Out and about in the sun and keeping it clean with Shark!

Well, the summer is finally shining through. Just in time for my 51st birthday next week! How did that happen? I know we all say it, but time does definitely move faster the older we get!

I’ve been starting to feel it a bit lately, as well as seeing it too. The age and the stress of life are starting to etch themselves on my face so I have been taking action. I never go out without sun protection on my face any more. When I think back to when I was younger and never stopped for a second to think about what damage the sun was doing. In fact, I was the total opposite, if the sun came out I had my face directed toward the heavens basking in the warmth of it before you could say ‘sun damage’, ‘age spots’, or ‘lines and wrinkles’.

Now, though, I always put on my sun factor as part of my skincare routine in the morning and on top of that, I don’t go out without my trusty Ultrasun SPF 50 Transparent Mist. It has been a huge hit with many of you and I know why. If I find myself suddenly caught in a little sun trap, I whip it out, lightly mist in a second, and I can then relax and enjoy being in the sun like I used to, or maybe at my age, I enjoy it more like an old cat who likes to curl up in a little sunspot because he has no energy to do anything else! Lol.

Then to continue my care for my face and my skin, I have also taken to sleeping with a silk pillowcase. I have been hearing about the benefits of doing this for years but never really thought about it too much. Lately, though, I have been starting to see the signs on my face and I want to do all that I can to diminish those ridges and craters that line my face first thing in the morning, like someone has made their way into my bedroom in the dead of night and replaced my actually face with a shrivelled, desiccated prune!

Honestly, the creases and wrinkles that used to be minimal or that would fade fairly quickly before, today would still be there the following night if I didn’t try to smooth everything out with the help of some trusty skincare brands we all know and love – Liz Earle, Elemis and Gatineau to name a few!

What I have done, though, is invested in the new Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Northern Nights! The silk’s natural, breathable fibres provide softness that feels luxurious against the skin, helping you have your most restful sleep. It’s also great if you use any of your good night creams because it’s less likely to absorb then the way cotton, for example, might. Therefore they are more likely to stay on your skin doing the job you have put them on there for! It’s definitely worth trying and what a great little luxury beauty gift for someone. (I’m told that a silk pillowcase is also great for those of you who tend to wake up with frizzy or matted hair too!)

This Friday evening, I will be launching another great Today’s Special Value from the UK’s number one selling vacuum cleaner brand that is Shark!

They are bringing us the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology and TruePet technologies!

It has been a Today’s Special Value a few times in the past and it has sold out multiple times, so if you missed out, this is your chance to get it this time and, though I can’t say much, you may be able to spread the cost of it over more months than you ever have before! (My lips are sealed!)

What you will get is:

1 x Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Anti Hair Wrap Floorhead, 1 x Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, 1 x Multi Surface Tool, 1 x Crevice Tool, 10m Power Cord.

It will have Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead, now enhanced with Anti Hair Wrap Technology. It means that you can glide from carpets to hard floors with two brush rolls working together in one floorhead. The Anti Hair Wrap Technology removes hair from the bristle brush roll as you clean.

It has been designed to make cleaning awkward areas as easy as possible because its flexible wand bends so you don’t have to. You can easily reach and clean underneath low lying furniture such as beds, sofas and tables with no need for heavy lifting. Simply fold down for compact, freestanding storage.

It’s not just a floor vacuum though, as it transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner too, allowing you to clean stairs, sofas and more with the included attachments.

If you are a pet owner it is perfect because the Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool effortlessly removes embedded hair from sofas, cushions and stairs.

For those of you that are allergy sufferers and pet owners, you can be reassured that Shark’s Anti Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

I have recently moved out of a hotel room and into a temporary rental apartment whilst my place is being sorted out after the storms and I have been whizzing around with this vacuum, keeping everything spick and span because I can. The apartment has hard floors throughout with underfloor heating and for some reason the place gets very dusty! I arrived home the other night to find a whole family of dust bunnies rolling down the hallway to meet me! I thought I can either give them all names like Flopsy, Mopsy etc., or, I can get my Shark vac out, which is what I did. Problem solved, dust bunnies gone!

I’ll be pre-launching this on Friday evening with Phil Parker at 9pm, so do join us, but don’t worry if you can’t – it will be on air all day Saturday (or while stocks last!)

Until next time,

Miceal X

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  1. Hi Miceal,
    I do hope you have a Happy Birthday next week. I know it has been traumatic & challenging for you & your family over the past few years although it seems that some of have to tolerate a lot more than others!
    What I will say is how pleased I was when I saw the photo of you in your apartment. I have really felt for you since those terrible storms.
    Staying in hotels is something we all enjoy when on holiday but when you have no choice on the matter, it is quite different. You hit the nail on the head when you said “I arrived home” so you must be feeling like you have a home base again. Regardless of what you think, you appear more relaxed lately which is probably due to having your own place at the moment even though temporary. There is nothing like curling up on the sofa with a favourite drink & watching what you want without being disturbed by what is going on outside your room or next door!! Having access to your own kitchen again must seem like a treat too!
    Trauma & stress does take its toll & we usually notice it much more in our appearance than others which can be annoying! I think your sleep has probably suffered so try a sleep spray or a small bag of good quality dried lavender
    under your pillow. I did qualify as an aromatherapist ( but not practising) & do this each night. I find that concentrating on breathing in the fabulous fragrance lowers my heart rate & I fall asleep much quicker. I know you are an expert on fragrance too so will probably benefit. Reading a light hearted book before bed also helps. I do hope this helps & as just remember…. you are still a handsome chap with a great sense of humour!
    Have a lovely weekend Miceal & don’t slide off that silk pillowcase
    Big Hugs
    Mandy x 🙂

  2. Hi Miceal I hope you have a lovely birthday and manage to spend it with your family especially Mum. It was lovely to see you on a Diamonique show last week with Alison Riley, you are both looking well after your bouts with ill health. Anyone who’s feeling down due to ill health will see that you can get through it and carry on a good and happy life. Enjoy your birthday, not too much cake now, think about your waist line.

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