Don’t go changing!

I’m not ready. I’m definitely not ready yet, I never am. It always comes around too suddenly and unexpectedly, and it makes me feel uneasy. There are so many things I need to do that I had planned on doing, but never got around to. I haven’t been to the seaside or swam, or even paddled, in the sea – let alone a blow-up paddling pool. I haven’t stayed up so late that I watched the sun come up. I haven’t spent a sunny afternoon in a beer garden or a friend’s back yard drinking long cold cocktails of the lethal variety. I haven’t been for picnics (well, I went for one on my birthday with my brother in a field near my house), but I wanted more… There are so many things I meant to do while it was still summer but now it’s too late. Autumn is spreading its mantle across the country and it is slipping in like a comforting blanket slipped over our shoulders on a chilly evening (I suddenly see that there is a metaphor for life in there somewhere!).

I’m just going to say it – I hate it. I hate autumn. Or, at least, I hate the first few weeks of it. It’s the same every year. This started happening a few years ago, the transition from summer to autumn always fills me with a feeling of dread. I become morose and maudlin, I’m filled with anxiety and despair. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin with a constant sense of foreboding that is in danger of overwhelming me sometimes. I don’t know what it is, or where it come from, or even why it started, but it has become an annual fixture.

This transition period is the worst time of the year for me. Am I alone in feeling this? I have tried to explain it to friends and they all cry in disbelief and start proclaiming the virtues of autumn – the changing colour of the trees, the falling leaves, the nip in the air and the earlier evenings that allow you to wrap up in scarves and gloves and draw the curtains early so you can snuggle down on the sofa. I do understand their joy in the season and eventually I get there with them, but the first few weeks are not so much fun, so every year, I can be heard pleading with Mother Nature, “not yet”, “don’t change yet”. By the middle of October, I’m usually perfectly fine again. It’s a weird one!

At least this year I have something to keep me feeling a little more relaxed about the whole thing. Apparently, September is sleep month, and The Sleep Council (yes they are a real thing) run something called Sleeptember. It runs all through September and looks at how you can achieve better sleep and what benefit a good night’s sleep can bring.
I must admit, I do love getting into bed and snuggling in to get a really comfy night’s sleep.

QVC are determined to help you all achieve the best night’s sleep you can and have lots of ideas right through September. Not least of which is a Today’s Special Value feather mattress topper from Northern Nights.

Now, as we start to hunker down and hibernate for the winter season, is the time to getting our beds ready for those early nights and those lazy, cold mornings. This Pur Feather mattress topper is perfect for helping to achieve the most comfortable sleep environment. It’s also really useful for upgrading an old mattress that isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be. It’s an affordable, natural featherbed that gives you the experience of a down-on-top featherbed at great value, plus, it provides an extra layer of comfort and support with a baffle box design that lets feathers loft without shifting.

The top layer of the PUR Featherbed is made up of what they call the “downey fibers”. It has the same consistency of down, but without any clusters.  Most importantly, it has no quill attached. The method used to create softer feathers is different to most, some methods involve simply grinding up the whole feather, but this doesn’t eliminate the quill.  PUR Feathers method harvests the downey fibers from the feather, and separates them from the quill. This results in a down-like layer of fibers that have no quills to poke through, nor rub together, and no odour in the upper layer closest to your body. Only the bottom layer of the bed is filled with supportive micro-feathers to give added support. It is a soft and supportive sleeping surface made of natural fill that forms to the shape of the body, cradling you in it’s luxurious comfort.

Also, this weekend I will be launching something new from Amazon, it’s the Echo Auto. I’ll be pre-launching it on Saturday 12th September at 9pm and it will be available all day on Sunday 13th. If you love having Alexa with you at home, then you can also have her with you in the car!

The Echo Auto connects to the Alexa App on your phone and plays through your car speakers via Bluetooth (or via auxiliary input jack).

It’s designed for the road with eight microphones and far-field technology. This means it can hear you over music, air-conditioning and road noise, so you need never be far from your trusty companion for access to music, radio, audiobooks or even to ask questions.

A great hands-free tool for anyone who spends time in the car. I hope you can join me this Saturday at 9pm.

Until next time,

Miceal x

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  1. I totally agree with you about autumn. I dread it coming. People tell me i should embrace all the seasons. I have tried but still i dislike it. Like you i cant explain why. The summer has gone so quickly. So let us keep warm and comfortable and roll on spring. Keep safe and well x

  2. I love reading your beautifully written & interesting blogs. I feel exactly the same as you about the season change with one small difference…with me it’s late Spring. I cannot tolerate heat. I feel lethargic & uncomfortable & would get terrible sunburn unless I use high spf & stay in the shade. The high summer months really fill me with dread. Weird I know but it wouldn’t do if we were all the same!

  3. May I suggest you look into the natural remedy St Johns Wort. Lorraine Kelly GMB called it her little winter sunshine helper!!! It’s a natural pick me up, mood lifter for those of us who feel a little lower than usual during the winter months. Obviously you need to check with your GP if you’re on any other medication. If not get a sun lamp, wear a Hawaiian shirt and drink cocktails til spring!! Like the look of the mattress topper, I recently bought the Sealy TSV so this would go nicely for extra princess and the pea effect. Take care x

  4. I to hate autumn I actually prefer winter as spring is round the corner and the days start to open out.It felt so good to read that it’s not just me,the older I become the more I seem to loathe it,if I could hibernate until December I probably would! I have defiantly become more agitated and Covid 19 has made it a whole lot worse.Take care Claudette Jones

  5. I too am with you in the autumn hating! When I was younger I blamed it on going back to school after the long carefree holidays. Now it’s partly due to the fact that it means I’m another year older, who wants their birthday in September?! 😱 There is nothing for it but to shut out the world and shop all the great products on QVC. Thanks for your lovely blogs, we can make it through this dreaded month X

  6. I feel exactly the same but about spring. I dread the summer and look forward to September. I love the coziness of the nights drawing in and the anticipation of Christmas. I suppose it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same. Take care x

  7. Hi.You are not alone.I get really down and anxious dark nights are depressing.We waste so much of the year in this country,i go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.In summer i go out walking after work meet up with friends but that all stops September.I just stay in!The dark nights seem to last a lot longer than the light nights.My 92 year old mum hates them to and the nights seem never ending.So i know exactly how you feel.

  8. I also dislike the autumn and winter as I experience real anxiety at this time of year. It started many years ago for me. I find the dark nights drawing in so suffocating and claustrophobic. Really hate having central heating on as I feel trapped. Unsure if It is seasonal affective disorder but I wish I could hibernate and wake up in the Spring which is my favourite time of the year. Take care you’re not alone.

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