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It has been a bit of a fractious week this last week. Mum ending up in hospital has really thrown life off kilter. In fact, today has been pretty bad as mum has taken a bit of a turn for the worse and, if I’m being honest, my anxiety levels are kinda through the roof right now. So this blog is part distraction, part therapy.

Since we last spoke we have found out that she has definitely broken her pelvis, hence the reason she couldn’t stand or walk. She has also lost a part of her elbow it seems, so we are uncertain what kind of function she will have with it long term. Mum also has pretty poor healing abilities in her skin as it is so tissue-like, so the torn skin and tissue on her arm is needing a lot of attention. On top of that, we think she has contracted an infection of some sort that is leaving her really confused and a little bit delirious. She has been extremely bad today. We are all worried where this will end up. Due to Covid restrictions and not being allowed in the hospital, we still haven’t even managed to speak to a doctor at this stage and it has been a week since all of this happened. To add to all of that, Northern Ireland has just announced that they are going into a four week lockdown, so I am even more uncertain as to when she will get home and when I will be able to be with her.

As well as all of that, yesterday morning I was having breakfast and was chewing when suddenly I felt a hard crunch and somehow I had bitten down on a small stone or something and broke the whole corner off a tooth! I couldn’t believe it. It’s never happened to me before and reminded me of a stress dream I used to have a lot where I am chewing and all my teeth are crumbling to dust the more I chew. So I have been trying to get an emergency appointment. Due to Covid restrictions, the earliest ‘emergency’ appointment I can get is two weeks away! I am deep breathing as I type this. Lol. These really do feel like the worst of times, but I know these too shall pass. I’ll keep on putting on a smile, even if it is a little broken at the minute!

It reminds me of something I posted on my Instagram this week. I was looking out the window at work, looking at the blue skies and someone took a pic. Looking at it made me think about how important it is to try and see the light no matter how dark it gets! I said on the Insta post:

Always turn to face the sun. That is where life is brightest and things look lighter. With the sun in front of you the dark shadows are always behind you. Find that person or that thing in life that makes you feel like you have the sun shining on you. That will always be a happy place to be.

I clearly was in a very philosophical mood that day, but I stand by what I said, if I can just remember to live by it too!

You can follow me on Instagram if you like. You can find me there as @miceal_murphy.

I don’t know if it is the change of season or the stress, but my skin has been really distressed lately. I can’t be the only one whose skin goes into protest the minute that life starts to get tricky? It’s always been that way. Either I have acne breakouts, or, massively dehydrated, dry, flaky skin or in some cases, like now, a combination of the two!

I have decided to pare all my skincare right back and want to only use plant-based products that are gentle, so I am opting for Liz Earle for cleansing and moisturising at the moment because honestly, I don’t need another issue on my plate right now!

Luckily for me they have a gorgeous six-piece Today’s Special Value coming up which is currently on pre-sale with four Easy Pay interest-free instalments, and a saving of over £73 compared to buying each of the items individually from our website!

This sumptuous six-piece collection from Liz Earle showcases the limited edition Bourbon Vanilla & Clove Bud fragrance inspired by QVC bestseller Botanical Essence No. 15, which can be found in the iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Botanical Body Cream and Botanical Body Wash. Complete with a trio of Liz Earle skincare favourites, two gift boxes and two silver-trimmed pure cotton cloths, this superb selection is perfect for sharing with loved ones during the festive period.

The new Bourbon Vanilla & Clove Bud scent takes inspiration from the spicy elegance of customer favourite No. 15 Eau de Parfum. This cosy and clean fragrance, with notes of warming clove bud and sweet and comforting bourbon vanilla, effortlessly imbues your cleanser and bodycare with its wonderful perfume, making it a real delight to add to your autumn and winter beauty ritual.

You can choose your Skin Repair Moisturiser formula to suit your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily or normal, and there’s the beloved Instant Boost Skin Tonic to finish your complexion off with a soothing, brightening formula. This is going to be incredibly popular so I would advise that you get in early to grab yours. I know I will!

