Murphy’s Law and a hat trick of TSVs

Well I know my name is Murphy, but I do hate it when life lives up to that old saying “Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong, will go wrong!” and yesterday was quite a doozie!!

Everything went wrong in very small amounts throughout the day, nothing drastic or terrible, just lots and lots of mini mishaps and mistakes that all added up to a day that just left me drained, but still laughing about it. Do you ever have days like that?

Let me explain how my day went.

I had set the alarm early as I had a lot to do before I headed off to work. Well, the day started with me sleeping through my alarm, so I was late from the moment I set foot out of bed. That was the first thing to go wrong!

Then whilst running around and doing a FaceTime call to check in with mum in Ireland, I remembered that I needed to post my regular Monday Men’s Style Icon on my Instagram. Regrettably, I innocently posted something I probably shouldn’t have posted and received some messages alerting me to the fact, so I deleted it as soon as I was made aware, the second thing to go wrong! (Social media is a minefield!) I was so busy sorting things out at home and doing housework and making calls before work etc. that I was then late leaving for work but because of the snow and cold, icy conditions, I wanted to drive slowly and carefully so I was even more late.

I arrived at work thinking to myself that surely nothing else could go wrong today! (Thinking that was the next wrong thing I did! Lol).

I went into the studio before my show and it was in the same studio that Pipa was already in and on air. She was on a break when I went in, so we were having a chat from a long distance, so sort of chatting/shouting to one another – I guess you could say we were ‘chouting’ (that’s the word I’m going to use to describe my very loud way of speaking whilst I relate the remainder of this story!). Just as we were ‘chouting’ across the studio, my guest for my hour came in and I started ‘chouting’ to her (social distancing in a big studio with masks on means that it’s the only way to be able to have a conversation). In the meantime, however, Pipa was back on air and talking with her guest, but, oblivious to everything, I am still at the other end of the studio ‘chouting’ away about wanting to rescue a dog etc. Then suddenly the poor young Studio Manager for Pipa’s show had to come running down the studio to me and in his politest voice had to ask me in a really kind way if I could possibly keep the noise down a little bit. Bless him, I cold see on his face that what he really wanted to say was, ‘Shut up, you’re being incredibly loud!’ And I was! I have to hold my hands up, I’ve no idea what I was thinking. I was so embarrassed about my lapse in professionalism. I kind of forgot where I was for a minute. Does that ever happen to any of you? So there we go, another thing that went wrong!

So I am standing at my end of the studio waiting for the end of Pipa’s hour and beginning of mine. If I am going to do a little ‘tease’, as we call it, of my hour over on QVC Style, the director will usually tell me and give me a count to start talking. I didn’t hear a count but the lights on my camera went on as Pipa’s show ended so, having recovered my sense of professionalism from wherever I had left it earlier, I saw the light was on and started talking about my hour that was coming up, just in case we were going out live. I kept talking for ages, just filling time because no one was telling me otherwise. Then I just stopped talking and stood there smiling to camera, and eventually my director asked me why I was standing smiling at the camera? I couldn’t reply to her because the light in the camera was still on, so I still didn’t know whether we were live or not!! So I just kept standing there. It was a like a nightmare moving in slow motion.

Eventually, they realised I thought we were live and told me that we were in fact on a break, even though my camera looked like it was on. Another thing gone wrong.

Added to that, during the show, when it eventually got going, I accidentally kicked a brass table that was right behind me as set dressing and there was an almighty crashing sound like a clap of thunder. Another disaster to add to the long lost already.

There were other things that went wrong in the day, but I think you are getting the idea!

Was there a full moon, was mercury in retrograde? I’ve no idea what was going on but I’m wondering if anyone else had had the same experience recently?

I felt like the whole world was in motion around me but I was not in it and had no control of it. I don’t know what was going on but it felt a little unnerving. I did laugh about it though. I can tell you, I was glad to get safely home and onto my sofa where I couldn’t make any more mistakes, apart from spilling a drink all over myself and the sofa! Murphy’s Law, I guess!

Oh, what a week I have ahead of me though. I have not one, not two, but three Today’s Special Values to talk about this week, as I will be on air with them all!

I have been having terrible trouble with my skin of late and wondering what to do about about. I feel like a two-pronged approach is the best way. Skincare on the outside and nutrition on the inside is the way forward, I think.

I can’t be the only one who, having been locked up all this time, is suffering with poor skin? Mine seems to have aged dramatically in the last year! And don’t get me started on the bags under my eyes or the dreaded mask acne!

