Blue skies, sunshine and fresh finds at QVC!

The march towards spring continues unabated. The weather is a little milder and there’s ‘a grand stretch in the day’ as we would say in Ireland. We just passed the Spring equinox, so our days are now longer than our nights.

Speaking of which, the clocks go forward next weekend don’t forget! I can never remember each time the clocks change whether they are going forwards or backwards (sounds a bit like myself most days!), but I now use a useful Americanism to remember ‘Spring forwards, Fall backwards’. Now you’ll never forget again!

With this newfound milder weather, I have suddenly felt more inclined to go outside and be active. To be honest, I have totally fallen off the fitness wagon for about two years now. After my heart operation I was very tentative and wary and I lost my confidence a bit. I then became a bit lazy, and then the pandemic hit, the gyms closed, I had to shield and then I just got even lazier! Throw in the fact that my back went a few times over that period and all in all fitness was just not on the agenda!

On a recent Friday evening Skechers show I was talking to the guest Evey Amery, who stands in for our regular guests Vonda when she can’t be with us. Live on air we were talking about running and she said: “I’ll start running with you, let’s start on Monday”. I said okay, partly because we were on air and to be polite and partly because I really wanted to start but couldn’t get motivated, so I thought having someone that held me accountable would help.

So Evey and I now run ‘together’ a couple of times a week. I say, ‘together’ because Evey runs where she lives and I run where I live and we video call each other throughout!

I have to say on the mornings when the weather is good it is an incredible way to start the day. Blue skies, sunshine and fresh air in your lungs (I run in some fields near me). I feel so much better afterwards. It’s small steps and early days but I really want to keep it up. Who knows, I may even end up doing the 40km endurance runs that Jackie Kabler does (I can’t imagine how she does those!).

If you are thinking about starting a new fitness regime with the better weather and longer days, do always check with your doctor first if you haven’t been particularly fit and active for some time.

And remember, we also have lots of ways to help you here at QVC with supplements from brands like Nature’s Way, Prime Fifty, Doctor Seaweed and Your Zooki, along with fitness equipment like the Aeropilates Reformer, Davina Fitness Swiss Ball, the Tili Body & Soul Ankle and Wrist Weights and the Tili Body & Soul Resistance Band Set.

Let me know if any of you are feeling the urge to get moving again and let me know what regime you choose. I’ll keep you posted on how things go with myself and Evey.

We also have some great Todays Special Values coming up this weekend that I thought you should know about. There is a great five-piece set coming up from Tweak’d this Friday 26th March with the amazing Volumise & Restore Set. It includes:

  • Dhatelo Restore Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Dhatelo Restore Rejuvenating Oil
  • Rhassoul Coco-Nutty Volumizing Cleansing Scrub
  • Rhassoul Coco-Nutty Volumizing Clayditioner


This collection also comes with three gift bags, so you have the option to gift individual items to friends or family, or just keep them all for yourself!

I will also be launching a brand-new Todays Special Value from Dyson on Friday evening on the 9pm show and all day Saturday 27th March (the product number is 720829).

Let’s face it, we have all spent so much time indoors recently that we have started to notice the little things at home that usually pass us by. You know the sort of things I mean, like the cobweb that’s always in the corner of the ceiling that’s been there for months, or that ball of lint over in the far corner of the bedroom that you can see perfectly when you’re lying down in bed but never when you are standing up. Maybe with the spring season upon us the dog (or cat) has started moulting, EVERYWHERE!

Never fear, the Dyson V8 Animal is here to help. It’s been specially designed for these tricky jobs. With a direct drive cleaner head and a 40-minute runtime with fade-free suction, you can experience a deep clean everywhere at home. Whether it’s up high or down low, carpets or hard floors, this is a machine built to get the job done!

Sunday sees a Todays Special Value from Gatineau with the DefiLift 3D Toned Skincare Treatment Collection, formulated to create the appearance of a hydrated, more youthful-looking complexion (the product number is 243175). The collection contains:

  • DefiLift 3D Toned Eye Cream
  • DefiLift 3D Toned Night Concentrate
  • DefiLIFT 3D Firming Neck & Decollete Gel
  • Collagene Expert™ Ultimate Smoothing Serum


Last but by no means least, I must mention the fact that Liz Earle is celebrating its 25th Anniversary on QVC. It is an incredible milestone and a real testament to the brand and the quality of the products that in such a competitive market like skincare, they are still so beloved by many of you.

I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate Liz Earle and I wish for many more great years ahead. It’s a great range that I am lucky to have as part of my skincare routine. I’m also a little in love with the gorgeous Caroline Archer too, she is an exemplary ambassador for the brand.

That’s all from me for now.

Until next time,


PS: Don’t forget to turn your clocks FORWARD this weekend on 28th March!

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  1. Hi Miceal, I love that saying about a grand stretch, think it’s a wonderful saying.
    Glad to hear you are well and doing your running. But take care.
    Love Karen xx

  2. Hi Miceal,
    Absolutely understand you on the losing your confidence and being wary of fitness after so long! I think we’re all like that actually! What do you recommend starting with?
    Hope your mum is making progress?x

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