The Year of the Tiger

How can we already be almost halfway through February? I guess I’ll have to stop wishing Happy New Year on air to QVC guests now, even if I haven’t seen them since December! Actually, it was the start of the Chinese New Year on February 1st. Unlike the western world, where the new year always starts on the 1st January, the Chinese new year is on a different date each year and it’s all to do with the new moon. It’s the reason that some people with birthdays in January or February get confused about the animal attributed to their birth. There are twelve animals in total and there are also five elements, so the cycle is actually sixty years.

There is no confusion for my son or my mum, as they have November and August birthdays respectively. The photo above is of my son on his first Christmas when he was exactly four weeks old and he is pictured with his teddy and his ‘Tigger’, as he was born in the year of the Fire Tiger, the same as my mum (with a gap of sixty years, of course) and Her Majesty, our Queen. I’m hoping it will be a good year for all of them… well, it would be nice if it was a good year for all of us, after what we have endured for the past two.

Speaking of which, has anyone else had their 4th Covid jab (2nd booster) yet? I had a phone call from my local health authority inviting me to have mine as my CML puts me in the slightly more vulnerable category. I think it may also have been because I was one of the first to have the booster back in September, so there are probably concerns about its effectiveness now. Whatever, I went along and had my 4th jab on Monday with nothing more than a sore arm and a mild headache, which was a relief, as I’m back writing. It’s hard to believe I’m working on my tenth novel when nine years ago I hadn’t even had the idea for my first!

Someone who has always been very supportive of my novels is Kathy Taylor, so I took her a copy of my newest, The Woman on the Beach, when we popped in for a visit last week. I was over in her neck of the woods for my six-week post cataract surgery check-up, so took advantage of the opportunity for a catch up. It was so lovely to see her looking relaxed and happy. She is clearly enjoying life since retiring from QVC last May.

I expect by now you will have all received the purchases you made over Beauty Weekend. I hope you’re enjoying trying out the new brands we introduced you to. By the way, I had loads of comments about the black top pictured above that I was wearing on the Saturday. It’s Monsoon and hopefully still available on our website. We really have had some lovely styles on QVC recently and we have another coming up from Ruth Langsford, launching tonight on air at 9pm but already on presell. All the colours are great in their own way but, after much deliberation I went for the orange… such a cheery colour on grey days!

Today, though, is the Percy and Reed Today’s Special Value. If you need more volume in your hair, this is definitely the kit for you because it’s the ultimate volume collection. There are full sizes of the sulphate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner, a supersize of the iconic, award-winning Wonderbalm and full sizes of Volumising Mousse, Session Hold Hairspray and Dry Shampoo for those days when you simply don’t have the time to wash and blow dry your hair! The value is fabulous, so do check it out before the Today’s Special Value offer ends at midnight.

There is also an Elemis Today’s Special Value this weekend, which includes a product I have just discovered in their range. I’m a big Elemis fan, so have tried most of the range but Glow Priming Moisturiser is a new one for me and I’m loving it. Check out what else is in the Today’s Special Value on our website now or wait until the live shows on Sunday.

Just before I finish, I thought I’d share a ‘funny’ with you. Wilfie, my son’s cat, is staying with us for a few days. He settled straight back in, which is not too surprising as he lived here for most of his life before going to live in Dan and his girlfriend’s new home. He remembered all the things he did before, like coming up to see me in bed in the morning and jumping up to sit on my legs at night while I’m watching television, not to mention morning cuddles while I’m finishing my coffee. Yes, he’d remembered the lot, including tapping and biting my flowers!!!

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten that bit and was unable to save three of my tulips before moving them from the family room to the downstairs loo where he can’t get at them.

Well, I must dash. I won’t be around for a few days after today, so just want to wish you a ‘lovely’ Valentine’s Day. I may have mentioned a few times on air that I have bought Chris cheese as a gift – I think he might love cheese more than he loves me!

Until next time.
Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. Hi Julia, lovely to hear your news and read your blog. Glad you are feeling better. Just been reading the fashion blog with Stine and you modelling the clothes. You look great and the clothes really suit you. I’m quite short 4′ 10 to be exact and love the dresses but most are much too long for me although I do like the longer length. Love the ones you are wearing. Look after yourself. Love Karen xx

  2. Hi Julia, I caught a show with you presenting last week where you were wearing a pink leopard print jumper. do you know if it’s from QVC and the make of it please ? Thank You x

  3. Hi Julia hope all is well with you and your next blog will be your usual uplifting one Missing you presenting and hope you will be back on screen soon. Sue xxxx

  4. Hello Julia,
    It’s always good to read your blog and i also enjoy reading your books.
    My Husband has CLL which is simular to CML and is on the vulnerable list, he has just had his 4th jab ,he’s fine
    Take Care ,
    Love From Sue.xx

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