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I don’t know about you, but one of the main differences I have noticed about my life since lockdown is my sleep. My sleep pattern is different, my bedtime has changed, the quality of my sleep has also hit a bit of a bump in the road too. That’s a big deal for me. My sleep is hugely important to me and makes an enormous difference to my general health. I say it all the time when I am doing bed shows that the quality of our night’s sleep affects the quality of our lives, so creating the right sleep environment is crucial.

That’s why I’m so pleased that we have a Today’s Special Value pillow set from Silentnight. Launching at QVC, this pair of Ultimate Luxury pillows features 233 thread count soft cotton covers, bouncy ball fibre filling and stylish piped edges for a luxurious finish.

With a choice of firmness, you can personalise your pillow choice to suit your sleep style and bring a hotel-esque sense of comfort straight to your bedroom.

They are packed with ball fibre filling, which means that these pillows are designed to have great bounce-back to help retain their shape, offering a sleep experience similar to down and feather. Not only does the cotton cover feel indulgently soft against your skin, it also works to support breathability, helping to prevent you from overheating through the night.

Best of all is the convenience, because they are machine washable and easy to care for, making them a maintainable addition to your bedding repertoire.

There are three firmness options on offer, with a choice to suit every style of slumber:

  • Soft is recommended for those who sleep easiest on their front.
  • Medium is perfect for a back sleeper.
  • Firm will keep side-sleepers comfortable through the night.

Best of all, you have peace of mind because Silentnight offer a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee, on top of which you have your QVC 30 night money back guarantee. So now you really can be like Goldilocks and find the one that is just right!

Here’s the technical info:

  • Outer: 100% cotton; filling: 100% polyester ball fibre
  • Machine washable at 40C
  • Delivered directly from Silentnight: please allow 7 – 10 working days for delivery to UK mainland only
  • Soft: 450g, Medium: 550g, Firm: 650g

Here’s to a better nights sleep and, therefore, a better day for all of us.

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