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Will Gowing

Hello everyone, how are you?

December is fast approaching and I’m already itching to get some decorations up, not necessarily the full festive ‘show’, just a few pieces that will make the house feel cosier now that the evenings are drawing in at 4pm.

Anyway, I digress, let me tell you all about our QVC Unwrapped event on Saturday 20th November! If fact, be among the first to see our QVC Unwrapped TV advert here…

QVC Unwrapped | QVCUK

Join us for an all-access behind the scenes look at the world of QVC on Saturday 20th November.

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We have lots of exciting things planned for you throughout the day. We’ll of course be unwrapping some of our biggest brands and offers, but also taking you LIVE behind-the-scenes and showing you areas that you don’t normally see.

There’ll be plenty to enjoy on QVC’s Facebook page too, including a coffee morning, live chats during shows, lots of fun in The Saturday Night Show at 7pm and then join me for a Christmas quiz from 8pm!

Hotel Chocolat Podster Coffee Machine

Our QVC Unwrapped Today’s Special Value offer will be from Hotel Chocolat and it’s brand new! The Hotel Chocolat Podster Coffee Machine has never been seen before – I love my coffee, so I can’t wait to experience this at the studios. To celebrate, look out for some incredible giveaways on my Instagram and Facebook pages, you won’t want to miss them!

Our Today’s Special Value features premium quality machinery by Dualit, they also manufacture the Velvetiser, so we know we’re getting a very robust and professional design.

It also comes with an assortment of Rabot Estate coffee capsules, this is Hotel Chocolat’s very own brand, all of the coffee comes from cacao roasters – incredible!

If you’d like to discover more about Hotel Chocolat and the passion they have for quality and innovation, have a listen to my interview with their CEO and co-founder, Angus Thirlwell on the Inside QVC podcast.

Alfie enjoying the scenery

I mentioned earlier about the evenings drawing in at 4pm, well this has definitely had me reaching for the coffee of late, so our Best Find of the Day from Hotel Chocolat has come at just the right time.

Something else that has really helped with my energy levels is getting out for a walk, I always find this time of year a bit of a struggle until I acclimatise in December, so Archie (dog) has been keeping me moving with regular walks in the fresh air – it’s normally a lot cloudier though!

L'Occitane skincare favourites

Just finally, I really want to throw a spotlight on the big festive offer from L’Occitane coming to QVC on Sunday 21st November, it’s a seven-piece collection full of top-to-toe skincare favourites, in a choice of three options – Aromatic, Floral or Warm. It even comes in a gorgeous seasonal drawstring bag, so it’s ready-wrapped!

Lovely to catch up as always, let me know in the comments about your recent purchases or things you’re looking forward to seeing.

Best wishes, Will x

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  1. Just purchased Gatineau face cream. Love
    L’Occitane Verbena fragrance so Lavender. So much to watch see & want
    Have a great Christmas Will
    Kindest regards
    Jean xx

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