The other thing I find that I am needing at the moment are little comforting treats. I have been reaching for the chocolate almost every day at the moment. And as a former chocolatier myself, I can honestly say that one of the best out there right now for chocolate treats is Hotel Chocolat.

They too are bringing us a Todays Special Value this weekend. It will be pre-launching at 9 p.m. on Friday 16th October and be available all day on the 17th October. For those who not only love their chocolate but their coffee and hot drinks too, this is the perfect little gift for winter and beyond.

You see, the Today’s Special Value is the extremely popular Hotel Choclat Velvetiser with 10 mixed Hot Chocolat sachets and 10 Latte sachets, as well as two Pod Cups.

This really does allow you to give treat time a touch of luxury. Whether you want to create a silky smooth, rich hot chocolate with real chocolate flakes, or a high-quality morning mood-lifter with the new-to-QVC latte sachets, it really is drinks-all-round for those who are spending more time at home and love their quality coffee shop hot drinks, or, for those who simply want to treat themselves.

It comes in three different colour options of Charcoal, Copper or White and has a great saving of over £40 compared to going direct!

What’s not to love? (I’m now craving a hot chocolate!)

I mentioned in my last blog about my container gardening to help keep me sane. I talked about the heathers I had gotten to plant up and that I wanted some Cyclamen to go with them.

Well I just got some yesterday, so I’m off out to plant those up before it gets too late. I shall be looking toward the sun as I do, trying to see the brighter side of things and taking deep breaths.

Go gently all of you, and try not to fall!

Until next time,

Miceal X

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  1. Dear Miceal, I really feel for you and your family. Mum’s and family are so precious. Everything at the moment must seem up in the air and made worse because of this virus. If your mum has some kind of infection I wonder if it is a urine infection. It’s the one thing when you are elderly that causes confusion and even hallucinations but it’s easily cleared up. At least that would be one simple thing to sort. Sending lots of love to you ,your mum and family and also light and love. Like you my skin suffers under stress and yes I reach for chocolate too.
    love and hugs,Sandra xx

  2. iam so sorry to hear about your mum. My mum broke her pelvis it is very painful. I send all my love to you both. You look after self you are no good to her if you are bad. Keep smiling through it all. all my love val.

  3. Oh Miceal so sorry to hear about your Mum. I had a similar experience with my Mum 3 years ago. She was 81 at the time, spritely and very independent! I phoned her early one morning and got no reply. After trying another few times I just had this gut instinct that something was wrong. I jumped in the car and drove to Mum’s (we stay in the same town). I let myself in shouting out to my Mum. She had fell down the stairs and couldn’t move. She had been there for about 3 hours. Once in hospital they found she had a dislocated right shoulder and a broken left wrist, and was very bruised. She was in hospital for 5 weeks in total. She was asked if she would like Carers back home, to which she replied NO WAY! She agreed to get a community alarm fitted (which has only been activated once, and that was by mistake). We thought we had lost the feisty, spritely Mum we had, but 3 years on, and after 26 weeks shielding this year she is out and about again, albeit she has a walking stick. The care my Mum had in hospital was very good, and she was determined to get up and about again which helps. We all got a huge fright that day, as you have. The fall certainly knocked my Mum’s confidence. I hope my story gives you hope. It can be a long struggle but hopefully your Mum will be on the mend soon.

    Take care


  4. Dear Micheal, oh what a worrying time for you. My heart goes out to you as you, first your brother, then yourself and now your lovely mum. I hope with all my heart that you can find the strength to get you through these dreadful days. Our health is so precious, and this has been especially brought home this year. I don’t do social media but look forward to reading the presenters blogs, and have been following all your ups and downs. I really wish you all well, and hope you can be with your dear mum soon. Sending you lots of love, Anne xx

  5. Dear Miceal, so sorry to hear about your Mum, you are obviously worried sick about her. Well done for talking about it, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved. I’ll say a little prayer for her. Look after yourself.
    Best wishes

  6. Dear Miceal, I just read a statement that says ‘we are here for love, to love and be loved and learn all about love’ and this feels like the right thing to think about with what you are facing now. So I am sending love. I do enjoy your bright self and presence whenever I see you on QVCUK. Isabella xx

  7. Fingers and toes crossed for your Mum Miceal. Take care of yourself too. You can’t look after others if you get ill too.


