Take Aliza home with this Kipling Kompetition

As many of you who are regular QVC customers know, lots of the guests and presenters have become friends over the years, simply because we work together so often and end up sharing many of each other’s high (and low) points in life that it would be hard not to end up hanging out with each other at some point.

The wonderful Marie Francoise and I have been working together for years at QVC and she is, quite honestly, one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. So it’s hardly a surprise that I would want to spend more time with her. She reached out to me last year when I was off work ill after my heart surgery and treated me to a gentle walk in the park and some lunch and a catch-up and it did my heart all kinds of good, on all kinds of levels.

So, we met up last week for a spot of brunch and baby Mia came along too. Mia was as good as gold and slept through our entire brunch and our catch up, and then just as we were finishing our chat woke up to say hello and pose for some pics. They say timing is everything and she certainly has it down to a fine art and she is only 6 months old! 6 months!

Where does the time go to? It seems like only yesterday Marie Francoise and myself were on air doing a Kipling show and I felt baby Mia kick in her mummy’s tummy live on air just as we were talking about her arriving. See, there’s that impeccable timing again!

Speaking of timing, my meet up with Marie Francoise couldn’t have been more fortuitously timed as I did happen to notice the rather gorgeous Kipling bag she was carrying and I asked her which one it was. Well, it turns out that it is the Aliza and it is a Today’s Special Value coming up on the 20th November, launching at 9pm on the 19th November.

It was in that moment that I had a spark of an idea. In all my time at QVC and in all my time writing blogs, I have only ever had one competition to win anything and it was for some Liz Earle perfume, naturally, as I am such a fragrance fan. By the way, Liz Earle have a gorgeous fragrance Big Deal this week on the Beauty Channel, definitely worth checking out. Remember all beauty items are still on £1.95 P&P.

Anyway, I went back to QVC Towers after my brunch and stroll along the river with MF and I asked if it would be possible to get my hands on an Aliz TSV to give away in a Kipling Competition (or should that be Kipling Kompetition?)

So here is your chance. Simply answer the question below in the comments, one comment per person, and one of you will be randomly selected to win this amazing bag. I will announce the winner after the TSV date. It’s a great prize that I know will be very popular with many of you.

Kipling Kompetition Question:

What animal appears on, or is attached to, almost all of Kipling’s products?

A) A monkey
B) A bear
C) A tiger

Best of luck.

Until next time,
Miceal Xxx

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    1. Hi Miceal, The answer is
      I am a huge fan of kipling.To borrow a quote from another brand”there is always room for another monkey”

  1. Hi Miceal!

    The answer is A) A monkey.
    Love the photos on your blog- Marie Francoise is probably my favourite guest on QVC so lovely to know that she is as kind off screen as she appears on screen- beautiful inside & out. I am not on social media (as I like to keep my life private lol) but I did notice on MF site that there was a photo of you holding Mia which was lovely! Great to see the sparkle back in your eyes & no matter what we are going or have gone through, being around little ones certainly takes our minds off things & makes us genuinely happy. This is a fab competition so thank you & I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Stay well & warm & have a great week
    Big hugs
    Mandy xx

  2. The answer is A- a monkey. I hope I win this so that I can give it to my wife as a surprise as she loves Kipling.

  3. Hi Micheal Great to see you looking so well. The answer to your question is “ Monkey”. Could hardly get this wrong, I only have to look in my wardrobe to see soooo many !

  4. I an a Kipling fan, I can’t wait to see the tv when I know one is coming up. The answer is A) Monkey. It’s even my Chinese star sign!!!

  5. Answer is :- (A) Monkey


    I am so pleased to see you back on air looking so fit and well. You are a natural in front of the camera. I just love, love, love Kipling Bags (they help me get organized) Baby Mia looks beautiful, just like her Mom. You are so lucky to have such a caring friend (as i am sure you are to her) Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas with your family and wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year

    Fondest Love,

    Pauline xxx

  6. Hiya bab,enjoyed your blog,as per.What a loverly baby Mia is.The answer to your comp is,A,monkey.
    Look after yourself bab,Jillian x

  7. Hi Miceal, hope you’re continuing to improve and take things easily. My answer for the Kipling competition is : A) a monkey

    Many thanks for the chance to enter.

