Christmas is on its way!

I am sitting here listening to Christmas songs on the radio and looking out at the wintry skies. Oh baby, it’s cold outside! Isn’t that the way it should be at Christmas though?

The tree is up, Garlands and lights have been hung and the wreath is on the door. I have hung all my most special, most sentimental decorations on the tree. Decorations that I have collected every year that my family have visited me in London for the holidays (I get one for everyone who spends Christmas with me). They look so lovely and fill my heart with love and joy.

The appearance of a jolly, Victorian style Christmas abounds everywhere I look in my home. It is my favourite time of the year. It has a magical, whimsical feel to it that I have held onto since I was a child. It all starts with the lights for me. The soft twinkle, the warming glow and the belief that maybe, just maybe that glinting light might just be a Christmas fairy landing in my home to sprinkle the magic of Christmas all around.

I try to lose myself in it, to escape the present and the year we have all endured. However, matters closer to home keep pulling me out of my winter wonderland fantasy of magic and fairies.

Regrettably, mum is back in hospital. She has been there over a week now. I was home caring for her (she requires 24hr care at the moment) to give my sister a break. Unfortunately, she fell again at 4.20am in the morning getting out of bed herself without calling for help. She injured herself again with the fall. I tended to her wounds and cared for her but inevitably I had to call for the paramedics to ensure she was OK and they took her back to hospital to check her over and, once there, they decided she needed to stay in again. I was devastated, correction, I AM devastated. Not only did she fall again and end up back in hospital again, but it happened on my watch. With Christmas next week I’m not sure what is going to happen but I am trying to stay positive!

It has made me think about all those families out there this year who have friends and family members in hospital or are unwell. It’s really tough at any time of the year for families when they have a loved one who is unwell but at Christmas it always seems so much worse. To all of you who are in this situation, I am thinking of you and sending you my best wishes and hope that you can manage to find some joy in the season.

That’s what I am trying to do right now myself. I am immersing myself in Christmas music and cheer where I can to keep my spirits up and to ensure those around me can be full of good cheer as the season dictates. With that in mind, I have carried on with Christmas and gift shopping to maintain some sense of normality and Christmas cheer and it has been useful as a distraction. My only problem thus far is that I seem to be buying myself one gift for every two I am buying for friends and family. It is subconscious retail therapy I think! Lol

There have been some great pieces to be had throughout QVC of late. I have done a lot of my gift shopping on here out of sheer convenience. I can’t actually mention what I got or what those gifts are, as some of my family read this blog occasionally so that would be a bit of a disaster! I can tell you that some of the brands I have shopped with have been Emu, Carole Hochman, B&O Play, Mophie, Amazon, Bose, Vagabond, our Jewellery department, Quacker Factory, as well as a few others.

This year I had almost everything delivered directly as you can just give an alternative address when ordering, which has been perfect given everything that is going on at the moment. (BTW, we have lots of Shopping Voucher Codes to take advantage of while we are still able to order in time for Christmas. Three Easy Pay interest-free instalments anyone? Why not use ALL3EZ. Or, how about an extra 15% off, just quote SALE15 – check out our homepage on the website for more details!)

I’ve also had some really lovely shows that have inspired me with practical gift ideas, like the Nut Pecker Bird Feeding Station for the bird lovers out there or the Halo set of 2 Flex Lights with Lantern Head for the DIY lovers or the practical members of the family.

Patrick Hoy brought lots of festive cheer with his seasonal red trousers festooned with bright Christmas baubles. We had a lovely hour chatting about Quacker Factory, who have so many pieces that are perfect for the season.

Caroline MacLeod Smith and I have been working together a lot recently talking about Winter Style from right across our fashion ranges including Kim & Co and Muk Luks.

In fact, if it’s cosy gifts your looking for, Muk Luks, Cozee Home and Cuddle Duds are definitely brands to check out.

Well, the radio is now playing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and I certainly hope my mum will be and, fingers crossed, I will be there to see her. I know there are many this year who won’t be home and if you are one of those people, you won’t be alone, as I will be thinking of you all.

Sending my warmest wishes to all of you and may you be close to those you love this season, either in person or in your hearts.

Until next time,

Miceal. X

P.S. If you fancy a laugh, why not check out our QVC Secret Santa 2020 style, with myself, Craig, Chloe and Jackie? It’s available on the homepage of the website but you can also click through to it here.

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  1. Please do not think that your Mam Trip is your Fault!! So many People as they get older Fall, and its your Mam’s way of Saying ,I can still do this on my own ! She fell like so many and now she is in the Best Place !!Look forward to Special times Past & Present , she will love you for doing this I understand this due too my own Family & Dear Friends , Sadly now Passed. Enjoy your Christmas Miceal Best Wishes to your Mam .xx

  2. Hi Michal I’m very sorry to hear about your mum back in hospital and I hope that she is allowed home for Christmas. I’m in a similar situation as my mum was taken in last night which has left me devastated as well as my dad. I live in Scotland and they live in Cheshire. So with covid etc I’ve not seen my parents fir a long time!! My thoughts are with u and your family. Merry Christmas and god bless🙏🙏

  3. So sorry to hear about your mum, Miceal – such a worry. I do hope she’ll be home for Christmas. Your tree is beautiful, filled with memories – just like mine. I can admire other people who have a colour theme for their tree, but that will never be me … I love my memories of family and happy times. I know that you have had a very tough year and wish you a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. God bless, much love xxx

  4. Sorry your mum has had another fall Michal but fingers crossed she will get back home again soon. Please don’t blame yourself. Your mum probably just wanted to prove she could get up fine. We all do silly things. Sending lots of love to your mum,you and your family. Christmas is going to be different this year but let’s hope we all manage to find a little bit of magic xx

  5. Hope you mum will be on the mend soon Miceal. I so admire how positive you stay and you are always a tonic to watch on QVC. Wishing you and your family a lovely christmas and a peaceful, healthy new year. xxx

  6. Miceal I’m so sorry to read that your mum is in hospital again. Don’t blame yourself, if you had not been there your mum would have had no help. Your tree looks lovely and thank you for sharing your memories. I started to buy my daughter a decoration each year, not done it for the past 4 years (post graduate 4th medical school). I wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Christmas. Hopefully your mum will be home for Christmas.xx

  7. Miceal, your tree looks fantastic! I love the ornaments that you’ve collected over the years. They’re super!

    I do hope your Mum continues to heal, and comes home for Christmas, New Year and beyond. She’s obviously very independent and likes to do things her own way, hence the reason for not wanting to ask for help, I guess. Sounds like my Mum.
    Please don’t blame yourself, I doubt your Mum or any of your family would blame you.

    Take care of yourself, enjoy your Christmas songs, and stay safe and positive.


  8. Really hope your mum will be fit and well very soon, keep your chin up….. Your tree is stunning…… Keep playing Christmas songs, I do ….. It cheers me up…. Take care … Keep safe x

  9. Dear Miceal,
    As others have said, please don’t blame yourself for your dear mum falling, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was an accident.

    You are such a caring, loving and wonderful son, it’s clear that you love and adore your mum and she knows this.

    You have such a great relationship with your mum and all of your family and I do hope and pray that you will all be together, at home for Christmas. You’ve had a tough time of it with one thing and another.

    Thank you so much for sharing your very interesting stories and insights on life throughout the year, you are such a genuine and likeable man, full of integrity.

    Wishing you and your family love and happiness at Christmas and beyond and even more, may you all know the peace of God at this time.

    Margaret x

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