Winter is coming (and so is Christmas!)

It’s official, summer is over and winter is on its way. What great event occurred to make me finally accept this seasonal transition? Was it the appearance of a green parakeet casually sitting on my postbox outside my house the other morning? (Not quite a red-breasted robin perched on a snow-laden fence, I know, but he was a cheeky little chappy all the same!) or, perhaps it is the gradual drip feeding of all those new serialised dramas that we love to watch at this time of the year?

Maybe it was the mini Christmas event we had on-air last week, or the fact that I will be bringing you a Christmas tree Today’s Special Value on Friday 1st October from Santa’s Best? No, it is the fact that I finally put my Northern Nights feather duvet back on the bed today! That’s it, that’s the marker for winter coming.

In the summer time I simply sleep with a sheet, and, on cooler summer evenings, it’s a sheet with a bedspread over the top, and that’s how I’ve still been dressing the bed. The last few nights I have been waking up cold and curling into tighter and tighter balls to try and keep warm. So, this morning, when I woke up with a cold shoulder and a pinched nerve, that was it. The time had come for the duvet to go back on!

Just like with fashion and styling, it’s great to be able to play dress-up with the bed, layering duvets and bedspreads and throws on top of feather or wool mattress toppers. It’s all a bit decadent and luxe and cosy and when it gets really cold there is nothing better than a big fluffy cosy bed! Currently I have some Northern Nights linen on there but I have a lot of Kelly Hoppen sets too that I adore and can’t wait to get on the bed. Layered on top, I currently have a bedspread from Alison Cork and I actually have it in a few different colours so I change up the look each time I change the bed, or I swap them between bedrooms. When it gets really cold in the dead of winter, the best option is always some Cozee Home. I’ve recently been on-air with Debra Leigh, who is one of the ambassadors for the brand, and we both agreed that as it’s early in the season it is best to get in now because as soon as we have our first cold snap, everything in the range starts selling out! You have been warned!

It isn’t just the cold weather (and the pain in my neck) that has me preparing for winter. The 1st of October marks the start of Christmas at Q, so all the Christmas decorations and trees will be from now until the start of January, so there will be no forgetting what time of year it is.

I have tried to start early with Christmas this year and have gotten one or two things already. I’m not leaving it to chance, not this year. Who knows what we will be able to get or if the delivery drivers will even have enough petrol to be able to get it to us! But let’s not even get started on that one!

At QVC we want to help you make it a special Christmas, a merry Christmas, a memorable Christmas, but more than anything we want to help you make it your Christmas.

To get things started, as I mentioned earlier, I will be bringing you a Today’s Special Value of a Christmas tree from Santa’s Best. After all, the tree is the star attraction in terms of decorating and it’s the first thing we use to mark the start of the Christmas season, so it’s important to get it right. It’s a 16 function pre-lit dewdrop tree that will set off any room in your home. Join me for the pre-launch of that at 9pm on Friday 1st October and then it will be on air all day on Saturday 2nd October (or whilst stocks last!). Our festive trees are always very popular.

October is going to be a busy month with lots to see on-air, including our Beauty Pick Of The Month from Skinsense by Abi Cleeve. It is the anti-ageing, overnight, leave-on mask that helps transform dull, lacklustre skin into a clearer, brighter complexion, and who doesn’t want that in the dull winter months? You can get this award-winning formula in triple the regular size, on 2 Easy Pay interest-free instalments, and no P&P! The perfect treat for yourself when you are looking for those Christmas treats for everyone else!

Speaking about treats for yourself and others, I also wanted to mention our Molton Brown Today’s Special Value. It’s launching at 9pm on Saturday 2nd October and available all day Sunday 3rd October, however you can get it right now on our website. Choose between Fresh or Floral. It comes with gift bags and a box so you can choose to use this however works best for you in terms of giving it as gifts or treating yourself, because you know you’re worth it!

Finally, it’s our birthday! So to celebrate we have a voucher code for you. ALL3EZ. This will allow you to shop with 3 Easy Pay interest-free instalments with us (terms and conditions are on our website) from Thursday 30th September at 9pm through to Sunday 3rd October at 11.59pm. So happy shopping!

Until next time,

Miceal X

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  1. Oh the poor thing … please keep an eye out for him in case he’s still about. He’s ringed so is a missing pet. Doesn’t much look happy, bless him.

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