Get your garden gorgeous this season!

I don’t know about you but I have been so thankful for my balcony space during the lockdown. Just being able to get outside without having to actually go outside in public has been great. I’ve also realised that most of my summer is going to be spent within the confines of that balcony, so I better get it looking good so I can feel better when I’m out there.

For those of you with gardens, I’ll admit it, the green-eyed monster does creep in when I think of you all with your space to relax and hangout and maybe even walk around. For now, though, I am grateful for the balcony I have, because some people don’t even have that and I feel for them. I have found potting up my plants into their containers so calming and therapeutic that I want to do more of it. Even the watering is a chance to take a moment and just breathe, so I’m loving that.

Who knows, I may even keep some of my plants alive long enough to reach the other end of the summer. I am notoriously neglectful when it come to watering. So I’m putting together a little watering schedule for myself as a reminder and hopefully that will do the trick.

For my indoor plants I’m going to get some of those devices you can connect a bottle to and it drip feeds them – I’m sure we have sold something similar on air at QVC?

For those of you who are feeling similar to me about your outdoor spaces this summer and want to create that beautiful haven that you can escape to and relax in, there is a treat in store at QVC this weekend.

This Saturday is Garden Day. It will start at 9 p.m. on Friday evening and will last all day on Saturday until midnight, with a fabulous Today’s Special Value from Richard Jackson himself.

He will be giving us all a helping hand with our plants and giving them the best chance to grow big and strong and beautiful (if only there were something I could take that would make me do the same!) because he is bringing us, not one, but two 1.5kg tubs of his Root Booster at an outstanding Today Special Value price. It is the perfect time to receive it so we can use it whilst planting up all those gorgeous new plants we are investing in for the summer.

That’s not all there is though. You can discover our entire stunning garden range, including decorative accents perfect for adding that finishing touch, plus wonderful outdoor lighting for long summer evenings. We also have fire pits and barbecues so you can really transform your garden into one where you can sit back and dine al fresco.

Here are some of my highlights:


De Jager 12 x Illustrious Mixed Trailing Begonia Illustrations. These large cascading blooms will create an impressive display with wonderful colour and will attract bees and butterflies into the garden.

Richard Jackson’s Garden Cheer Collection. You will get 2 x 12 packs here. One pack of Polyanthus and one pack of Viola, both of which are garden ready.

Thomson & Morgan 3 x Sunbelievable 9cm Pots. These Brown Eyed Girl sunflowers are perfect for both beds and containers and will produce about 1,000 flowers over a season! These will create the perfect focal feature in any garden.


Luxform Flame Effects Leaf Design Solar Table Lantern. This has an Art Deco-inspired print stamped into its metal frame and will bring an instant feel of cosiness to an area in your garden.

Luxform Set of 3 Colour Changing Lanterns. The three lanterns in this set come in varying sizes and have an organic pattern frame and colour-changing LEDs. The pattern will create a stunning effect on the surrounding area, with an almost fairytale atmosphere. Hang these from a tree or pop on the tabletop.

Practical Ideas:

If you’re anything like me and having been planting up lots you’ll know how you need as many pots as possible. Don’t miss this set of two planters from Home2Garden. They are made from durable material and they come with rubber stoppers at the bases, so they are perfect for indoors as well!

Pressure Cleaning:
If you constantly need to clean up pathways, muddy pots and dirty bicycles, you’ll definitely need this Yardforce Aquajet 20v Cordless Handheld Pressure Cleaner. It recharges in just one hour and has two pressure settings.

Hose Pipe:
If you want a strong, durable, kink-free hose, why not check out this Garden Gear Stainless Steel Hose and Nozzle. It has an eight-pattern nozzle for different types of watering and pressure settings. Perfect for precise watering or cleaning up.

These are just some of my picks for the event but there will be so much more to see, so make sure to tune in, as it is the last on-air garden event of the year!

Happy gardening everyone.

Until next time,


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  1. Balcony looks wonderful!Love the lavender.The smell is amazing as you brush past it.I too only have a decked balcony with a small lawn.Container gardens can look amazing,love what you’ve done Miceal.Enjoy every moment relaxing and admiring your choice of

  2. Hi Miceal,
    I absolutely agree with Rachel! Your balcony is stunning! I love the lavender and geraniums! You’ve done a beautiful job. I am sure you go nuts when people rabbit on about their gardens and some of your fellow presenters do go on. I am not surprised you get the green eyed monster. It’s only natural. I think qvc should use this time to be considerate and focus on balconies, windowboxes and patios. Some people don’t even have that. I hope you’re coping ok. I really admire you. How’s all your family and your mum of course?x

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