  8. Hi Michael, so very sorry to hear of your mums poor health. Be strong, think positive and stay safe. Also, mindfulness helps when we are stressed. Look after yourself.
    Love Karen x

  9. Sending all best wishes to you and your family, Miceal. Keep looking for the bright spots wherever you are and be as positive as you can whenever you can. I look forward to seeing you on QVC, you are a bright spot for me. 😎

  10. aww bless hope things will get a little bit better it’s been a horrible year I know it’s not finished yet but oh boy it is hard now and again

  11. Hi Miceal , So sorry to hear of your Mum’s fall & after her being for her flu jab too,my heart goes out to you as its such a worrying time made more difficult with all the restrictions we have on our lives just now when all you want is to hold mum’s hand & reassure her, your Mum is strong & hope she turns a corner & starts to improve, I will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers & send special wishes to your mum to mend quickly & start to feel less pain & bit more comfortable & feel bit better soon.
    Also sending your sister speedy recovery wishes back to good health.
    Why does so many things go wrong at the same time, hope you get your tooth fixed soon.

    Stay strong,take lots care & stay safe
    Love & big hugs

  12. Try not to get too stressed out of you will make yourself ill. You are no help to your mum if you are ill. Try to think positive and be glad for the good things in life. I hope your mum will be better soon. Our senior relatives are tougher than we think you know. Lots of love to you and your mum

  13. Take care Miceal.Its hard enough when a loved one is in hospital in normal times but not being able to visit because of this covid is so hard and worrying for you and your mum.Take care keep busy and keep talking to everyone.People want to help.

  14. Dear Miceal. My heart aches for you. There is so much I would like to say to you, but that’s for another time. You must feel so helpless not being able to be with your Mum. Your are such a wonderful kind considerate man, with a sensitive nature. How does she know I hear you say. You speak from the heart. Like you my stress levels go through the roof when I’m worried about my loved ones. You have been through a lot health wise yourself, now your Lovely Mum is unwell. The lady Sandra said your Mum may have a urine infection, she is correct, that does cause confusion delirium, it also make the person unable to stand. But thankfully they can clear that up. I so hope your Mum is out of pain soon. It will be a blessing when you are able to speak to her consultant. My suggestion to you is, call the hospital early in the morning, and ask to speak to the staff nurse or sister, and request the best time for them that you can speak to her consultant or doctor. Your Mum will be shielded from harm, but the communication is still by phone, until they risk assess. But a time has to be arranges for the call. You are so highly though of Miceal, just like Claire is. True heart of gold. We will all pray for your Mum and you all. Try to stay as calm as you can. As they all told me. Your not going to be of any used to anyone Freda if you don’t look after yourself. We all know that to be true, but when your worrying about the people you adore it’s not easy. Miceal if we are Healthy We are wealthy. So much good wished your way. God Bless your Mum and Sister and of course you and your family. Please keep us posted on her progress. Ps you are brilliant at putting your feelings in writing. If more people followed your lead, it would be a much kinder world. God Bless you all. Freda.

  15. Bear – Up Miceal All my Kindest Regards go to you a nd I Hope your Mam gets well and Surprise you all with how her inner strength !! our Loved ones Amaze us when we feel down and Blue Best Wishes xx Pamela

  16. Miceal
    I feel you pain, stay strong, positive and healthy. When the time comes you will have the strength to help your lovely mum and family through her recuperation. But remember it is ok to not be ok some days.
    Sending you virtual hugs and love. 🙅xx

  17. Hi Miceal,
    I understand everything you have said from being worried sick, scared, feeling helpless and with the best will in the world stress absolutely exhausts you and it’s chronic in your case, not just an episode. If you need time off take it. It’s pointless working through if it it jus too much; depends on your job too I know. And then also being on your own through all of this is just a kick in the teeth. No pun intended.
    There’s just nothing you can say Miceal to make it ok for you but just know I’m thinking of you and your mum x

  18. Hi Miceal

    Sending you, your mum and all your family lots of hugs and love and prayers for your mum’s speedy recovery.

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