  8. I think you should take another walk out with MF and baby Mai the little monkey.
    A. A monkey
    You never know what will happen next time.

  9. The answer is C) monkey.
    I always think of my cousin when I use one of my Kipling bags. She introduced me to them a long time ago as she lived in Belguim.

  10. ANSWER IS A MONKEY! What a lovely post from you with Marie Francois and beautiful wee Mia. And a great prize from your competition. Keep well . Best wishes to you three. 💖⭐x

  11. Hi Miceal. What a fab competition! I’m a real fan of Kipling bags. Love love love them and the monkies too.
    My answer is A) A monkey


  12. The answer is A, I have and love Kipling bags. I worked in a Kipling outlet and would talk to customers about the iconic Monkey charm on the bags. Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the story of the jungle book, lived in Belgium where the Kipling Brand was founded in 1987.

  13. Hi Miceal ,fun to see you looking so well ,it at times in your life when friends come up trumps meeting and seeing a new life is so good for your soul I just want to smile. take care Pamela xx

  14. Hi Miceal : )
    The Aliz looks great – I have the small Cyrille in black in a similar quilted style and it looks so classy.
    Will be watching on the 19th!
    Best wishes,

  15. The answer is A : MONKEY.
    Love Kipling makes people smile.
    So glad you are back on your feet Miceal, you have had a terrible time. Hope you improve more I was so sad to read all what you have been through it’s a very cruel world.
    Lots of love and big hugs 🤗 to you. 😘

  16. The answer is A. Monkey. I love Kipling bags and have over a dozen and a couple of scarves. Would love to win competition. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Baby Mia is adorable. X

  17. Kipling Kompetition Question:

    What animal appears on, or is attached to, almost all of Kipling’s products?

    A) A monkey

  18. Hi Miceal. So lovely to have you back and hasn’t the time gone fast since you were poorly? Love you, love QVC.

    My answer is A) A monkey

    Lots of love and best wishes xx

  19. The answer is A monkey …. There is nothing nicer than lunch & a catch up with a friend .Lovely photo’s of of you all .

  20. Hi. Beautiful photos of these lovely ladies. Saw one of yourself and Mia having cuddles. The joy on your face was clear to see.
    I don’t have any Kipling bags in my collection, but would be lovely to add this beauty.
    The answer is A. MONKEY.
    Much love. X

  21. Hi Miceal the answer is a monkey. What a lovely blog and how fantastic to have a Kipling competition. I’m a fan so would love to win.

  22. Hi Miceal, the answer to the question is A) A Monkey. Great blog as always. What a gorgeous baby – just like her mum.

  23. It’s a Kipling monkey, of course, Miceal! The Aliz looks lovely and would be a great addition to my Kipling collection.

  24. Hi Miceal The animal that appears on, or is attached to mostly all of the Kipling products. The answer is A) A Monkey. Great Kompetition 😁 🐵 x

    1. A) A Monkey 🐒 keyring is usually attached to a Kipling bag or purse, representing the Orangutan King Louis in the Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling.🐵🐒

  25. Hi Miceal
    The answer is monkey.
    Big Kipling collector, so would love to win this lovely bag

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity of entering. I don’t get a lot of opportunity because everything is on social media, which I do not belong to.

  26. Your answer Miceal is a monkey.
    I’m an avid collector of the bags yet lose all the monkeys to my Grandaughter. She’s gorgeous so I don’t really mind!! She even attends school on Kipling Road!
    Sorry for wittering on a bit.
    Wishing you and your family a peaceful and mindful Christmas. Wishing you all the very best,
    Lorrayne xx

  27. Hi Micheal loving your blog.
    The answer is A A monkey.
    I love Kipling bags and have quite q few,
    The Aliz would be a great addition to my collection.

  28. A monkey! Always can be tempted by a Kipling TSV 😉
    Just love useful, colourful bags! Lovely to see Marie Francoise and her beautiful baby.