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I’ve been having a little bit of time away from my blogs and social media recently. I won’t go into all the details about why, but if you cast an eye back at my previous blog back in August it will fill you in with all the details.

It felt good to take some time out from, well, everything. I took time away from work, blogs, social media, selfies, social engagements – you name it, I abandoned it, for a while anyway.

In the modern world it’s hard to completely disconnect but I needed some down time. I needed to give myself the opportunity to experience JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) instead of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Of course, my time out was initially motivated by more than this but it was a delicious side effect of the decision to remove myself from regular and sometimes public life for a while. Sometimes we need to miss things to remember how much we enjoy them. I will admit that ‘enjoyment’ might be an overstatement as I’m not a fan of social media – there, I’ve said it – but I do recognise that it can be a great way of communicating with others, letting them know what you’re thinking or feeling, and hearing where they are at as well. It can be really supportive and there is reward to be gained from supporting others too. So, in that regard, I am glad to be back.

What a perfect time to be back too. It’s the time of year that QVC becomes all about Christmas and you can find everything you need to ‘Deck The Halls’ or ‘Discover The Perfect Gift’. I’m already shopping for Christmas – a new mattress topper to make the bed in the guest room more snuggly and some fragrance treats for friends and family from Miller Harris.

Speaking of treats and gifts, you cannot miss the latest one from Lola Rose – it’s a Todays Special Value coming up this Friday 18th October (launching on air at 9 p.m. on Thursday 17th October). I’ll be launching it with Nikki herself (one of the loveliest women you could wish to work with btw!), we always have so much fun together and she is naughtier than she looks, that’s all I am saying!!!

The Today’s Special Value is a necklace and bracelet set from the Lola Rose bangle bar range, and it’s the first time we’ve done a set from the range.

It has a very distinct and refined look to it, which I think you are going to love. It’s perfect for those of you who like to layer your necklaces and stack your bracelets. I think the pieces in this set would mix really well with your other Lola Rose stone pieces but the metal charm also makes them easy to wear with your favourite metal pieces too, or if simplicity is key, they will work beautifully in their own.

There are going to be seven colour options, and as you would expect from Lola Rose, all are natural stones apart from one, the bright-coloured Tropical Mix, which is a mix of dyed quartzites.

  • Aqua Mix – aqua dalmatian jasper with gold tone hexagon malachite charm
  • Monochrome Mix – black zebra jasper with gold tone hexagon black agate charm
  • Tropical Mix – dyed stones (tropical mix quartzite) with silver tone hexagon turquoise blue magnesite charm
  • Yellow Mix – yellow zebra jasper with gold tone hexagon labradorite charm
  • Green/Pink Mix – ruby zoisite with gold tone heart amethyst charm
  • Blue Mix – Blue drop stone with gold tone heart lapis lazuli charm
  • Riverstone – Riverstone with rose gold tone heart Mother of Pearl charm

Each of the pieces has metal rondelles and a metal charm, either a heart or a hexagon. The metal pieces are all either silver tone, gold tone or rose gold tone.

Both pieces have the adjustable Chinese knot fastening, making them super easy to put on and remove and you need not have any concerns about sizing if you are getting this set as a gift for someone. Also, having the Chinese knot fastening makes the necklace super versatile as you can wear it at whatever length works with your neckline and any other pieces that you want to layer with it. Perfect.

Just be sure to tune in this Thursday on the main channel at 9 p.m. and then again at midnight to hear everything that Nikki has to say about it. By the way, if you have any questions or comments that you would like me to address to Nikki, feel free to send them to me here or on my Twitter @miceal and I shall present them to Nikki live on air, time permitting.

Until next time,

Miceal xxx

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  1. Glad you’re back and your break from the hustle and bustle of life has renewed your batteries,it’s good to step away and find yourself again,take it slowly and don’t over do it,

  2. Hi Miceal, nice to see you back. I hope your JOMO experience has given you some peace of heart. Like you, I am not a fan of social media but do enjoy limited time reading about how some people are doing. Keep well. xx

  3. Sooo nice to see you back bab,i dont do that social bolg thingy so its loverly just to read your qvc blogs…(im wrong end of me 60s).I hope life for you and yours will get more livable as each day passes me babby…ive been there and it really does get livable,just… ….Well i must say ive so enjoyed watching you and nikki on lola rose show,you two are so good together… so funny…look after yourself bab love Jillian x

  4. was lovely to see you on the Lola Rose tsv launch you two are great together

    totally agree about social media, not a force for good xx

  5. Hi Miceal, I just wanted to say I’m thinking about you and I hope you’re doing ok. I know how kind and selfless you are and how much of a terrible couple of years you’ve had. I so wish and hope you have someone to lean on as I know how hard it is. I also know how hard this time of year can be. Always love watching you. Take care x

  6. Good to see you back Micael and hope the break did you good. You seem such a kind gentle soul, you are a joy to watch so keep healthy and take care. Bev x

  7. Hi Micael I received the steel folding desk lamp today wow you were right it is so stylish and designer high end looking, I always take notice of what you say on the shows as you are so stylish yourself, I can imagine your home is like a designer show home very tasteful. I am so sorry to hear of your health problems and wish you all the very best and hope you can get some relief soon. Try natural Manuka honey it is very good for the body and general health I drink a cup every day of the honey in hot water, but you can take it in many ways, can be added to hot meals, porridge, soups, however you want.
    Take care Mr. Style of qvc.
    Best Wishes Lynn xx

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