Today’s blog may be a little shorter than usual. Technically I have taken a few days of annual leave to get on with some writing as I have my next deadline looming – more on that later – but there’s always time to jot a few words for my blog, particularly as I’m sat in the shade in my garden, a nice environment in which to write.

Last Sunday was of course Father’s Day and I thought you might find the above cards amusing. Our daughter, Sophie, had a card made using some of our wedding photos of her with her dad and also some pictures she took of him with funny apps applied! Dan kept his simple but nonetheless funny. While Chris and I share a lot of the household chores, he is most definitely ‘the taker out of bins’ in our house!

I was on-air at QVC for the two-hour Butler & Wilson show, which I hope you enjoyed, but found time to make this coffee and walnut cake in the morning before I left for work… there wasn’t much left of it by the time I got home to be honest. Sophie had popped in with her card and present and had taken some for her family, and Dan took some for Katie who is back at her own home.

Dan bought his dad these Skechers trainers from QVC – very trendy with the white soles, just like most of the pundits on the football shows!

Two things; well done Liverpool on claiming the Premier League title on Thursday – very well-deserved even if you did put my Eagles to shame on Wednesday night… at least we had a victory over Bournemouth, so the re-start to the football season is not all doom and gloom for us.

And the other thing is that we have a slip-on lacy trainer Today’s Special Value next Wednesday if you’re a Skechers fan. I’m not actually in until next Thursday when I have a Shay & Blue show which will hopefully feature the Today’s Special Value, although maybe not as they have a habit of selling out early.

So, I’ve been promising you photos of the lilies for the past couple of weeks – I’ve gone one better, here’s a little video:

Can you believe the difference between mine and Anna’s lilies – mind you, I guess we were lucky to save any at all and at least they still flower. My tuberose bulbs are also just starting to push through, which I’m relieved about. Mum sent them to me as an extra birthday present, but they were a bit late going in. The variety is called Pearl and she bought them because that is my birthstone, something you will know if you took part in my quiz a couple of weeks ago.

As I mentioned on here last week, Monday’s was the last iQVC quiz (at least for the time being) on my JuliaRobertsTV Facebook page, but I am still doing the live readings on Friday evenings at 8 p.m. Tonight, I will be continuing my Christmas novella, Christmas at Carol’s, and if you want to catch up with the first part of the story, the video from last week is on my page.

I might read tonight’s episode sitting outside on the decking, as we’ve been dining al fresco during this hot weather. Last night’s dinner was not very healthy as you can see; a halloumi burger, homemade chips and broccoli done in butter and garlic, all washed down with a bottle of lager. It was a treat because I am well on course with my daily word count for my next book.

As I hinted at the beginning of this blog, I have some exciting book news. On Monday, Bookouture announced that they have re-signed me to write two new books for them. It’s particularly exciting as the next two won’t be police/crime thrillers, the genre of books I’ve written for them so far, and instead they are two standalone emotional women’s fiction stories, which is where I started my novel writing career.

My first deadline is the end of July, but I should make it easily as this book is flowing onto the page – it’s almost as though it is writing itself! The funny thing is, I’m reading Christmas to you tonight with Christmas at Carol’s and the scene I was writing yesterday in the scorching heat was also Christmas!

When I look back at my novel writing journey, it’s hard to believe that all of these books have been published in the past five years – I’m estimating well over 500,000 words in those pages. I’m not a journalist and have never had any writing training, but I knew I had stories to tell so I just got on and did it. People sometimes ask for advice with writing a novel and I always say (like that famous sports brand advert) just do it… get the words down on the page and see where it takes you. Speaking of which, I need to get back to the book or I’ll never make my 2,000 a day word count!

Just before I finish, do check out the Australian Bodycare three-piece Supersize Skinwash & Wipes Today’s Special Value coming up this Sunday. We’ve been using the wash as hand wash at home throughout the current crisis, but it is also brilliant for freshening you up in the shower when the weather is excessively hot and humid as it has been this week. The wipes are also good on the go!

Apparently it is cooling down this weekend, but then they did say to expect thunderstorms last night and we didn’t have one. Thank goodness for the Dyson fan, which we’ve had on in the bedroom for the past three nights – without it I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got much sleep and that’s not good for the creative juices.

Right, I really must finish there – have a great weekend and see you on Thursday.

Much love,
Julia xx

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    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks, a bit of a wait until January, but hopefully it will be worth it

  1. Hi Julia would love to read your books but cannot do you do them on talking books take care love Heather x

  2. Hi Julia would love to read your books but cannot do you do them on talking books ,and how would I go about it. Had seen your first book lengths of the pool . Have a good weekend. X

    1. Hi Heather,
      I’m replying to all three of your comments in one 🙂 Only two of my books are audiobooks ; Little Girl Missing and What He Did both of which are available on Amazon – thanks for your interest.
      The cake was goooood!
      Julia x

  3. Hi Julia,
    Many congratulations on your forthcoming books. I don’t know how you do it. I have always thought it must be marvellous to be able to write. They say there’s a book inside us all. When I recall my nursing days I often say” if only I could write a book about it!” Some of the stories about my time on the wards are so unbelievable. I have to stop and think, did that really happen? Anyway talking of books I am glad to say the book shop in my local town centre has re-opened so I am a happy bunny again.
    Taking of bunnies, we went for a walk down by our local river bank the other day. The tide was out and we were surprised to see a rabbit along the edge of the mud banks! There must be a lot of warrens along there.
    I am glad to say it is a lot cooler tonight. I had to sleep downstairs last night as it was so humid. I can’t believe all the people who have turned out at our beaches and the Gower coastline despite social distancing. I only hope and pray that it doesn’t lead to a “spike” in the Corona Virus numbers undoing all the hard work people have gone through with months of lock-down. We all want to get back to normal but not at the risk of the virus spreading again.
    Well good luck with the writing.
    Best wishes, Tina S. xx

    1. Hi Tina
      I always say to people who express an interest in writing a book, just sit down and make a start. If it doesn’t happen you’ve lost nothing but a few hours work. enjoy the books you buy.
      Like you, I’m hoping opening the beaches (and pubs & restaurants in England this weekend) won’t cause a second spike.
      Julia x

  4. Hi Julia,love the look of the coffee & walnut cake please can we have the recipe.I had a copy of the Bero cookbook on which you appeared,giving my age away😂 but it disappeared.Really looking forward to your next books,I have read all your publications and enjoyed every one.

    1. Hi Joy,
      I’ll try and put the recipe on next week’s blog if I remember.
      Don’t laugh, but I have also misplaced my only copy of the Beto book with me on the cover – hopefully it will turn up!
      Thanks for your kind remarks about my books – I’m loving writing this latest one
      Julia x

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      As mentioned above, I’ll try and remember to pop the recipe on next week’s blog- it was yummy
      Julia x

    1. Hi Jean,
      The cake was delicious 😋 My garden is at last looking how I want it to… more or less
      Julia x

  5. Hi Julia,

    Your garden always looks lovely and so does the cake, so I too will be waiting for the recipe, 👍
    I have downloaded your books from Amazon so have some reading to catch up on..
    Also caught up with you when you were live on Instagram 🌹 You are always sooo busy 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Keep up the good work 💐

    Much love , Tess 💕X

    1. Hi Tess
      I guess I’m going to have to put the recipe up as so many requests for it.
      Thanks for downloading my books – I hope you will enjoy them. I’m not working at QVC today, but am on my lunch break away from my writing desk – 1200 words so far today but I need the same again this afternoon to stay on target. I did a video of me cleaning Wilfie’s teeth flor my next blog 😉
      Julia x

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