Just as well, then, that we have a Todays Special Value from YourZooki, a collection of marine collagen shots that you can take every day! It’s made from Marine Collagen, which is rich in the most abundant form of collagen found in the human body! But why would we need collagen? Well, first up, from a beauty perspective, collagen is vitally important. Collagen is a structural protein that holds up the skin like a scaffolding, providing firmness and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The individual amino acids that make up collagen are also present in keratin, the building blocks for our hair and nails. Last but by no means least, collagen keeps teeth strong and firmly bound to our gums! So if all you want is to improve the appearance of your skin, hair, nails and teeth, it is good for that.

Collagen is also really helpful for your general health and wellbeing, especially as you age. It is useful for muscle maintenance, as well as the health of joints, cartilage, tendons and bones, all of which have to be looked after as we grow old. So from an anti-ageing or a healthy ageing perspective, collagen is an important component to look after!

Try our YourZooki Today’s Special Value with the QVC money back guarantee and see for yourself the difference it could make!

Also this week, I will be on air with the Spin Mop Today’s Special Value. Spin Mop is a different way to mop your floors that is easy, quick and effective without leaving your floors soaking wet for hours!

You will get your mop handle (that arrives in two parts and is really easy to screw together) and three microfibre mop heads. Not only that, you also get the bucket that has four castors or wheels that you can easily pop in place, so there’s no need to be lifting heavy buckets of water as you mop, you can simply push the bucket along with you, which is really helpful for those who don’t have the strength or dexterity to be lifting heavy items.

The mop and the bucket are designed to be used together and I honestly really enjoyed cleaning the floor with them, as they were were so well designed and made mopping up really quick and simple. What’s great is that the mop head spins in the bucket of water, so that the mop gets nice and wet in the first place, but as you mop your floors, it also means that each time you put the mop head back in the water and spin it, it rinses off a lot of the dirt you just picked up off the floor.

Having got your mop head wet, you can then pop it into the spinning section on top and spin the excess water out of it so your floors never become saturated with water and will dry quicker. I also found that I felt more comfortable mopping my wood laminate flooring with the spin mop because I didn’t need to worry about getting too much water on there.

This particular spin mop and bucket is incredibly well made and durable, and I got it in a dark grey colour that actually looks cool and designer so it gets even more brownie points from me!

Last but by no means least, this Friday at 9pm, I will be pre-launching our Today’s Special Value from Blink with our resident technology expert and my good friend, Lee Hohbein.

In case you have never heard of Blink, we are talking about the next generation of Smart Home Security Cameras with this brand. Blink is the battery-powered, wireless home security camera that sends motion-activated alerts and HD video to the Blink app right on your smartphone.

It is perfect for people worried about their property or loved ones while they are away from home, even if that is only while you pop to the shops or just while they are in bed!

Blink home security and video monitoring provides a watchful eye and one-click connection to your home for an amazingly affordable price and it is incredibly easy to install yourself. No need for a specialist or a professional to do it for you; simply put it in place, turn on and feel safe.

Our Blink Today’s Special Value features a wire-free, two-year battery life outdoor security camera paired with the compact, plug-in Mini indoor camera to view your home in 1080p HD video from day to night, whether you’re at home or away.

With live view, motion detection and alerts, plus two-way audio and Alexa compatibility, this Blink security system offers peace of mind while you are at the shops or tucked up in bed.

With no need for professional installation and a set-up that takes minutes, you have everything you need to get started in this box. The Outdoor Camera has a wireless design, which means you can place, stand or mount your cameras anywhere, while the handy Blink Mini can be mounted in any room inside your home.

You can use your Blink cameras day and night because with infrared HD night vision, both the Blink Outdoor Camera and Mini Blink Indoor Camera ensure clear, HD quality live recording, so you can view video during the night for comprehensive home security around the clock.

Blink cameras also come with built-in Motion Detection so you get customisable motion alerts on your phone through the Blink Home Monitor smartphone app, which means you’re only alerted when you need to be. Plus, Live View and two-way audio allow you to see, hear, and speak to people (and pets) in your home in real time, wherever you are.

What if something happens and you want to go back and have a look at it? No problem, you can store video clips in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan (there’s a free trial until 31st March 2021). Plus, you can also save them locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 (included) via a USB flash drive (sold separately).

This really is a great starter pack or perfect as an extension to your already existing system.

Don’t miss myself and Lee this Friday evening at 9pm!

Let hope during my shows that Murphy’s Law stays well away! I think I’ve made enough mistakes for one week.

Until next time,

Miceal Xx

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