Trip home, Jubilee, Today’s Special Values galore!

I’ve just returned from a quick trip home to Ireland to visit mum. As you may be aware, she is becoming more frail and is needing a lot of care and I am trying to get back to her every few weeks now. The time with her is so precious and I cherish every moment of it. I won’t go into details about her or talk about anything specific but suffice to say that I feel blessed for every moment I spend with her.

I also notice, more and more, when I am home how beautiful my homeland is. I don’t know if it is just nostalgia or me getting older or the fact that everywhere I go, I have memories of mum and my life from growing up there, but it looks more incredibly beautiful every time I see it.

(In fact, some parkland in a small town very near me was the inspiration for Narnia in the books written by C.S. Lewis, so perhaps that goes some way to letting you know how outstanding the scenery is).

I am back now though, and straight into work at Q towers – what an exciting week this one promises to be, because this week we are celebrating a truly once-in-a-lifetime event, namely, the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. We here at QVC are celebrating with a bang, joining in with the nation to celebrate this momentous occasion with all of your favourite brands and some very special offers!

From 1st June until Sunday evening, everything… that’s right, everything in stock is on 4 Easy Pay interest-free instalments with the code ALL4EZ, and as a special treat, all of our Today’s Special Values are on 5EZ Pay!

We’ve also got some big one-time offers and event prices scattered through every hour that you won’t want to miss. Stick with us, as we’ll be going behind the scenes to our Green Room each hour to see how we are celebrating and to show you some very special finds.

I will be working right across the event and will be on air this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will even be launching one of the incredible Today’s Special Values we have lined up for you.

On Thursday evening and then all day Friday, we will be bringing you the Innovators collapsible double cocoon chair – yes, that’s right, it’s a double chair!

The single seater Holly Cocoon chair has been so popular and sold out every single time it has come to air so we thought you might like to complete the set or even just get yourself a nice comfy outdoor piece of furniture with plenty of space to curl up in and while away those summer days.

You don’t even need to worry about it taking up too much room as, just like the Holly, the double cocoon folds down into a compact size. Or, perhaps just take it indoors after the summer and put in that little sun trap space in your conservatory or even your living room. We have it available in a choice of Dark Grey, Light Grey, Latte and Black. Like I said all our Today’s Special Values over the weekend are online already so don’t miss out on this one!

I also wanted to mention a Today’s Special Value this weekend that I will definitely be getting and that is the Australian Bodycare one. It’ll be launching on Saturday night at 9pm and then be on air all day Sunday.

I always find Australian Bodycare are brilliant when the temperatures start to rise and staying fresh is important. This Today’s Special Value is the biggest of the year from them at 2.5 litres in total! It will contain 1 litre of the original Skinwash, plus a 1 litre and a half litre bottle in a choice of fragrance, including Lavender and Eucalyptus, which is the first time we will have seen this fragrance this year.

So, whether you’re still practicing regular hand washing or you want to keep on top of personal hygiene in the warmer months, whilst still maintaining your skin’s health, this is the perfect Today’s Special Value for you, so don’t miss it.

I hope you all have an incredible Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, whatever you are doing. It really is such a special celebration. So, whatever you are doing, let’s all remember to congratulate Her Majesty for reaching 70 years on the throne!

Until next time,

Miceal X

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  1. You certainly come from a beautiful part of the world.It is very special spending time with mum making lots of special memories. I lost my mum last year and all my memories are very very special. I hope your home gets sorted very soon you deserve it keep being yourself you are very special best wishes Sue

  2. Love your comments about your mom your right to treasure her .I bet she feels better for your visit as well x

  3. glad you got to spend quality time with your mum and you are quite rght your homeland looks stunning

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