Fabulous coats and toy dogs…

Is it coat, hat, scarf and gloves time still, or have we now moved into light knits and chinos or dresses with cardigans? Has spring sprung, or has winter lingered? I can’t quite decide. In this blog, I’ve gone with a coat theme as you’ll notice in my photos. A good jacket or coat can really shape your look in a second. I hope those of you who love fashion managed to pick up some wonderful wardrobe additions during our fashion event. We have more lovely spring styles right now too. More on that later.

Before I delve into the dressing up box again with talk of fashion, let me fill you in on what’s been happening in the Nairn-Russo household. Little Beau Fox is doing just great and growing into a fine, sturdy and strong little fella, just like his dad. He hasn’t quite got to crawling stage but does a wonderful impression of a beetle, as he lays on his tummy and moves his arms and legs. I am talking about Beau, and not Elliot of course.

One of his favourite things to do is play with a very large toy dog that Elliot bought during spontaneous trip to Ikea with Beau one day. Curiously, this was the only thing he bought on that trip… we named the dog McCleod. Most couples get a dog or cat before having a baby as a little warm up to the child. We have done things rather another way around. Baby then a stuffed toy dog….?

I have another very exciting project on the go at the moment, in that I am rehearsing for a new play. Yes, I thought I will have so much spare time on my hands with a five-month-old baby and returning to work, so why not do another play? Some of you may have a de ja vu moment here when I did a play at seven and half months pregnant! One of the great things about this job is that it’s a new, all-female run theatre company called Toil and Trouble, who are all about supporting woman in theatre. That has meant I have been able to bring Beau with me to rehearsals with his dad or grandma, who can be with him in the next room and I can feed him when he wants. Beau has been adored and I think may already rather like the attention of all the ladies, but luckily not the camera yet as you can see from the way he is facing in the group pic.

He certainly smiles and giggles a lot when he is there. The company create new stories and this play is “a night-time glimpse into the sometimes tragic, often hilarious stories that we hope we’ve hidden.” It’s been great fun and the show will be on for three short nights on March 4th, 7th and 8th at The Vaults Festival here in London.

It’s that time in the blog to talk fashion, which as you know is one of my favourite topics! First of all you need to check out “Winter fashion essentials” and “Five key fashion trends for spring” under the Style section of our Stories website. It’s brilliant and so inspirational, and let’s be honest, winter still feels very much here doesn’t it? Now if like me you love faux fur, then you are going to love Rino & Pelle and Centigrade. I have a new coat from Centigrade, which is just gorgeous. Its forest green faux fur, and I feel like a Hollywood star in it as I go down the shopping aisle in the supermarket haha. No, seriously, I do wear it with my ripped jeans and trainers and then pop the coat on, which suddenly elevates the look.

The other newbie in my coat collection is from one of my all-time favourite designers Helene Berman. The “faux fur collar long coat” is sooo beautiful and has a classic classy woven check print that Helene B does so well. I will wear it with pretty much anything at the moment. In this image of me casually lounging on our garden furniture (which is exactly what I do in the freezing cold month of March and with all that extra time on my hands 🙂 ) I’m wearing it with a pair of black jogging bottoms, a bomber jacket underneath and a pair of high top trainers. Wear your own style is my motto.

But what to wear underneath these lovely coats? How about this week’s Big Deal from J by Jolie Moi? It’s a wonderful brand with a lot of personality. Each dress has a character of its own which make them great dresses to wear to lift your spirits. The printed wrap front maxi dress is available in short or regular. It’s a great price too and comes in Black & White, Blue Floral, Pink Abstract and Yellow Geo. Remember, the deal only lasts for seven days at that price. For all upcoming Big Deals, click the link, and if you love J by Jolie Moi too, be sure to read the latest post on Stories!

Another little heads up on a couple of Today’s Special Values  that are coming up this week. March 5th is a super-sized 1 litre Gradual Glow from Decleor, the value is brilliant on this one (look out for item number 236951) and in my opinion, this is one of the best ways to warm up your skin tone and move out of the winter dull and say hello to spring skin. I can do with all the help that’s out there in that department, so bring it on I say!

Then the following day it’s a Frank Usher deal with their scattered stud jumper on March 6th. (Look for item number 343960).

Time for me to dash, but please stay in touch either here or on my Instagram.

Have a great week,



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  1. Some lovely photos of you and the baby, I think he looks like his Dad. You are looking gorgeous. Good luck with your play, xx

    1. Hey Sandy,thank you and yes you’re right he is Elliots little double 😃Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

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