A More Personalised Christmas

With Christmas now a mere 8 weeks away, people are starting to make plans, my family not being the least among them. The scheduling and co-ordinating of who arrives when, how long they will stay for, not to mention where they are going to stay, is in full swing already.

Mum is determined that she wants to be with me in London again this year, in spite of her own personal health issues, and everyone is pitching in to help ensure that happens. The family consensus is that we all want to be together this year in light of losing our beloved brother and son, Feargal at the end of July. It’ll be an emotional time but it will be family time and, this year more than any other, we will truly appreciate and respect that time more than we have ever done before.

This year Christmas will be about being together, being close, sharing memories and reminding each other about how much we love each other. This year Christmas is personal.

There are practical issues to be faced first though, and mainly they centre around what to get everyone as gifts. I will have seven people staying with me and because of the mood and tone of the festive season, given everything that has happened in the last few months, I really want to keep things personal.

With that in mind, I’ve been casting an eye over our personalised jewellery range here at QVC. Personalised gifts with personal messages and sentiments provide a real opportunity to add that little bit of meaning to gifts that can sometimes be missing when we are caught up in the frenzy of last minute shopping. We’ve all been there. We have been busy with work and home and been juggling a lot of balls in the air to manage everything and then we grab an hour or two to get some last-minute gifts and when we get home we look at those bags full of stuff and wonder why we bought it, who exactly we bought it for and come next Christmas, will the person we give those gifts to even remember what we gave them?

When you personalise a gift with a message or a sentiment, it will always be remembered and cherished I believe, certainly much more so than the box of socks or the DVD that you gave to someone (can’t remember who) last year.

With all that in mind, a few options have caught my eye and I thought I’d share them with you:

Personalised Bar Friendship Bracelet

The friendship style of this already says something about the sentiment behind this piece when given as a gift. This sentiment is then heightened by the addition of a personalised message of up to 22 characters. So whether you want to say ‘Friends Forever’ or ‘Girl with Attitude,’ you can say it clearly with this piece. It’s also perfect for stacking with other bracelets too.

Personalised Photo Pendant

This oval pendant made in plated sterling silver will allow you to have a photo laser-engraved on the front and with a smooth polished back, will allow you up to 33 characters across 4 lines to be engraved on the back.

I’m thinking this would be perfect for mum with a picture of my brother on there, making this more than just a piece of jewellery but a way to memorialise those who have passed.

It would also be great to carry a picture of those who have recently arrived, like a new child or grandchild. I think it is the ultimate in personalised gifts this festive season.

There are so many pieces I could talk about from our personalised range, like the Signet Ring (many of you may have noticed that I wear a signet ring on my pinky finger, so I’m already a fan of this look), or the Initial Cufflinks, which make a great gift for men or women, or possibly the Personalised Linked Circles Necklace.

Don’t forget, whatever you are buying as gifts, we have lots of great ways to shop with us this season. Every day we have a new Festive Find, which offers either a percentage reduction, a special surprise from a brand or money off offers, so definitely keeping your eye out for those. We also have our weekly Big Deals so keep an eye out for the Style Channel Big Deal or the Beauty Channel Big Deal. We also have £1.95 P&P on all beauty at the moment, as well as a further 15% off all clearance items.

So however you shop for the festive season, what is clear is that the time to do your shopping is now and to take advantage of all the great offers available right now.

Remember though, the best way to make Christmas memorable is to make Christmas personal. Happy shopping.

Until next time,

Miceal Xx

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  1. Hi Miceal,
    Just wanted to say, so sorry about your brother. Sending lots of love & warm cuddles. Me, mum & grandma love to see you on QVC. You’re such a lovely & kind soul and always have us laughing. Thank you for being the sunshine on dull days ! Lots of love, Elise, mum & grandma from “sunny” Blackpool! xxx

  2. Hi Miceal,

    I’m really pleased you have a house full with you this Christmas. I know you are a close and loving family and your brother will be sadly missed. I always remember you volunteering on Christmas Day at a homeless shelter. Your family must be so proud of you. More and more Christmas is now commercial which is sad but it’s nice you always remember those less fortunate. Take care of yourself. Love Susan x

  3. Hello Micheal
    So sorry to hear about your sad loss
    Your family are having a tough time of it
    I hope you all have a lovely peaceful and calm Christmas
    Lots of love Rose XX 😘

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