Let’s get summer started!

Isn’t the spring weather at the moment incredible? Blue skies and sunshine every day at the moment. Though apparently it’s been the coldest April since the 80s. I mean there has still been a nip in the air and it hasn’t exactly been balmy, but I didn’t think it was that cold. Typical spring weather, I would have said. It has certainly put a pep on my step. How about you?

One of the the clearest signs of spring is when the sheep come down to lower pastures and have their winter fleece shorn away. Well, just like a sheep coming down from the grazing pastures high up in the mountains, I too have been shorn.
Recently, the hairdressers, along with beauticians and other non-essential shops opened again and the mass parade of people heading out to try to create some appearance of a groomed state was nothing short of biblical, such was the need for beauty maintenance.

I was among the masses, though I did wait for a week or two until the initial surge died down a little. As I was going to have my haircut, I thought I would have a shave as well and rid myself of the beard that manifested on my face when I was shielded for several months last year in the first wave of the pandemic. I did it more or less out of boredom and curiosity, in equal measure. I kept intending to shave it off again but a day would lead to a week and then a month and before I knew it, here I was a year on and it was still there.

I had no emotional attachment to it, the way some men do to there beards, so in a moment of ruthlessness I took some clippers and a razor to it and suddenly it was gone. For those of you without the inclination, let alone the capacity, to grow a beard, I will tell you it is a very strange feeling to suddenly feel the skin in your face again after such a long time. To feel the sharp edge of your jawline and the smooth contour of your cheek is a bit of an alien experience for a day or two. But it’s gone now and clean shaven is how I will be for the foreseeable future I think, until boredom and curiosity creep on again, that is!

So here I am, like a sheep in my summer coat, ready for pastures new, ready to get the summer started. How about you? Did you get a new ‘do’? How did it turn out?

Talking about getting ready for summer, there are a couple of Todays Special Values coming up later this week that I know you’ll love.

We have to look after our skin and our bodies all year round, but when it comes to the summer and we are exposing more of it, that skincare becomes even more important.

Two brands are bringing us very special collections that can help.

First up, SBC, who are bringing us a four-piece Propolis Body & Hair Collection, featuring a host of pampering formulas from the bestselling Propolis collection, including a brand new Propolis & White Willow Body Wash and the Propolis Moisturising Gel, both in supersizes, plus a Scalp Care Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner to help sooth sensitive scalps.

Derived from the beehive, precious propolis is one of nature’s finest ingredients, renowned for centuries, making it no surprise that SBC’s Propolis Collection has long been one of their bestsellers. This set is a must-have, whether you’re new to the range or a long-term fan, and will help you to combat stressed, sensitive skin.

The Moisturising Gel lasts three years unopened and one year after opening and boasts an easy to apply formula, with no expert knowledge required. In the warmer months, place the gel in the fridge for an instant cooling effect on application.
The brand new Propolis & White Willow Body Wash is a powerful formula that works to break down dead skin cell build-up and congestion in the pores, to help reveal clearer looking skin with improved texture.

The Today’s Special Value contains:
1 x NEW Propolis & White Willow Body Wash (1000ml; supersize) – works to soothe your skin and leave it delicately scented. Formulated with white willow, salicylic acid and propolis, blended with tiger grass and feverfew
1 x Propolis Moisturising Gel (1000ml; supersize) – a highly moisturising, lightweight, non-sticky gel that is quickly absorbed, and is ideal for sensitive skin types, as well as being especially beneficial for dry skin. Can be used as a face mask, make-up primer or face and body moisturiser. Enriched with natural propolis amino acids, minerals, vitamins and bio-flavonoids
1 x Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo (500ml; full size) – infused with white nettle, ginger, grapefruit, fennel and propolis, this silky shampoo is formulated to help care for a dry or sensitive scalp while it works to deliver soft, manageable hair. Ideal for the whole family and even those with sensitive skin
1 x Propolis Nourishing Conditioner (500ml; full size) – this creamy conditioner is formulated with an indulgent blend of honey, vitamin B5 royal jelly, propolis, argan oil and vitamin E to leave hair looking glossy and feeling silky smooth. Ideal for everyday use and great for the whole family

Next up is the truly wonderful Abi Cleeve, who will be joining us all through Sunday 2nd May with a well-timed Ultrasun Today’s Special Value (pre-launching on air at 9pm on Saturday 1st May). If you are going outside at all, even on a cloudy day at this time of year, you need to be wearing sun protection!

Created by Swiss suncare experts, Ultrasun brings us once-a-day sun protection that works for all kinds of lifestyles. This Today’s Special Value certainly caters to your lifestyle, with three different options available. So which Ultrasun are you?

1) Family
2) Sport
3) Glamour

Simply choose based on how you want to be spending your summer!

