I’ve fallen in love

I have fallen in love. It happens to all of us at some point. For some, it only happens once in a lifetime, for others, it’s a daily occurrence. However often it happens, it’s always a special moment.

I was busy at work minding my own business when, without warning, there it was, that feeling that something momentous was happening and that things may be about to change.

Let me fill you in. I returned to work just two weeks ago from having been in isolation for about four months. It was busy at work getting used to all the new health and safety systems they had put in place whilst I was away and trying to do my job as usual.

I was diligently preparing for my shows (we call it ‘prepping’ for short) when I noticed I was doing a show that I’d never done before. It was a beauty hour called, ‘Jane Scrivner Skincare’. What is this brand? I’ve never worked with them before or used their products? So I started to do a little research and then I got a message from Jane asking me if I would like to get in touch as we were going to be working together. So get in touch I did, and Jane very kindly offered to send me some samples as I’d never tried the products before.

In the meantime I had been doing my research, as I said, and discovered that Jane had been in the beauty business for about 30 years and had actually been working as an international trainer in spas around the world. What she noticed when working in these far off places was that when she asked for a massage oil or a facial oil, they tended to give her the oils that they used locally and they were often the best quality oils too.

This got Jane thinking that her clients and the people back here in the UK should really be able to get their hands on oils and products of this quality right here without having to travel around the world for them. This is when she formulated the idea of starting her own brand where the policy is to use the best quality oils and ingredients, first harvest, first press, organic where possible, with the minimum of ingredients (some of her products only have two or three ingredients in them!).

Jane and I arranged to have a Zoom meeting (everyone’s doing it these days – though I am technologically inept!) before our show together and we chatted for a good hour and half about her, her range, her philosophy and that’s when it started, this feeling that something momentous was about to happen!

Jane and I met just a few days ago and went on-air together and I have since tried some of her products like the Overnight Recharge Balm and the Rose Gold Ultimate Replenish Facial Oil.

The oil combined with the OO Cream (OO stands for Over Oil) is an amazing combination. The Rose Gold feels so silky on the skin and doesn’t feel like it overloads the skin at all.

For prepping the skin, Jane also has ‘Skinfoliate’ made of natural, organic AHAs and BHAs.

The whole range is really well thought out and the focus is on not only natural, single source, organic-where-possible ingredients, but on efficacy and quick results. Knowing the source of all the ingredients is really important to Jane as well, as she personally inspects all the ingredients as they come into their ‘kitchens’ in Stratford-Upon-Avon, where each and every product is handmade and hand-poured.

As Jane told me all of this during our show, that’s when it happened, that’s when I fell in love with this new beauty brand and I think you will too. If you don’t know it yet, it is definitely worth checking out. It is like QVC’s latest beauty secret. Get into it now before everyone else finds out!

Since I’ve been back, I’ve had lots of other lovely shows as well. I got to hang out with the always divine Julie Bates from Peony with some stunning arrangements, as always, from her range. Such an easy way to cheer up any corner of your home. I am a fan and have many of them dotted around at home as fishing touches to my interior decor.

Abi Cleese from Ultrasun was also with me. She was bringing us her last Today’s Special Value of the year but trust me, the sun will be back and if you haven’t tried this ‘once a day’ sun protection you really should.

Talking about sunshine, if you want to add a bit of lightness and brightness to your home, I had a Bundleberry by Amanda Holden outlet show the other day and there were some beautiful pieces in that for freshening up your home and all at clearance prices, so that’s definitely worth a look too!

The gorgeous Anouska Lancaster was with me – she steps in when Amanda can’t make it. She is an interior designer herself, working with her own clients as a well as writing abiotic interiors for newspapers and magazines. I wanted to give her a shout out because she is lovely and I’m not sure our guests always get the credit or the limelight they deserve.

It’s been lovely being back and I feel so lucky to be able to be at work. I’d like to thank all of you for your support, watching the shows and reading my blogs and responding to my posts in Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for that.

More busy days ahead so I better get prepping!

Before I go, can I just quickly give you a heads up about the L’Occitane Today’s Special Value coming up? It’s available online already.

It’s a gorgeous Almond trio with a mega size Shower Gel, a supersize Milk Veil and a supersize Delicious Hand Cream. Not only is there a huge saving compared to going direct, but we also have three Easy Pay interest-free instalments available as well!

Ok, that’s it for now.

Until next time,

Miceal Xxx

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  1. hi Miceal
    I am totally with you on Jane Scrivner`s skincare range i was looking for a new cleanser and tried her balm cleanser,no sooner had i tried it i was hooked and now use all of her range.
    I always listen to her on qvc and what she says makes absolute sense ,and i love the way she talks about her products .
    Please can you persuade her to do a tsv!!

  2. Miceal!!! How did I miss this gorgeous review?? I hadn’t realised it was a ‘skincare first’ for you and am totally flattered that you fell head over heels!!! Thank You so, SO much.

    May have to make you head of PR at JS Towers!!! Xxx

  3. Hi Miceal

    It’s so good to see you back.
    I fell in love with the Jane Scrivner range too, it’s so simple but really gives great results, I’m hooked.
    I could also listen to Jane talking about her products and how work oils all day.

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