Christmas is all wrapped up, so relax in a Sealy bed!

Here we are once again, with Christmas more or less wrapped up for another year. It arrives in just a few days and will disappear just as quickly.

It’s not quite the Christmas that I had planned, as I am in Tier 4 and currently the Irish ports are closed so I’ll be staying put in London for now. To be fair though, it’s not the Christmas that many of us had planned but we will carry on regardless.

Christmas, just like the rest of the year, will be an exercise in putting a brave face on it and getting through it as best we can!

That said, there are still ways to have a good time and enjoy yourself. For me, I have been indulging in Christmas movies, eating lots of non-festive food I wouldn’t normally eat like homemade pizza with a nice glass of red, listening to my festive jazz albums and having Zoom Christmas drinks meet-ups (one of those went on until 3am – I am saying nothing more about it than that! Mostly because I can’t remember any more than that!)

I have also been spending time reminiscing about Christmas’ past and all the lovely times shared with friends and family in times gone by. I then received a blast from the past in the form of a picture of me as an elf from my days when I was an actor with my own theatre company over in Northern Ireland and we did a Theatre In Education touring production of the Elves and The Shoemaker to schools all over the Provence.

This picture was from the show and we used it as the cover over our theatre company Christmas card that year. It arrived as an attachment on my phone after the very late night Zoom drinks call mentioned earlier! It was hilarious to see it again after all these years (it is quite literally from half my life ago!) and that was what got me started on my trip down memory lane. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge, I have been travelling the dark and dimly lit corridors of my memory and illuminating the gloom of a terrible year with happy thoughts and memories like the one of me as an elf! I wouldn’t ever normally show a pic like this publicly but I think we all need it this year! Lol.

Go on, treat yourself to a trip down memory lane, it could just remind you of something you had long forgotten that will remind you that the rhythm of life will invariably mean that whilst there are some bad times, there will always be some good times too.

That is my Christmas wish for all of you this year, that you are able to hold on to that and remember that no matter how rough the storms that come our way, there will also, eventually, be good times and sunshine along this path that is life too.
I have been distracting myself from the fact that I cannot go home by wrapping gifts anyway. I had forethought to order most of my gifts to be sent directly to Northern Ireland (thank you QVC). When I was last home caring for mum, I also managed to wrap all of the ones that had arrived by then, so thankfully lots of gifts are already there, wrapped and ready to go.

However, I have some gifts still here with me in London that I have purchased since I was last home and so I’ve been normalising things by doing what I would normally do around this time and wrapping them all up and putting them under the tree. It’s actually been quite fun to do.

We have decided that we are going to have a re-run of Christmas as soon as the pandemic allows and so there will be an opportunity to give out the gifts that I still have here wrapped up. I cannot wait for when that day arrives because it will mean that some form of normality has arrived into our lives at last!

It really has been an exhausting time and indeed a wearying year for all of us. That is why I am contemplating maybe just spending a good portion of the new year snuggled up in bed. Lol.

Well, if that’s your plan too, we have something very special coming up for you on 3rd January but is available on pre-sell on our website from 30th December, so here’s a heads up. Sshhh, don’t tell anyone I told you!

It’s a chance to get a new bed or mattress from Sealy at an incredible Today’s Special Value price.

It’s the Sealy Advantage 1550 Gel Deep Pillowtop Mattress and Divan OR you can just get the mattress on its own if you’d prefer (it’s also at a great Today’s Special Value Price).

This Today’s Special Value is only available to purchase at QVC and incorporates some of the best of Sealy technology:

  • Spring Technology: The unique “S” shaped dual coil provides around 40% more surface area than traditional open coil spring units, meaning significantly better weight distribution, enhanced core support and optimum spinal alignment. Each row of springs operates independently, providing better stability and reduced motion transfer. With 750 Response and 800 Mini Pocket springs, this support system will help to promote perfect spinal alignment, will provide responsive support where your body needs it the most and will provide exceptional pressure relief to help eliminate aches and pains, which will reduce both tossing and turning and partner disturbance… all of which are the main causes of lack of sleep.
  • Includes 4-sided Edge-guard system around the entire perimeter of the mattress, making for a more robust design at the head and foot end, rather than simply down the sides. It means no loss of comfort across the entire surface resulting in no roll-off and it maximises the useable area of the entire sleep surface.
  • Complete with Sealy Smart Fibres, endorsed by Allergy UK, this mattress will not only offer your body the support that it needs, but it will also guarantee a temperature regulated, clean and healthy sleep to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
  • The construction includes Geltex, which is an open cell structure for greater breathability, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night. It also provides total body support and pressure relief, perfect for those who suffer from aches and pains.
  • The mattress comes with a sumptuous pillowtop, 1.5cm deeper than the normal pillowtop design. The hi loft, soft knit surface fabric provides a luxurious look and feel with a micro quilted finish, offering the ultimate comfort.
  • Comes in a choice of 4 contemporary upholstery fabrics for your bed base. These fabrics will co-ordinate with any bedroom décor. The base offers ample storage space with 2 large drawers and 2 smaller drawers (single bed has 2 drawers) and is the perfect foundation for your new Sealy mattress.
  • Sealy offer a 5 Year Guarantee to give you that peace of mind for a great night’s sleep.

With all that technology, you are sure to get a good nights sleep. So let’s start the new year the right way. Well rested and ready for whatever 2021 decides to bring our way!

In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a new year that brings some joy and happiness.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Until next time,

Miceal Xxx

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  1. Happy Christmas from a chilly Northern Ireland Miceal. Sorry you can’t get home to see your Mum, but hope she is feeling better. Enjoy all your food & drink treats, we all deserve to indulge a little after this past year.
    I’m sure you will have a great family reunion here, when it’s safe to do so!🎅🎄🎅🎄

  2. I too am from NI. I haven’t seen my family for years and have lived in Cornwall since my 37 year old husband died on 3.1.79, my children aged just 5 and 7 had no clue as to what had happened to them so later that year I took them to Cornwall. This year has been dreadful in so many ways, however since most of my family are no longer with us, we are all grateful we have survived 2020. Through the last 40 years we have had some very low times, I mean low, however we are all, as a family looking forward to 2021, none of us know just what is round the corner, I didn’t think my 37 year old husband would leave us on 3 January ‘79, but you know we have survived, All any of us have to do is believe we can survive and you WILL be able to see your family before you know it. Do take care, remember every single day is a gift and enjoy it. X

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