The Family option:

It contains the Family SPF30 Pump (300mls), which is especially suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin, but not only that, it’s water-resistant too, so it’s perfect for protecting you and your little ones!
It also has the Face 30 Pump (100mls). This is a non-greasy and fast absorbing cream that helps protect against the visible signs of photo-ageing. Suitable for sensitive skins and can be applied every day under your makeup!
And last but by no means least, Lip Protection SPF 30. This shields the lips from UV damage, whatever the temperature! It contains Vitamin E and blackcurrant seed oil for intense moisturisation and it’s fragrance free.

The Sports Option:

This option contains the Face and Lip protection as above, however it has the Sport Gel SPF 20 Pump (300mls). Designed for those who enjoy sports, water sports and being generally active in the sun, this is a fast-absorbing, clear, non-sticky, non-greasy gel that’s water-resistant and perspirant resistant. It’s also great for men who have a lot of body hair as it doesn’t clog up the skin the way creams can. (I won’t say if I am speaking from personal experience here!)

The Glam Option:

We are getting something quite new with this one! Once again your Face and Lip protection are included (as above). Your body protection this time though is the Glimmer Max SPF30 Pump (300mls). This provides you with fast-absorbing, non-sticky, non-greasy UVA and UVB protection with lamellar technology and reflecting pigments for beautiful shimmering protection for sensitive skin. This is super sparkly, with three times the sparkle you normally get.
Just to let you know that this Glimmer Max completely sold out when it was available on its own in a 150mls size, so I suspect this TSV option may well sell out very quickly!

Remember this is a once-a-day application that gives you UV protection all day (though a second application is recommended in extreme conditions). Also, with a two year shelf-life after opening, you can keep on protecting yourself and your family season after season.


Here’s what Abi had to say to me when I chatted to her about this Today’s Special Value:

“This is the big Today’s Special Value of the year – a chance to stock up on your favourite formulations to get you and the whole family through the summer season. Whether you want to sparkle in the sunshine, or want an easy, fast-drying gel or something super-sensitive for the whole family, we have an option for you… and it’s on Easy Pay interest-free instalments!! Let’s get summer started!”

When you are getting summer started and are going outside to relax in the sun, where better place to do it than on the Todays Special Special Value I will be pre-launching live on-air on Friday 30th April at 9pm?

It is the Eleanor Double Hanging Cocoon Chair from Innovators, created in high-grade aluminium and steel with faux rattan ropework. It boasts plush, removable deep-filled cushions and is designed to sit two people side by side. This summer, sit back, relax and unwind after a day of pottering or an evening of entertaining in this elegantly designed, double hanging chair.

The gentle sway of the chair and the sprung attachments will allow you to truly relax after a few hours on your feet, or why not start the day in the chair with breakfast al fresco? If entertaining is on your list of must-dos this summer, then take note – your friends and loved ones are sure to arrive early to bag their place on the Cocoon chair too!

It is available in a choice of two neutral colours, Dark Grey or Mocha, so it can be easily incorporated into any space. Plus, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so it will look as good on your deck or patio as it will in your conservatory.
Don’t hang around though, because the single version of this chair, the Holly, has sold out every time it has come to air so I’m sure it’s big sister will be just as popular with us all spending more time outdoors!

Whilst you’re out in the sun, you might like to create a space in which you can spend even more time, so here’s a few extra ideas that might help:

Fancy not only dining but also cooking al fresco? What about trying out the Kaloroc Electric Barbecue? It’s certainly a lot cleaner and quicker than a traditional one!

While you’re there, why not take some shade under a parasol that has built in lights so you can stay out in the garden for even longer, with the Innovators 2.7mtrs LED Solar Parasol?

Go on, create that extra room outdoors and really make the most of being outside this summer!

Let me know how you’ve got your summer started.

Until next time,

Miceal X

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  1. Hi Michael, I love watching the programmes you present. You are so knowledgeable in the information you give to us watching which makes it more interesting. Even with ladies clothing & cookery you know what you are talking about, not like 1 other male presenter who makes silly comments, so please let’s see more of you as you are a joy to watch. Keep up the good work.

  2. Handsome, so stylish and a breath of fresh air to watch. Thank you Miceal for all your presenting, so relaxing to watch you too. I really hope you are in a good place as such, you have had so much happen over the last few years and that your health is manageable (if that’s the right word). I sincerely hope your beloved Mother is well. Hopefully peaceful times ahead for us all. Bye for now. Liz McCallum. 🙂🍸🦋.

  3. Aw I’ve got to say I’ll miss the beard..I think it really suited you but perhaps the clean shaven look is more comfortable for the summer.. always enjoy your blogs x

  4. Hi Miceal, I absolutely love the new clean shaven look. You look so much younger, it takes at least 10 years off you!! Hope that you and your family are keeping well.

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