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Hi! I hope you’ve managed to enjoy the odd spot of sunshine over the last few days. Let’s not talk about the weather though, it’s been a tad disappointing this summer hasn’t it? You may have heard me talk about joining the gym for the first time in 20 years recently, it was my son Myles who got me into it. He’s started going earlier this year, and I’ve been wittering on about knowing I need to increase my muscle strength for ages and decided to tag along. I had forgotten how addictive it is, although in the interest of transparency, there are plenty of days when I have to drag myself by the scruff of the neck! I have also bought some weights to use at home, which are particularly useful when I can’t get to the gym and as well as the physio I’m doing for my pesky dodgy hips, I’m feeling a huge difference! Did you see the new Skechers apparel range? That’s always a good motivator too! When the pain got really bad last year, I started trying turmeric and so have jumped on board the Auto Delivery from Your Zooki, which means I’ve bagged an entire year’s worth, Brian is going to take it too. It’s great stuff and the guys behind Your Zooki are so passionate about what they do. Just remember that it’s bright orange and stains, I’m going to snip the sachet and drink it straight down – it was delicious too!

From bright orange to bright pink and yellow, after the weeks and weeks of colour from last year’s Dahlias (a gardening Pick of the Month from Thompson & Morgan), I decided to get some more this year and they haven’t disappointed! They just keep on flowering and bring so much colour to the garden. I’ve never been particularly green-fingered, even though my grandmother used to coax me into trying every now and then, but I do think these are almost fool-proof. She said talking to them was her secret recipe and so I may have given that a go once or twice!

Talking of talking, I want to say thank you so much to those of you who have been in touch since I chatted with Will on the podcast. It was a tricky episode to do, as we covered some ground I don’t tend to visit these days about some very difficult times. Your comments have been much appreciated, thank you.

As for Whizz, he’s been in the wars this month. Nothing serious but look at the size of his cone – and it didn’t even work. Neither did the inflatable donut we tried! He is such a twinkletoes, we caught him stretching like a canine ballerina around the cone so he could reach the wound on his claw. At one stage, we had to add the donut around his neck at the same time as the cone, poor boy. Thank goodness the worst is over now, he just needs it overnight for a few more days. I think in some ways we will all be glad to step into September – at which point I’ll have TWO sixth formers! How did that happen? Where did the time go?

Anyway, more soon. I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and that you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and well.

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi Pipa,

    I love reading your blogs as I don’t do social media. I also listened to your pod cast (my first one!), and it was so moving and so brave of you to share. Thank you. You should be proud of all your achievements and the wonderful rounded person you have become. Much love to you and your family. Anne x

  2. Loved your podcast very interesting and so brave of you to talk about your earlier years. Love your blogs too. I also think you always look so glam and lovely.
    Love Karen x

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