Time to Treat Yourself

Halloween may be well and truly over but no tricks and lots of treats are the order of the day on QVC as we approach Christmas! Whether you are after practical presents like our Kitchen Aid TSV today at a superb price, or our Shark TSV tomorrow, useful around Christmas time for pine needles and cleaning up after entertaining, or you’re after sheer indulgence like our Elemis TSV on Sunday, we have something for everyone.

Talking of the Elemis Today’s Special Value, they seem to get better and better each year and this year is no exception. It is a seven piece collection available in two beautiful options, Modern English Rose or Skin Nourishing. Both collections have a 30ml size of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a full size Apricot Toner but the rest of the products are tailored to your selection.

Modern English Rose option

My sample is the ‘currently only available to QVC’ Modern English Rose and I have to say it is gorgeous – not too rosy if you know what I mean. There is the Rose Cleansing Balm, Bath & Shower Milk (divine), Body Cream, Hand & Nail Balm and a 5ml size of the Rose Facial Oil. My favourite facial oil is the Pro-Definition but this comes a very close second, leaving my skin feeling petal soft. The whole collection comes in a gift box but also with a toiletries bag in either red for the rose Collection or blue for the Skin Nourishing Collection and then an additional Elemis branded gift bag so you could easily make up three separate presents from this one TSV with a price just under £50, which is a saving of over £120 if bought separately from us.

Skin Nourishing option

It has been on pre-order since Monday and has already been very popular but the first on air show is Saturday night at 9 p.m. Sadly, I don’t have a full hour with Keeley this time round, but I will be with her for the Sunday Morning Gift Show at 9 a.m. – hopefully you can join us for that. I’m also with Gok Wan for more of his WULI:LUU clothing range at midday.

Normally I work alternate weekends at QVC, but I worked last Sunday as it was Beauty Day, having had Saturday off. As I’m sure many people did on Saturday, we got up early to watch the Rugby World Cup Final – sadly it was just one step too far in the end for England, but what performances they gave to get to the final… well done boys! After the rugby I was supposed to be writing but my daughter Sophie had other ideas, inviting herself and her family for lunch once I’d told her I was making Peanut Butter Soup! You’re probably thinking that doesn’t sound great, but trust me it is yummy – I should probably post the recipe again because it really is incredibly easy to make even if you don’t consider yourself much of a cook. Leave a comment if you’d like the recipe and I’ll put it on the blog next week.

I don’t begrudge spending the time with them all as it was lovely to catch up, but by the time they left at 4.30 p.m. it was time to go in the gym for my physiotherapy exercises so not much writing got done I’m afraid. At least my son cooked dinner for me, which was a lovely treat, and I made up some of the lost writing time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, although it is going to be tight to make my next deadline on 22nd November (two weeks today), particularly as I’ve ‘tweaked’ the end of the story!

To go back to peanut butter and treating yourself, put a date in your diary for next Thursday 14th as we have a Hotel Chocolat TSV.

It is similar to last year’s, in as much as it is two Carry Me Home boxes filled with delicious flavours including the aforementioned peanut butter, salted caramel, peppermint truffles, champagne truffles and much, much more, as you can see from my largest Lock & Lock storage box filled to the brim. We need to be better behaved than we were last year though, as the chocolates were supposed to be for Christmas and we made the fatal error of opening them in November… I had to order another lot!

Here’s my view on chocolate though, I’d rather have a small amount of the premium quality than lots of the ordinary stuff – when it comes to chocolate I’m definitely a quality over quantity girl. I have a Hotel Chocolat show at 4 p.m. next Thursday, but if you can’t wait it goes on pre-order on Tuesday 12th. By the way, in case you were wondering, they are all suitable for vegetarians.

So, lots of lovely things to treat yourselves to on QVC at the moment, speaking of which, my Yankee Candle Glittering Star TSV arrived on Wednesday – gorgeous, gorgeous scent in my opinion AND in my favourite colour, purple – did anyone else go for that option?

Do keep checking out all the fabulous daily Festive Finds and hope to ‘see’ lots of you over this weekend.

Much love,

Julia xx

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  1. Hi Julia, live your blogs. Please could you let us have your peanut butter soup recipe? It sounds intriguing. Many thanks, Susan

  2. Love chocolate but cannot have as now dairy free. Please ask Hotel Choc if the do a dairy free choc as some I have tried are yuk! Cheers!

    1. Hi Anne
      It will probably say on the Hotel Chocolat website if they do dairy free.
      Hope this helps
      Julia x

  3. Yes please Julia, may we have the peanut butter soup receipe? Love your bolgs & I always trust your opinion on whatever you are presenting…….you’re so honest. Keep the books coming! Really enjoying them! Love Linda xx

    1. Hi Linda
      Just catching up with blog replies – did you try the peanut butter soup?
      Thanks for your kind comments both on my presenting on QVC and my books – much appreciated
      Julia x

  4. Hallo Julia. Thank you very much for another interesting blog. I thought I would just take this opportunity to say that I am currently reading “What He Did”. It is very good indeed – totally gripping as it says on the cover. Even better I think than “Little Girl Missing”. I took it on holiday to America with me recently but my husband read it, so I am just now getting into it. He also found it really good. Well done indeed. Just now, at over half way through, I can hardly put it down. You are a very talented lady! Many thanks.

  5. Hello Julia, have just read Little Girl Missing. What a great read with lots of twists and turns. I’ve had a few days off work and I’m ashamed to say its 9.30 and I’m still in bed, I just had to read the last few pages. Thanks for a great read. You must be very proud. X

  6. Julia please post your peanut butter soup recipe. We all love peanut butter and think the soup would go down a treat in my house. Loving your latest book. Enjoyed Little Girl Missing and look forward to the next one too. You are a woman of many talents.

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