Some good news and some fabulous deals…

This year more than any other is a year when we all have to grab any little piece of good news that we can. My good news comes in the form of an update on my dear old mum. She is standing and she is walking, a little. I couldn’t be happier. There is even talk of her being able to go home in a few weeks if all goes well.

I am desperate to see her and hold her hand (a gloved hand of course, with a mask as well, PPE being key to protecting our seniors) and tell her how much we missed her while she was in hospital (it’s been 5 weeks at this point). To be honest, what I really want to do more than anything is hug her, but that’s going to have to wait for some time I fear. For now, just seeing her in person will be enough. Remember, she hasn’t seen us and we haven’t seen her in all this time. It’s been a tough time for her, and to be honest, it will continue to be for some time as even when she eventually returns home she will still have a lot of recovering to do.

There is talk in the news today about a possible Covid Vaccine that is 90% effective, which is incredible news and may hopefully see some kind of normality returning to the world again in the near future. There was also a lot of chatter about the outcome of the U.S. Presidential elections last weekend. However, for me, this good news about mum trumps all other good news items currently doing the rounds in the media at the moment. Come on mum, you’ve got this!

There been a lot going on at work recently as well. Who has done all the Christmas shopping already? I started well by buying things in the summer and now I’m at a total standstill. My family are all, more or less, done already. I need to get my skates on.

Did you see the incredible Elemis Todays Special Value last weekend? Goodness me it was popular! I did manage to get the Neroli option but I’m still torn as to whether I am keeping it for myself or giving it as a gift? I’m now wishing I had bought more! How about you guys?

I did also manage to get the Elemis Men’s 4 Piece Complete Grooming Gift Collection and think I’ll have to get one or two more for sure. By the way, if you don’t want to go for the complete set there is also the Men’s Stocking Filler too, which I think is great value!

After this week I have some great practical stocking fillers coming up in the form of a Todays Special Value from Securebrite. It’s a triple twin pack of magnifiers (that’s 6 in total). Each magnifier gives 3 x magnification and also contains an LED light to help improve reading. They are the perfect size to fit in a wallet or handbag so you can always have them with you on the go.

I don’t know about you, but even with my Varifocals, I still find myself squinting and staring to read small print so these would be very handy! Sound familiar at all?

They come in three colours. A twin pack of black, a twin pack of purple and a twin pack of pink. They all come in their own gift boxes and with all batteries included, so they are ready to give as gifts as soon as you receive them.

I’ll be pre-launching them at 9 p.m. on Thursday 12th November. I hope you can join me then.

We have had some beautiful autumnal days recently and I’ve been enjoying getting out in the fresh air. I’ve found it more of a must-have than ever with everything that is going on. With this cooler, chillier weather it’s really important to make sure that your feet are cosy and comfy.

Emu are bringing us a Big Deal of the Sharkey Mini Water-Resistant Sheepskin Ankle Boots. It’s available in four colours and I’ve been wearing it out on my walks this last week. The colour I am wearing is the Corriander/Black. The sheepskin is so soft and cosy on my feet and the fact that they are water-resistant is perfect too, in case I encountered any puddles on my travels (there has been a lot of rain recently) or even for when I am walking in damp grass!

They have a cool winter look and indeed, I’ve been a fan of Emu for about 7 or 8 years now since my early days at QVC. What a glorious quality Christmas gift for someone this year. Remember of course, if you are shopping for Christmas gifts, they all come with our extended money back guarantee until the 31st January.

By the way, if you have friends who are constantly asking you about items that you have purchased from QVC, why not refer them to QVC and you both can benefit with £10 off , and as well as that, they’ll even get £5 off their first purchase with code FIVE4U! Now that’s a great way to shop this Christmas.

Ok, I’m heading out for a walk before the last of the daylight goes. (It is getting dark really early. Earlier than it feels like it should, or is it just me?). I’ll be slipping into my Emu Sharkey boots and off for a little stroll and some deep breathing whilst I think about mum coming home and all that needs to be done before then. They will be happy thoughts. It’s a good day!

Wishing you all many good days in the lockdown.

Until next time,

Miceal xxx

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  1. Great news about your Mum. May She continue to recover well, and that you’ll all be back together soon.

    Stay well, and keep safe

  2. Good to hear the news about your Mum hope it won’t be too long before you can see her again. Like you I’m really missng hugs from my nearest and dearest. Take care x

  3. Fantastic news Miceal about your mum. I hope it isn’t too long until you can see her again. Mum’s are so so precious, remember and keep yourself safe aswell. Take care x

  4. Hi Miceal,
    Wonderful news! So pleased your mum is improving. As I said to you before I can understand the difficulties due to personal circumstances. It annoys me when I see photos or videos of people hugging and in groups close together. We’re all suffering but some more than others. Great news especially after Brexit and trump four years ago as you say! Thinking of you x

  5. Hi Miceal.Great to hear you have had some good news.Its so hard not to be able to see loved ones even more when they are ill.Im also really glad to hear about the vaccine.Fingers crossed it will be rolled out soon.

  6. So glad your mum is on the mend Miceal it’s been a very worrying time for you and your family so pleased for you all you keep safe and well sending big hug’s to you and your mum❤️❤️ Eileen .

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